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to be on the list the film had to have a theatrical release, and had to have been specifically made by Disney and not have another company working on the film, so no Studio Ghibli films, or Pixar films.
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The character actors that I think are the most memorable and always steal every scene they appear in or could even be the best part of the movie they appear in.
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they might be making a new series of Batman films with Ben Affleck and that's completely fine with me, but these are my picks for other characters if they do so.
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Now this is going from bottom to top not top to bottom. Also the way I consider someone a voice actor is if they've done 10+ original roles in animation, so some people who are more known for something else say like George Takei or Leonard Nimoy are on the list due to them having done 10 or more original characters in animation.
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this isn't the real list the real list is here . These are the people that came very close to making the list.
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again like the male voice actors this list also includes a few movie actresses too but have done a lot of voice acting as well.
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This is in no particular order on how much I like the voice actor and this is also including actors that have been in films if they have been in more than 10 animated shows and did voices
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No real rules for this list. And remember that this is my opinion and that if a superhero movie isn't on here it means I haven't seen it, I don't like it, or I like it but not enough to put it on here.