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The Purge (2013/I)
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Don't go by negative reviews. This movie is really good., 18 June 2013

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Initially i was hesitant to see this movie due to negative reviews, but I gave a shot and saw it. Till end this movie kept me on the edge of my seat and its really great thriller. Concept is out of the box and all the cast have played their role very well. I was totally engrossed and there was many twists and shocking moments. There are few moments where we feel why the character took particular decision, he could had done the other way, but at the later stage you realize it was wise decision and it more about not to lose the humanity. The concept of killing during PURGE phase (12 hours) sounds weird, but in movie they have given their own explanation for the PURGE. Its up to you as how much you digest. At the end I would recommend this movie for thriller fans and not to go by other negative comments. Enjoy.

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Very well made comedy, action, family entertainer, with lots of Sardar stuff., 22 November 2012

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When I went through some negative reviews, I gave a second thought whether should I go and watch this movie in theater. But THIS MOVIES IS REALLY AMAZING AND FULL OF COMEDY. I really do not understand from where these negative reviews are coming from. I really loved the Sardar type unique jokes right from the start and the perfect Punjabi environment. But yes, few animations in the beginning of the movie is not up to the mark, which is fine. It has Dabang style fight scenes which is awesome. The timing of comedy between all the character are in very well sync. Overall I was very much satisfied with this movie. I recommend everyone to watch this movie and decide on their own rather than going through ratings or negative comments.

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Simply Excellent. Very well Made. Hats off to Sridevi and theme of this movie., 6 October 2012

I was eagerly waiting to see Sridevi back on silver screen. Its is her excellent move to come back with this movie "English Vinglish". Hats off to her and the story line of this movie. Every other person in his/her life has passed through the phase which the main character (Sridevi) of the movie has passed. So its makes one, FEEL THE SOUL of this movie. Also this movie has good moral which teaches one to NEVER GIVE UP and overcome the weakness to attain RESPECT in society. Sridevi has given her BEST again and moreover story line revolved around her. I bet that you will surely feel like clapping at the movie climax. I am sure that this movie will be a huge successful in box office due to strong story line.

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Ultimate ending for the Harry Potter Installment., 14 July 2011

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I saw first day first show and really loved the way they have completed the story with good note.... After seeing "Deathly Hallow's Part 1", I was desperately waiting for the last part. 3D too is amazing and story is fast moving with lots of magic and wands... I feel this part has much more magic compared to earlier. Also art, concept and characters are well portrayed. I had prepared myself by watching Deathly hallow part 1 one day earlier, to get the continuity feeling. Also there are many twists which will amaze you and makes the story more interesting. After seeing the ending, I had feeling that they should pull the story with fresh start for Harry Potter's next generation... :))))

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Much Better than Expected. Satisfaction Guaranteed., 14 May 2011

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Some reviews which I found on internet are misleading which says negative about movie. As the movie has Vikram Bhats tag attached, it's his one of the best horror films compared to earlier "1920" and "Shaapit". I loved the storyline, it's something different. 3D effects are up-to the mark what Indian movies can expect. Also like Vikram Bhat's earlier movies, this too take you to the pre-independence era. There are many HORROR n CHILLING scenes which will scare you along with weird scream scenes. Better leading actor and actress should have been casted, but anyways new actor and actress too have performed well. In brief, this film has all the elements what Indian MASALA horror film should consist of. I recommend this movie for ADULTS who love horror movies.

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Worth Seeing... Explains Complete ROME History right from Caesar till the fall of Rome. Overall a very realistic series., 22 April 2011

Earlier I had seen ROME series, so my mind was not ready to see this series as I though it will be more or less alike. But this series is great and mind blowing. You feel that these events are happening at the real place. Also the war tactics looks very real. I highly recommend this series for those who are not aware of ROME history and are interested to know it. In 6 hours you will be taken to the journey from the story of Caesar till the fall of Rome. It is the story of Love, Betrayal, Greed, Sacrifice, War and what not. Costumes and location makes us feel as if we are in that age. Nice acting by the actors. Special thing about this series (1) it depicts real characters and real events, (2) It is based on accounts of writers from the ancient world and (3) has been written with the advice of modern historians.