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Ha ha ha, 2 July 2008

Oh my goodness, this show is quite funny I must say. Being that I'm West Indian, Trinidad to be exact, seeing the many West Indian elements of this show, which is set in Canada, it is quite refreshing. Dennis "Spragalang" Hall is his usual light-natured self as the church's head pastor. Sister Hope is your typical senior church member, every now and then, she indulges the usual church gossip. Rachel Price is wonderful as the youth pastor Gooding's wife. Pastor Gooding is a clueless youth pastor who never has any idea what to do, if there's a problem, he makes it bigger. Kent and Crystal are also very refreshing to see, Kent, being a young man trying to find his way and Crystal, a young girl, dealing with the many issues of adolescence. And of course, there's Russell Peters, who plays Ryan. He is one of the prime characters that add humour to this show, in a sort of sexual and indecent kind of way. It's a lovely show, nothing spectacular, but good show all in all.

Get Smart (2008)
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Funniest movie of the year, 30 June 2008

I went with my three girlfriends to see this movie and I gotta say, wow, it was great from beginning to end. Steve Carell, great comedic performance. He had the whole audience laughing with his clever dialogue and eccentric-natured humour. The movie is well set out in terms of settings and locations, as well as characters. I must say, almost all of the main characters contributed so nicely to the humour in the film. This movie has the audience laughing so much, it was like every other minute, something funny was taking place. Great movie, forget those critics, you will definitely enjoy this one. My only disappointment, I didn't like who the main villain was. 9/10.

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This was actually good., 18 April 2004

Despite what many IMDB users think, I actually had quite a lot of laughs watching this movie. It's about this man, Paul, (Jason Lee) who's going to marry Karen (Selma Blair) but somehow, after his bachelor party, he wakes up next to Karen's cousin Becky (Julia Stiles). The audience never really knows whether or not Paul and Becky had sex but throughout the movie, Paul is just telling lie after lie after lie. I found it hilarious when Paul starts to foresee what he thinks will happen if he were to reveal the truth. This is a movie guys should watch because exactly how Paul reacts to the whole thing with Becky may be the same way in real life how some men would react. I love the way Paul tried to hide from Becky at the dinner I believe it was. Julia Stiles can do anything, she can do drama and she can do comedy, I love Julia, I think she's got a lot of talent. The highlight of this movie is all of Paul's antics and lies, reminded me of men and their overwhelmingly strange behavioural patterns towards women. Regardless of if the movie did or did not do well at the Box Office, it still has those humurous moments that kept me interested and laughing hella hard of course. Rating 7.5/10.

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Oh my God, Astonishing, Amazing and Phenomenal!, 26 March 2004

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(May contain spoilers)

This movie could not have been any better than it already is. As a strong believer in the Catholic Faith, I must say, this movie has it all. To me, "The Passion of The Christ" gives people a very realistic depiction of the last hours in the life of Jesus Christ. Jim Caviezel was the perfect man to portray Jesus Christ, superb acting. I didn't mind the subtitles at all. The use of the Aramaic language makes it even more real to experience. This movie is one that I will never forget, never. The funny thing is, I know that Jesus Christ suffered a lot for the sake of mankind but after seeing this movie, and seeing what the made-for-TV movies didn't show, I was so shocked. I had no idea they beat Jesus so much. The brutal and cruel violence began about fifteen minutes into the film. There was a scene where they hung Jesus with a rope and dropped him like nothing. I had to turn my face when Jesus was in the middle of the crowd and they beat him about his body, first on his back, then the front. The violence was so gory and raw, it was so so brutal and cruel and heinous. I mean, normally, if I watch movies with that kinda gore, I'd get a little scared but I sat through this one until I had to cry because the emotional theme of the movie just got to me. This film shows the amazing fight that Jesus Christ had put up. No man could take that much of a beating on so many occasions and still get up, being in a bloody state, his skin all lacerated and ripped apart. As a Catholic, I'd recommend all Catholics to see it, everyone should see it. I'm telling you, it's a movie you just cannot miss. If you miss it in the cinemas, rent it or buy the DVD. I definitely have to get a copy of this movie, it's a classic movie that I will never forget, beautifully directed by Mel Gibson, he did what he set out to do and I must say to Mel Gibson, a very good job well done. Rating 10/10.

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Oh my goodness, what the hell is this?, 25 March 2004

This has to be one of the dumbest and most useless shows BET has ever given the green light to. Firstly there is no explaination as to why they put these people in this house, are they going to school, you know, what the hell is this show really about? And oh yeah, the commercial for it just kills me, "You've never seen Reality TV like this, don't miss College Hill", you damn right I've never seen anything like this and that's not necessarily a good thing. Whenever I happen to catch a glimpse of this show, I have to wonder, what is the damn point? Then the next part that is so so typical for nearly all reality shows is the type casting. For example, they cast a player, a slutty like girl, another girl who think's she's perfect, a Rueben Studdard look alike and a guy who, in my opinion, has no idea what his sexual identity is. I wish the show was more exciting because it's pretty much the same thing almost every week. I was expecting to see a BET version of the "Real World" but wow, I mean, I looked forward to this show so much, I was expecting the unexpected but I was so disappointed. Shows like these should be left in the cutting room or be cancelled all together. Rating- 2/10.

Barbershop (2002)
Awww man, this was so damn funny., 25 March 2004

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(May contain slight spoilers)

My goodness, I really enjoyed this movie. It had me laughing from the very beginning. The movie focuses mainly around a barbershop that serves as a sort of open forum where people discuss current or past issues as well as some famous black historical faces. Ice Cube plays the owner of the barbershop. I found Cedric's character Eddie to be very funny because the guy didn't give a damn! He said anything he wanted, when he wanted, in front of who he wanted and about who he wanted to talk about. Eve in one of her major acting roles, she is a very good actress. I could definitely see her doing like a tonne of movies in the future. Troy Garity's character, Isaac, this guy was so black, he had it all, the bad ride, the fine girl with the big rump, all that. This guy Sean Patrick Thomas played, named Jimmy James, wow, one of the most annoying characters I have ever seen in a movie. But the most and biggest highlight of the movie for me was Michael Ealy who played Ricky Nash. As a young woman, I must ask, where did he get those gorgeous eyes?! Every time he came on, I just had to stare, he's so beautiful. I like that the comedy in the movie just kept flowing continuously. This movie also sparked contraversy (I can't spell this word so well, it confuses me) which I couldn't understand. It's fictitious, hello, whomever has a problem, get a life. This movie has a variety of characters and this made the movie worth watching. The members of the cast portrayed their characters very well I think and I must see the second part to this movie, who knows, there might even be a Barbershop 3. Rating- 9.5/10

Wasn't what I expected but still action packed, 9 November 2003

So this movie has a story line that was really kinda messed up moving towards the middle of the movie but still, the action sequences were off the hook. Jason Statham was so good in this movie better than he was in "The One". Like I had said about another review, I was waiting for the big "punch line" or whatever in the movie but again I was disappointed. I did like Matt Schulze who played the lead villain. Overall, The Transporter was not the best action film I've seen in a while but it still has something worth watching. 6/10.

Flirting (1991)
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Huh?, 9 November 2003

I watched this movie for the first time on November 8th 2003 and boy oh boy, I was just waiting for something spontaneous to happen but I was disappointed. I mean, where, how, what, who? I don't know what else to say but it all seemed so pointless to me. Whomever understands this movie, good for you.

Shaft (2000)
Samuel L. Jackson is the man., 17 July 2003

I saw this movie quite a few times and I loved watching it every time. So it wasn't like the original but who cares? Shaft takes place in New York I believe and Samuel L. Jackson did a good job of portraying Shaft. He was a bad ass cop who wasn't afraid of anyone. The movie is mostly about Shaft trying to find a witness on the run named Diane Palmieri (Toni Collette). He has the help of Vanessa Williams' character, sorry if I don't remember the name. I liked the scenes where Shaft just played the boss and kicked some ass. He ruled the streets. There were a few moments in the movie that made me laugh for quite some time. John Singleton did a good job and he has a trademark of making a cameo appearance in the movies he directs. He played the bored police officer drinking the coffee outside the prison. I don't have much else to say but Christian Bale was good as well as People's Hernandez (Jeffrey Wright). I give this movie 9.5/10. I'd definitely rent and watch this over and over and over again.

Unfaithful (2002)
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Kept me engrossed the whole time., 15 July 2003

I watched this movie on cable TV and I must say that from the very beginning, I was interested. Diane Lane plays Connie Sumner who, one day, bumps into a man named Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez). It seemed to me that she liked him from the very beginning but hesitated because she was unsure. I liked the story line and I thought that the story just flowed with the events that were taking place. This movie is your typical man/woman-has-an-affair-and-his/her-spouse-later-finds-out-later movie.

Diane Lane was great in this movie. I especially liked the scene where she was on the train remembering what she did and she was laughing with herself. Richard Gere was great as well as Olivier Martinez who made me laugh quite a few times with his clever one liners (there's no such thing as a mistake). I like the way the movie ended. For those who haven't seen it as yet, I won't give away the ending but I didn't expect it to end that way but it was still a good ending. The scene where the police question Connie, it was so good because you could tell that her husband knew she was lying and she knew that he knew that she was not telling the truth. Overall, this movie is definitely worth watching. It is very much like a suspense but really erotic. Adrian Lyne does a good job of directing a well written script. Diane Lane, I have nothing but respect for her, I think she's a very talented actress who is gonna be around for a long time. Olivier Martinez, only one word to describe his performance, SEXY. (He's sexy other than that) Richard Gere was great. I'd love to watch this again and again. Rating: 9.1/10

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