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Blood Surf (2000) (V)
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Watch Without Mercy!, 20 March 2003

Hey folks, basically I think every comment I have read on this movie is absolutely correct! And to ME that means, accept that this is going to be really really horribly bad and get over yourself! Watch it when you are in the mood to just sneer at how stupid a movie can be. I for one get into some profoundly silly moods and a piece of crap like this really fits the bill.

Steer clear if you are a top-notch-only viewer or a genre purist. But if you can get a kick out of seeing exercises in futility, I think this one stands out! I would NEVER pay real money to see something like this in a theater though. Er...Not on purpose.

Strangers (1992) (TV)
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Slow moving, interesting ideas, falls short, 27 December 2002

This combination of short stories has some actors I really like in some unusual plot situations. The work seems to be intent upon provoking thoughts regarding the nature of relationships and non-relationships and is centered around passionate encounters of varying levels of eroticism. Each piece left me feeling as though I had merely experienced an incomplete thought with a little bit of almost unnecessary voyeurism thrown in. I say nice try, but no significant thrills or thoughts came out of the time spent watching this movie. Maybe a single movie should have been woven using all of these actors togetherin chance encounters!