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A YouTube channel where host Oliver Harper does retrospectives on famous and lesser-known sci-fi, action, and horror films from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. He gives out histories about the movies, its reception at the time, and how things stand for them.
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A list of actors who have made the most appearances on the Alcohollywood podcast.
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A podcast where Chicago natives Clint and Jared discuss and create a drinking game for a random movie.
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A list of actors whose movies made the most appearances on Ryan Watches a Movie, for the FilmPulse podcast.
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A podcast on where hosts Adam and Kevin make their friend Ryan watch a random movie in order of an important film coming out that month and tells them what he thinks of it.
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A movie podcast where Chicago native Patrick Bromley along with numerous guest hosts discuss random movies. They also do episodes on the best and worst movies of the year, what they consider is the most overrated, underrated and ugly of that year, talk certain genre films and discuss their favorites of all-time.
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A web series where host Cecil Trachenburg reviews bad movies who he thinks doesn't deserve their negative reputation, as well as some rare films and cult classics. Website:
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A website where Nick Nobel and Chris Dobson review bad movies and also cover those films for a podcast. Link:
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A video review show on Blame Society Films where hosts Matt and Craig watch and discuss very important movies. Matt picks the movie and Craig doesn't know what he's going to watch until the camera starts rolling.
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A podcast on Earwolf where comedians Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael & Jason Mantzoukas dissect a film where they completely make no sense. Each episode is joined by a frequent guest host and they do minisodes where they reveal what movie they're reviewing next.
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A podcast where the titular Retroist reviews movies, television shows and others from his childhood, and gives the details regarding the history and impact each have had on nostalgia.
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A website called LeBeau's Le Blog has a column called "What the Hell Happened?". It focuses on an actor, actress or director whose careers riding high, but then to start slow down whether their later film works had become critical and box office failures, personal problems, bad decisions, arrests, or if they decide to take a break. Link:
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A list of actors who have won the Razzie Award for Worst Actor.
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A list of actors who have won the Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor.
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A list of filmmakers who have won the Razzie Award for Worst Director.
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Movies considered for next year's Razzie Awards that are released in 2015.
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A feature on the movie website The Dissolve where critic Nathan Rabin takes a look at some films that were ranked among the 25 highest grossing films of the year that have been either terrible or pretty much been forgotten in the years since.
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Inspired by Nathan Rabin's AV Club columns "My Year of Flops" and "My World of Flops", here is my list of films that bombed at the box office that determine they're either failures, fiascos or secret successes.
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Every good filmmaker has at least one or two bad films on their resume, and I'm going to show you why.
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A list of films released in 2014 eligible for the 2015 Razzie Awards.
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A list of poorly-reviewed films that will be eligible for next year's Razzie Awards.
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A podcast where local New Jersey natives Joel, Martin and Kevin review supposedly bad movies that were rotten on Rotten Tomatoes and see if they really deserved to be that low.
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A list of movies that were considered to be reviewed for the Yeah It's That Bad podcast, but was beaten out by another film.
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A list of poorly-reviewed films from 2012 that will be eligible for next year's Razzie Awards.
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A podcast where movie fan Ben Pearson reviews films that are currently not in theaters. The link: