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Romantic comedy it is!, 28 December 2002

Three words: fab-u-lous! I loved it! The ice queen and the hockey player teaming up to win a gold medal. It was instantly my favorite movie the first time I saw it. The lead actors were perfect. I can't say anything bad about this movie, other than it should have a sequel. Rent it, watch will probably fall in love with this timeless movie!

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Interesting points, 28 December 2002

I feel that "For The People" goes into depth with the issues...well, as far as a television show can go. "Law & Order" is fine, but this show gets more into the emotions that go into defending the law. Camille doesn't agree with the death penalty, but she has to do what's right for the people (hints the name of the show).

Personally, I feel it's great for high schoolers planning to become lawyers. I plan on becoming a lawyer if I don't make a career out of acting and singing. I think that this show is a good way for me to learn about how certain cases can be handled. People could say that the way this "office" operates is not how a real law office would work, but that's not necessarily true. One of my best friends' dad is a lawyer, and the office is exactly the same way.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that everyone has an opinion, and that's a good thing, but watch the show for yourself, then make your opinion on it.