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Very Disappointed, 24 January 2011

I was a big fan of Director/Writer Sam Rami since Evil Dead Trilogy & Spiderman trilogy I was looking forward to this movie b/c of his involvement in both as a writer & as a director.

The movie was just written very poorly in both storyline & characters - the storyline was shallow and boring - it's like a Stephen king novel that was so boring you need violence & grotesque special effects. The theme is like gypsy woman get mad at the person working at a bank & cursed her it's sigh ... very immature. The movie is prematurely made - from script to production ... if they put in more serious thoughts into it, it could have been a good one.

Comparatively, a movie with less attention was much better than this one - Dead Silence (2007)

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Oliver Stone worth 9/10, 13 December 2010

I didn't have high hope on this but 10 minutes after watching this - it pulled me in with such a depth of insight & info.

It used to be MS NBC Business, CNN, CBC, Wall Street Journal ... then it's Michael Moore, William (Bill) Cooper, ... etc other documentary / investigative film makers.

The story continues after Mr. Geeko got out of jail and things just weren't as native as before after a few bubble bursts. What makes this movie special is it's down to earth, realistic, asking a question everyone wondering - y isn't anyone stopping scams & gritters rotting wall street / USA / world economy. I think this movie shed light in that direction.

Glad Oliver Stone till pulled this one off with grand movie - great storyline, amazing actors/actress performance, no fake CG filming's amazing! A must-see movie for 2010!!!!

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Best Simpsons Xmas Special, 6 December 2010

Back to Simpsons' trade mark story telling - parody with a twist of reflection of dark side of current events This episodes brings u 4 xmas pardoy stories - each with its own twist. It's like Simpsons Halloween specials with Xmas spirits minus the blood & violence.

Sarcastic, hilarious, pg-13, and yet brings laughter & xmas spirits to all of us.For those who r disappointed with last few episodes, this one won't disappoint u.

Got a feeling that it's time for Fox & the Simpsons production team to deal with contract, $, ... etc. Remember a few episodes back with the opening of china slave camp working in a giant Fox stone castle? In this episode, one of the character says something like "oh well if it's the last season it's a good run".

I know they say that once a while (dunno Y), but if simpsons producers/writers get too frustrated with Fox - just move to another channel like Futurama did. Don't let those bast@rds have it.

Inception (2010)
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Nice Try But No Cigar ..., 17 September 2010

The story concept is a mixed of The Matrix (1999) + The Thirteenth Floor (1999) + Dark City (1998) + Jacob's Ladder (1990) ...

The dream planting idea is from Paprika (2006) The multiple layers of dream idea is from Perfect Blue (1998)

It is a better movie than Shutter Island (2010), but doesn't make it worth all the buzz and box office success. Hollywood, just like any other American culture, is suffocating from all the NWO agendas - thus this mediocre sci-fi generated so much success compared to other "sugar coated" movies that requires 0% of using your brain such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), Going the Distance (2010), ... all these movies requires no imagination - pure visual receptions - just like porn.

Maybe that's what the movie bosses want these days - further dumping down the population till they have no intellect to speak their minds, to think for themselves, just become a pack of sheep.

If you are disappointed like me, go watch Perfect Blue (1998) Paprika (2006) Esp the first one, the best psycho-thriller anime/film I've ever seen

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Ninth Gate II?!, 18 July 2010

Surprised that Polanski will go after the Brit instead of USA. Hope he didn't loose his balls & guts b/c of the rape charges US lay on him 30 yrs back then.

It's 60 minutes I'm watching the movie and it's not as good as Ninth Gate. Too much details not related to the theme of the movie. It's dragging.

Great casting on Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall & Jon Bernthal. Ewan McGregor once again was acting like a weak, wimpy, whinny, idiotic & clueless still living in his childhood, as he did in Island & other movies. I hope it doesn't reflect onto Mr. Polanski's personalities in any ways.

Best of luck with Mr. Polanski's legal troubles, I feel it's another Tyranny's ideal to shut him up about WW2.5 & NWO.

Do one NWO film already!!!

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Simple, Straightforward, but beautifully made, 20 May 2010

Maybe the producers didn't expect much from the audience. This movie could be so much more than a visually entertaining candy movie. It could be a psychological thriller like ancient unsolved serial killers roaming around Germany during the dark age.

A shame that the movie production company were too chicken to gamble on something outside of the box. Still kudos to the acting performances from all the actors and actresses - they made this movie entertaining despite predictable screenplay.

Someone out there should do a ancient time serial killer movie already! Like Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes (2010), think outside of the box and you'll have an instant classic that people appreciate it!

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Reality Is Your Imagination Came True, 24 March 2010

It's not the Angel & Devil playing tricks to us...

It's your own choosing...

To be, or not do be, that's the question.

The same burning sun shines on us daily to everyone, it's your action that makes the difference - you may choose to sleep in or wake up and do the best out of it Insightful, Brilliantly showing truth in life with visual effects & story telling.

Mass Destruction, Y2k, 9/11, Financial Collapse, Global Warming Tax, Iran Nuclear Threat, ... on and on US has been pulling out tricks after tricks

But like President Obama said, we shall not live under threat, we shall focus on what we belief and go for it.

In Post WWII, one shall be tough. In this post y2k era, we shall believe, like Anton & Percy in the movie.

"Futurama" (1999)
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Futurama - Welcome Back!!! Bender kick ass!!!, 20 March 2010

I admit I'm a die hard fan of the Simpsons and didn't support Futurama subliminally so Simpsons won't go off the air so soon.

I did watch a few episodes of Futurama and didn't get the jokes... I guessed I mostly caught their "bad" episodes. Now that I watched the DVD again, it's so amazing and different that gave me the same surprise, entertainment, joy that I got when I first saw the Simpsons, South Park, even a few Family Guys episodes (a few that they didn't try to be the new Simpsons).

It's simply revolutionary amazing - the script was so well written that it belongs to actual movie categories. Maybe that's why I didn't know how to respond to such smart, mature scripts that one only expects from actual movies. It's more like actual sci-fi movie.

Yes, the writers did screw up in season 3 after episodes 7...& all season 4 (except episodes 7, 8, 12). However, when they're good, they're phenomenal. The scrips, when they're good, they're as good as Stephen Spielberg's movies. It's insane.

Make sure you watch their movies as well, especially the first one. It's 2 hours+ long but it's as good as it gets.

With all the episodes I enjoy, I'll give them a 98% !!! p.s. key to enjoy Futurama is to watch it on a lazy weekend, w/o much interruptions as possible.

Hurray on their come back in June this year!!!! Futurama kicks ass, just like the Simpsons, but in their own way!!!!

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Wow what a script!, 19 March 2010

I watched this movie b/c ran out of Futurama episodes - wow! I was impressed. Especially it's a Hollywood production (USA) production.

It's filled with sci-fi, drama, romance - in a nice, natural way! I didn't like Futurama first, b/c I was still emotionally attached to the Simpsons.

But seriously, Futurama is a different breed of adult animation - with wits, sense of humor, in your face nerdy sci-fi elements, sarcasm that you can't find anywhere.

Family Guy and her league of copy-cat can take a hike - they just don't have talents like Goeing & Cohen.

Hail Goeing & Cohen for their everlasting creativeness!!!

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Funny, Exciting, Good Script, Entertaining, 16 March 2010

Haha when I first saw the poster, I thought it's kind of childish and lame.

But then the first act took me by surprise.

The conspiracy development gets even better and better. Yes, it's predictable in a sense.

But for the budget and the production, I say kudos to the movie maker.

It's nice to see something different coming out of Hollywood.

Nice touch with the Mexican accent from the crime boss. It's not racist, just stereotype & funny but not disrespectful.

All in all, you should see this movie =)

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