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Great film, 21 July 2012

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As a kid, I hated this film. I was used to sci-fi films with alien monsters but this film had none. Now, I am in awe of this film. The techno music is amazing as is the story. We never stop to realize that within us all is a dark side in our Id or sub-conscience where we would like to destroy whatever forces give us conflict. This is what Forbidden Planet is all about. The magnificent Krell destroyed themselves in 1 night by releasing their un-controlled "monsters". They were all destroyed and no physical evidence remains. It is left to us to decide what they looked-like. Amazing story although Walter Pidgeon, at times, seemed to be reading from cue cards and the acting was far from award-worthy. A masterpiece!

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Best Musical of All-Time, 7 July 2011

Although considered corny by todays' standards, this was perhaps the greatest movie musical of all-time. It touched all human emotions and the songs as well as the production numbers were impeccable. It should rate as high as "Singing in the Rain". Sadly, neither won the Oscar as best film. I rate "YDD" higher because of the superb acting. My only regret was that the film was photographed in black & white. I saw the "color" version but the job was disappointing. The flags' red looked sort of pinkish and the actors' teeth showed strange dark marks. This film will live-on forever but is hardly ever shown on TV and the DVD is hard to find. Cagney was a "star amongst stars". RIP.

The Reader (2008)
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Best Film, 12 March 2009

This film was superb. It should have won for Best Picture. I've been going to the movies for over 50 years. Never before have I seen a film that kept me from sleeping. It was haunting; everything was great. I am a male but I was weeping for the last 40 minutes of the film. Ms. Winslet is the finest actress of our times. I am grateful that she was awarded Best Actress by the Academy. I haven't yet seen "Revolutionary Road", but how could her performance have been better? Until viewing the film, I never learned of the "secret" and I won't reveal it here. This is a bittersweet film that you cannot easily forget! In this film, the explicit scenes were not the most memorable scenes. I found the courtroom scenes to be the most compelling. I'm glad that Nicole Kidman did not get the role. She is a marvelous actress but she has a stuck-up demeanor that follows her in every role. Ms. Winslet was perfectly cast.

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Favorite Film, 12 August 2008

I just watched "Valley" on DVD and it's still one of my favorite films. I was 21 when I saw it on the big screen. I know the critics said it was garbage and camp but I loved it. They even criticized the songs, especially the lyrics of "I'll Plant My Own Tree". I felt the film showed the "real" Hollywood, which the studios didn't want the fans to see. I agree that some of the scenes and acting were "Over-the-top", but for the most part, I enjoyed the acting. The score and soundtrack were outstanding, thanks to John Williams. Many of the costumes and hairdos were outlandish but were fun to see. I feel that the film got a raw deal. The DVD even shows Judy Garland testing for Helen Lawson and current interviews with Barbara Parkins and others. It is one of my favorite DVD's. The film is in letterbox and has few dirt spots. It even includes the warning at the beginning that the characters are fictional.

Gypsy (1962)
Why Was "Together" Cut?, 20 June 2008

When I saw the film version of "Gypsy", the song, "Together, Wherever We Go" was cut. Was it ever restored? This was one of the best songs. Evidently, the number was filmed so why the cut? There were other less famous songs that could have been cut. Was there a timing problem? Was the number restored in any DVD version? Is there a deluxe edition? I know that Bette Midler did it in the TV version. Other movies based on famous musical plays also have a bad habit of cutting songs. From "King & I" they cut "I Have Dreamed". From "Sound of Music", they cut the lovely, "How Can Love Survive"? What other famous numbers have been cut when made into a film?

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Great Show, 29 January 2008

I also never watched "Seinfeld" because I liked this series. It cheered me up every Thursday after returning from visiting my late dad at the nursing home. Thanks to the cast for cheering me up. I also enjoyed "Martin" and "A Different World".These were all Thursday comedies. Thankfully, I can now see "Seinfeld" on endless re-runs on Fox. These shows went across racial lines. The actors could have been any race. Who'd ever think that Queen Latifah would become such a big star? She was nominated for an Oscar. She just won the SAG Award, too. The writing was crisp and biting. Very funny series. Why isn't this series shown on re-runs?

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On Saturdays, 28 February 2006

Kentucky Jones was on NBC on Saturday evenings.I believe it was aired at 8:00 right after "Flipper". It was only on for about 1 and a half seasons. Sadly it was never given a chance. It was replaced by "I Dream of Jeannie". It was a lovely show; too bad it didn't last longer. His name, Kentucky, had something to do with the Kentucky Derby and horse racing. The series was a great deal about raising race horses. It reminded me of "National Velvet", also on NBC. Sadly, Dennis Weaver passed away recently; he appeared in many shows during television's golden age. Harry Morgan, who later played Colonel Potter in "Mash" co-starred.

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Trivia on "Fiddler", 2 January 2006

I understand that Mr. Jewisson wanted to film "Fiddler" in Russia. The film crew was denied permission because the story of Tevye is unsympathetic to the Russian people. The film hints at anti-Semitism in Russia. One of its themes is that many family members have left Russia and immigrated to America. It also hints about the upcoming Russian Revolution, as well as the Holocaust. As a result, the film had to be mostly filmed in Croatia. Several indoor scenes, such as the dream sequence, were filmed in England. It also is interesting that Mr. Jewisson is a non-Jew himself despite his name. Several songs from the movie soundtrack were performed in a different order than from the Broadway production. The film also got several Oscar nominations that year but faced tough competition, such as "French Connection".

King Kong (2005)
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Too Long, 17 December 2005

I saw "King Kong" yesterday and was disappointed in several ways. The casting and special effects were outstanding.It is not a great film. First, it's too long. Several scenes could have been either shortened or deleted. The dinosaur chase was way too long and needed to take a break. The scene with the insects and the creatures coming from the walls was also too much and could have been deleted.I found the scene aboard the Venture too slow and talky. I commend Peter Jackson for his recreation of Times Square of the 1930's, unbelievable! The film opened with Jolson's "I'm Sitting On Top of the World". What was the significance of that song? Andy Serkis doing the motions with Miss Watts made the motions flawless, too. The near-shipwreck of the Venture was extremely well-done. The viewer feels that he's aboard ship. Good film but not a great classic!

Chicago (2002)
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Great Film, 23 October 2005

I saw both "Chicago: The Movie" and "Chicago: The Musical". I found the show quite boring and it had little sets or costume change. The Broadway cast was just adequate. Why was the great song "Class" deleted from the movie? Is the song, sung by Latifah and Jones, restored in the DVD version? The song was not shown in theaters nor is it on the VHS tape. The songs sounded great in the film. Gere and Zellwegger did great jobs singing and dancing. The casting and costumes were superior. The film editing was great, too. Although the plot seemed like just fluff, it is relevant because it shows how corrupt our justice system is. Director Marshall took a mediocre play and turned it into a great film!

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