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All The Films I've Watched (For The First Time) In 2013! Aiming to watch like 300. Obviously I can't watch one every single day because sometimes I'd be on holiday, out, tired or on small breaks but I barely sleep somedays so I watch a few films sometimes...
Will be accompanied by a small review and score, mainly for my own benefit but I am no film expert (I do study film so I know basics but I'm not a critic by any length).
7+ are films I'd watch again...
5- are films I wouldn't watch again...
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Okay, I never ever buy dvd's... These are movies I like so much I bought o.O
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All Asian Films I've Seen This Year...
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Mostly Horror, I like my horror ;D
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Self explanatory?
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Films I've Seen From Around The World This Year (Excluding English Speaking Countries, Europe And Asia)
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Films I've Seen This Year From Around Europe (Minus The UK)
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As from, 20th march
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Not necessarily the actors I consider are the best (although probably 80-90% are who I consider to be some of the best actors alive) but just people who I love to watch on screen...
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If you know anymore please let me know. Love this genre!
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Yeah I'm a teenage guy... don't judge me -.-