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Has to be a joke...., 16 May 2012

Watching the first Episode, I kept waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and proclaim the world just got punk'd for watching this show.

Brought to you by the production company of Eric Bischoff (Professional Wrestling) and Jason Hervey (Older brother on The Wonder years), it looks like someone decided to cash in on the popularity of FX's "Sons of Anarchy" by doing a reality show on a Motorcycle Club (MC).

The problem is that most legit MC's would never allow camera's to follow them around. What happens in the club, stays in the club. So after searching for a club willing to expose their life on television, the production company settled on the Laffing Devils MC, a fairly new club of only 5 years.

The first episode introduced a bunch of cliché'd bikers. Swarthy men with tattoo's that claim they don't fit in anywhere else in the world. It also shows their "old ladies", girlfriends and wives of the club members.

The show seems forced, as if the MC is desperately trying to prove they are just as mean as other "1%" MC's. But it's painfully obvious that nobody around them cares who they are.

I was reminded of Chickenhawk from Foghorn and Chickenhawk. A little bird proclaiming he's a big mean chickenhawk, when it's painfully obvious he's just a tiny nothing.

For a reality show to succeed, it must have people that behave to either extremes. Either completely hated or completely loved. The members of the Laffing Devils MC are simply bland and interchangeable.

This show won't last.