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Son of God (2014)
well done
10 January 2015
I enjoyed this film. I thought they did a professional well-made production. I never understand people giving low ratings like 1-4 because it takes a tremendous amount of skill and energy to even make a film that looks decent, good acting, etc. That any filmmaker who gets a film out into theaters even though you may think is bad, should get at least a 5.

Although I was disappointed that Jesus didn't look more Jewish, he was good-looking and the typical look that photos of Jesus we all grew up with. So I think that was fine. The actor who played Jesus did a great job in believability as to being Jesus.

I don't believe Jesus cried or screamed in pain because he knew he was spirit and not this body. He was also a Gnostic and believed this world was not the real world, and the real world was Heaven where we are right now, but can't see because we think we are these bodies. Therefore, he would not have felt the pain. If he can walk on water, make food materialize because of his knowing this truth, then no, he wouldn't be screaming pain. But that is what we all expect because we are not thinking as spirit. I'm glad they mentioned that there. That we must be reborn as spirit. Meaning, we are spirit and we need to live life as that. When we look out into the world and realize we are all that One Son of God, we will see God's kingdom. Jesus was the first of us who woke up and saw this. He's like an older brother. We are all his children and so he is not the only son of God. We all are. But, we are just One Son, thinking we are all these separate bodies. We are not. So this version is old school, and incorrect.

So other than a few old school story of Jesus, it was still a very well done film. I congratulate the filmmakers for sharing their time and money to create this film. It's always nice to have a reminder of how we need to be toward each other even if the version isn't the truth.
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Epic (2013)
One of the Best
4 July 2014
I thought this had the best animation rendering I have seen and I have seen them all. There were great camera shots, coloring, lighting, and illustrations. I was in awe. The story was wonderful as well with a lot of action, interesting creatures and alive plants in this unique world. I liked the main characters as well. I would have liked more character development on the young male but in animation, there usually isn't that much character arc and the conflicts are not like regular films.

I was shocked this didn't get nominated for the Oscars because I thought it would win. This was a lot better than many of the ones that were nominated.

People should enjoy the ride to this fantastical world.
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