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Most of these "Stars" you won't find funny, 13 July 2004

What an odd idea. Some people enjoy Vic Reeves, most people don't. Some people like Steve Coogan, others don't find him funny."Wacky" comedy is a niche, and usually has a cult style following. "Ladder happy" and "Monkey Trousers" aren't the kind of sketches that most casual viewers would enjoy. Some people might enjoy Ronni's impressions, many people simple don't find them funny or interesting. ETC. So why the makers of this thought it was a good idea to put so many different styles together is beyond me. Odds are the average viewer won't find most of this funny. This show just proves that although these actors are all well know they are really sole performers. The "Boffins" sketch was very dire, for example, and the acting seemed strained and somewhat wooden.