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For movie's who be part of franchise go to:

In this list you wil see standalone movies, movies who not have a sequel.
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Animated novies:
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Potential intresting movies released in 2016 & later.

Some movies claimd to be released in 2015, but expect to released in 2016.
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Cast and crew people i like to see/consider be or work on a Bond movie.

For Return of Quantum, Camile, Mr White, Felix and Villiers:
Title: Risico

Alternate titles:

Property Of A Lady
Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Operation Ruthless (uncredit 6th title that belongs to Short story FYEO.)
Eyes Set To Kill
Legend To Die For
Short To War

After finish this, so there can contuned with...

Title: 007 in New York:

Bond visit Felix. Bond wil arrive in New York. He is not the only one of course. On the background we hearing people speak difrent langues include English, Dutch, France, German and other various people checked in. Bond investegate information from his last job. Gamble, martini and girls also playing a part.

Title: The Hildebrand Rarity) i consider the next locations:
Direct sequel to 007 in New York.

Because it whas impossible/missing control in Mr S escape in New York, Bond get a new lead where to find him. Bond wil also discover the ID and work of guy named Hildebrand.


Other title i consider:

Never Send Flowers

Note: Possible Skyfall Spectre spoilers
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Bluray collection 2015 and later.

2009 - 2014 >
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Movie's from my collection with sceentime of 130 minutes (2hr, 10 minutes) or longer..
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Biggest movie on collection directed by.
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My 3D player: Sony S490
My 3D Tv: LG 42LM649S
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Movies where mabey you can better buy or keep the dvd release or can find alternate, because the Dutch Blu-Ray release missing bonus material, not be avaible yet in The Netherlands or be in 1080i or have other problems. Some problems not only count for Netherlands.

Films waar je misschien beter de dvd van kan kopen of houden of zoeken na een alternatief omdat er extra's missen op de Nederlandse Blu-Ray Disc release, helemaal geen release in Nederland bestaat, 1080i is of andere problemen. Sommige problemen spelen ook buiten Nederland.
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01: 2009
02: 2010
03-15: 2012
16-89: 2013
90-167: 2014

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My 3D player: Sony S490
My 3D Tv: LG 42LM649S
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Movies who be in my collection since 2012 or 2013 who intend to watch but it not happend yet.

01-30: 2012
31-117: 2013
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a list of 121 titles
01-45: 2012
46-102: 2013
103-114: 2014
115 - : 2015

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Dvd's of my collection with DTS.

Some of those movies get with this dvd release a better release then the BD release and this made having them a DTS extra intresting.
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Incomplete releases of tv series in The Netherlands who need to be complete !!
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Movies from my dvd collection who i own since 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 who intend to watch but it not happend yet.

01: 2004
02: 2005
03-06: 2006
07-12: 2007
13-23: 2008
24-35: 2009
36-60: 2010
61-117: 2011
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My sugestions for who should play the head of Quantum.
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None Dutch movies in my collection who have a Dutch connection. This can be a location, crew member, actor/actress who playing in the movie or promotion the movie in The Netherlands.
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Bond Top 23
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01-34: 2008
35-79: 2009
80-134: 2010
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Also take is a look to this list with more facts.

comeback later for more..
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01: 2000
02-23: 2001
24-35: 2002
36-48: 2003
49-70: 2004
71-85: 2005
86-125: 2006
126-147: 2007
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Ranked on year there be born in. Born between 1972 and 1992.
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For 2014. Jurassic Park 5 follow in 2017.
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Movies/series from my collection who i don't expect there because there are or have something far from what i normaly like. Some of them be Guilty pleasure. Sometimes suprise me positive, some don't. Note that some of them i haven't seen yet or get as gift.

I update the list later with 2011 and later..

* Not seen yet
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My favorite parts of Kirsten Dunst of the 6 movies who i have seen with her.
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Rank on year
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The Benelux whant Batman Animated Volume 3 & 4

It is more then 5 years later and stil we don't got a Volume 3 and Volume 4 release in The Netherlands and Belgium. I don't think people make a problem about it if there release all 8 disc's in 4 double (Room for 2 dvd's each.) slimcases and give it the name Volume 3&4. First 2 double slimcases for Volume 3 and the last 2 double slimcases for Volume 4.

In The Netherlands we are stil waiting on Volume 3 and 4.
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My Video collection