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A fresh perspective to Horror Movies, 19 April 2013

Ek thi Daayan gives a very fresh perspective to horror films .It is is an enriching combination of good story telling and ethnic grandmother's witch tales.

Awesome acting by Konkona Sen Sharma and Emraan Hashmi. Other actors have also played their character up-to the mark.

Whats's Good: Acting and storytelling, unfamiliar track for a horror thriller, good background score.

What's Bad: A little disappointment towards the conclusion part of the story.

Overall one time worth watch, but don't hope for a classic

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Overall Music is good in the movie, 19 April 2013

Starting with some good aspects of this movie, that you can watch with family together. A Clean and light hearted movie with a good moral lesson.

What's Good: Background Music, Songs ,Chemistry between Ayushmaan(RP) and Pooja Salvi(Nandini)

What's Bad: No Story-line or anything else worth watching in a theater .No emotion,comedy,action, sense or etc :p

Acting of cast is Average.

I got to say, not worth 200 bucks. Go and Rent a DVD if you are dying to watch this movie

Agneepath (2012)
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An above average rated movie...Why to watch and why not to, 26 January 2012

Agneepath,Agneepath , Agneepath OR revenge, revenge, revenge Before reviewing i must say please don't compare with Amitabh Bachchan's Legend.

Why to watch: Awesome acting, emotions, screenplay, background score,music and songs. In all typical bollywood entertainer, and last but not the least Chikni chameli.

Why not to watch: Movie storyline is old with no twists.

Please don't watch if you are going to compare and

if you are a critic.

Paisa vasool time-pass movie.

Rockstar (2011)
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Rockstar : A different and good watch, 13 November 2011

Story of struggle and passion of of a wannabe rockstar, from college to the big stage. First half of the movie is fun-filled and entertaining. The second half of movie is a bit monotonous according to the demand of story. Story narration is quite impressive at most of the time, apart from the switching between present-past, this switching was much good in 'Love Aaj Kal'. Ranbir Kapoor has done fantastic job, a true rockstar starting from the innocence in the opening reels to the arrogance in the end. Actress, Nargis Fakhri has also done true justice to her role.Just go for this movie for entertainment with no expectations as hyped.

Why to Watch: Ranbir's acting , Nargis Fakhri's acting and beauty , A different angle to love story

Why not to Watch: Not upto the much hyped expectations.

Ra.One (2011)
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Waste of time and money ..., 29 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Technically speaking Ra-One was a good attempt but not comparable to Robot. The story is about a game which is played very well throughout the story. A game designer makes a game inspired by his son's views and for his son in which, villain is more powerful than the hero. The villain and hero (Robots) come out of the game in real world; which can be compared as Robot-Terminator Soup, to save the son of designer of the game

Why to watch: Kareena Kapoor's looks, Animation, songs are good, And of course SRK fans should go for it ; if Salman's fans can make bodyguard a hit then why not Ra-one.

Why not to watch: Weak Storyline, Roles exchanged (Kareena was acting as Robot while Robot SRK was sensible), PJs on the name of comedy, the first 15 minutes are insane.

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fundoo Comedy_ a must watch, 3 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Kambakht ishq is a very charming love story about a stuntman that is akshay kumar and a model or a wanna be surgeon that is kareena.

The performance of akshay kumar is in this movie is awesome as he out shadows the other actors with his quick witted and sensible comedy and expressions.In the movie sometimes akshay kumar's acting and personality reminds me of Will Smith.

Kareena is also good as compared to her last movie. She has acted in her own way and reminds about her character in K3G , but having more energy and scope. She had done a good job in comedy scenes but lacks some emotions.

The third important character is of Javed Jaffery ...this time his performance is out of the world man . He had just made a perfect Character of a maniac ,inspite of less scope for him in the movie.

Bindu dara singh and aftab shivdasani are not up to the mark but yet O.K. Sometimes the movie misses its continuity but then attains the desired track. I must say a it is a must watch movie.

Click (2006)
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comedy with a lesson, 25 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Click , a movie starring Adam Sandler one of the greatest comedian and actor i'd always like to watch. The movie has a very big and worthful message. Direction of the movie is awesome as the story makes one feel the emotions and the situations arising during the scenes. The movie is about a workaholic person who loves his family but unknowingly he misses the chances to spent and enjoy the moments with his loved ones. Actually he is just busy in his profession and wants to be successful in his life so he just forgets to live the moment happily.

Suddenly a twist comes in his life and he get a universal remote controller to control his life and his universe. He just skips the most important parts of his life which he feels unimportant at that instance of that time. After the whole race of his life he feels that what have he lost during his whole life, and now he wants to change his life. But he quite helpless and unable to change his life.And here comes a little suspense of the movie to end it in a best way....You have to watch it for the suspense part of the movie.

The first 25 minutes of the movie doesn't binds up the viewers as much , but after that it is just irresistible.Kate beckinsale looks gorgeous and hotty in the movie and well , she is well known for her acting skills.This movie is just an another awesome performance by Adam Sandler. A must watch movie , well rated movie.