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Couldn't watch it, 30 September 2013

I was looking forward to this having found Omid Djalili funny on TV. But I switched off after 5minutes because of the vile language. I am not a prude and don;t mind the odd word, but it seemed to be almost every other word was a curse and the use of the C word totally unnecessary.

It seems David Baddiel cannot do comedy without foul language or hiding behind a much funnier partner.

So give this film a miss if you are offended by crass, gutter humour as I am.

Awful, terrible, silly waste of good acting talent by Mr Baddiel I say!

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Very Funny Film, 30 September 2013

I found this laugh out loud film by accident. Truth is it was at a reduced price at the DVD shop. But I am so glad I found it. You don't have to be Asian to find this film funny as it is just so well acted and written. But the Asian wedding is probably different to many western ones in that the bride is actually a virgin and it is this that makes it so workable.

All the acting is brilliant but the guy who acts as the boys father was really funny.

This is a film I could definitely watch again and would recommend to others.

Oh also hardly any bad language if at all which makes a change.

J. Edgar (2011)
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Watchable, 5 August 2013

Very well made that got my attention from the very beginning. But it does go on a bit too long and becomes a gay love story. Was J Edgar gay? No one is really sure, he most probably was, but this film emphasises that too much. The rest of his life is sort of skimmed over. Having said that Leonardo does an excellent job of portraying the man with all his faults. He comes across as a very capable man who is totally incapable of relationships. The make up was interesting as on Hoover and his secretary the ageing was very well done but on his assistant it looked like.. well make up.

So glad I watched it but not a film I would particularly watch again.

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Great Biopic, 5 August 2013

I enjoyed this film as it showed a story of Fantasia I was unaware of. I watched her win American Idol and thought she was the best winner ever! I had no idea about her story and watching her singing on idol her background was irrelevant to me at the time. All i knew was that she had the most amazing voice, comparable to Aretha in many ways.

In this film she came across as a naive misguided girl who although she seemed to have a supportive family, she chose to live on her own in poor conditions.

I thought all the supporting actors did an amazing job also. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes biopics or films about music or about black people in general.

Taken 2 (2012)
OK But Not as good as the first film, 5 August 2013

This is watchable but it is hard not to compare it to the first film which was outstanding. I won't go into all the plot holes as everyone else has mentioned these, but there was a lot of 'as ifs' coming from my lips as I watched this. The first one was very clever and kept you guessing but this one was not very believable as many have already said. All the acting was first rate but the director and script writer let the film down. The fight choreography was really bad and the final fights particularly badly done. Over all it was a wasted opportunity to build on an excellent first film. All too often Hollywood seems to push out sequels without much care. Sherlock Holmes, Iron man etc all had awful sequels In fact only the Bourne films seemed to get it about right.

La Rafle (2010)
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Amazingly Good FIlm, 28 August 2012

I bought this film because it was a cheap DVD and it sat on my shelf for sometime until one night with nothing else to watch I selected it and spent the next couple of hours transfixed by this amazing tale of just about every human emotion. The film shows how prejudices come out during such times as previous neighbours turn on those they have lived with for years. Sadly nothing has changed as we have seen in more recent conflicts. Also France itself is still very ant-immigrant in it's attitude, in fact against anything that isn't French. Udo Schenk perfectly captures Hitler with his conflicting personalities, loving children at the same time exterminating others just because they are Jewish. Hugo Leverdez as Jo Weismann will melt even the hardest heart and this brilliantly shows just how heartless those involved must have been. Jean Reno is excellent as the Jewish doctor who worked amongst the prisoners doing whatever he could. Melanie Laurent is also brilliant as the nurse who slowly comes to realise the full extent of what is actually going on! As others have said all the actors who portrayed children were really good. This film should have won Oscars but sadly did not. I believe it is much better than Schindlers List as it does not really on graphic depictions of violence (although there is some) it rather shows the horror through the eyes of those involved. If you have the DVD watch the making of to be moved yet again.

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Sammo is a star, 18 August 2011

Not a brilliant Kung Fu film by any means but still a very watchable and enjoyable one. Sammo Hung is a real star who even at his age can still fight with convincing skill. He has come a long way since his role as the fat boy losing to Bruce Lee in the opening fight in Enter the Dragon. He also shows in this film what a great actor he is and steals every scene he is in. The supporting cast are all very good and clearly very highly skilled in Martial Arts. The bad guy is suitably menacing and has one of those faces that can change in an instant from innocent looking to totally evil. In all a very enjoyable film although I am sure die hard Kung fu fans may feel it is a little light weight.

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Denzel Deserved an Oscar, 2 August 2011

I am not going to get into details regarding how true an account this is or not. I have read a lot that seems to indicate he was guilty and others that he was innocent, both accounts seeing to contradict themselves. I guess we may never really know, but as someone who believes that racism infects a lot of society including organisations like Sporting bodies and the police I can well believe that being black would not guarantee a fair trial. However I also find it hard to believe that Mr Carter was as peaceful a person as depicted in this film. But this is down to the way the film was written and directed and in no way detracts from a truly remarkable piece of acting by Mr Denzel Washington. It seems in every part he plays, you believe that he IS that character and this film was no exception. In the boxing scenes or the prison scenes and in every scene you believe that you are watching Rubin 'The Hurricane' Carter. A truly outstanding performance.

Ichi (2008)
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Beautiful film, 2 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read a lot of the negative reviews in here, most seem to be around comparisons with other movies but I saw it as a movie in it's own right. In doing so I was not disappointed. Ichi is a goze who is travelling Japan in search of her mentor, who was the actual Zatoichi. She was born blind. As an infant, Zatoichi rescued her and left her in the care of a group of goze, visiting her and secretly teaching her the techniques Zatoichi had mastered. After being abused, she is exiled by the goze. She pleaded to the man who had abused her to say nothing happened, but he refused and she killed him. She wanted to see her mentor one last time before she died, so she began searching for him. While on her search, she gets involved in a war between residents of a small village ruled by a yakuza gang and a group of bandits, Banki-to. It is all beautifully shot and acted. The main character has been criticised in here for no personality, whereas I saw lots of personality and emotion, subtlety done as is often the case with Japanese women. And Haruka Ayase as Ichi herself is stunning and beautiful and at the same time a convincing swords-woman. Also the film is not as bloodthirsty as some in this genre such as the Azumi series. Overall I would definitely watch this again.

Creation (2009/I)
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Awfully made film, 19 July 2011

Sorry but I must have watched a different film from the one others have raved on about here. Stupid script, poor acting especially by the lead character who I could not believe in one bit and a storyline that lost me after the first 5 minutes. Was this drug addict emotional wreck really responsible for writing the book 'On the origin of species?' I doubt he could hold a pen the way he was portrayed. I found this a self indulgent film where the director was trying so hard to make it Gothic and current and in my view failed miserably. Some of the support characters were just weird, Huxley for example was a midget??? The only good thing about the film is it showed that Darwins motivation for disbelief in God was not scientific but personal. The death of his daughter and the cruelty of the clergy as well as the false teaching that God is the cause of everything good and bad as it is all his will. But this could have been lost as it concentrated too much on his apparent madness. Darwin was obviously an intelligent man but the way this was acted he came across like an incompetent fool. Nothing about him in the Galapogas islands, nothing about the Finches? What he discovered was certainly controversial and revolutionary whether you believe it or not but you would not know it from this film. Just wish I had not bought the DVD which will now go immediately on ebay.

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