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Awesome, 8 August 2009

I love this concert.

Even though I find it does not have the energy of the 'That's the way it is' concerts it is so well filmed and the King looks great! His voice is also on great form which I appreciate more if I listen to the album and compare it to other Elvis concert albums.

Truly a groundbreaking concert with the satellite live broadcast and not to mention the 8 track cartridge album that I would love to get my hands on one day :-). I wish I could have been old enough to see the live broadcast but I was only 2 at the time.

All in all I can watch this concert time and time again.

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3rd best filmed concerts, 8 August 2009

Strangely, though being an Elvis fan, I find myself not entirely agreeing with most of the comments here.

I have never found this movie endearing. Elvis looks a bit overweight though I think a lot has to do with his hair and burns being too long. I find the concert footage being way over lit making the complexion of Elvis seem a bit pale which I don't believe he was as the other footage including backstage footage he looks browner.

The sound also doesn't seem that good most of the time and the singing I find middle the road.

Kudos to the Gloden Globe but for me I find 'That's the way it is' being the best ever concert movie and the Aloha concert being second in terms of both quality and the look and sound of Presley.

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Underrated enjoyment, 19 May 2009

I am amazed this movie has at the moment so little stars compared to other Elvis movies.

Contrary to other comments I find Elvis in top form in this movie, very much in shape (I think his wedding was just around the corner) and charming. For an Elvis flick it was refreshing that the setting is in Europe and I find the direction and sets reflecting this quite well. Being European (an Englishman in Holland) I thoroughly enjoyed the old fashioned footage of different countries in that time and the sets.

There are quite a few good songs in the soundtrack and the story, though corny (an Elvis Flick), is entertaining and funny.

Old School (2003)
Never tiresome, 17 May 2009

This is my favourite comedy of all time.

It is filled with so many classic moments. For those old enough you will recognise the style of the numerous 1980s frat movies that you loved as a teenager. The pure genius of the movie was to bring that genre back and age it with you. So the main characters are not spotty teenagers and early 20s undergraduates but 30 somethings looking to recapture a part of their lives where the days were spontaneous and unpredictable, the nights long (with you awake), and the parties drunken.

Will Ferrell is awesome in this! My all time best scene is the cameo of Sean William Scott! Love it, love it , love it.

In those times where you are drunk just back from partying you will turn this on time and time again!

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Elvis with normal hair, 17 May 2009

I have to say I enjoyed this movie. Maybe it was because my expectations were low due to the rating on here but I thought the story was fine, acting was was OK and there were minimal songs and the ones in it are classic! gotta love the Rubberneckin sequence.

This was a welcome departure from the formula movies. It has some very serious social topics.

Mary Tyler Moore is the actual main character with Elvis giving a great supporting role.

I am not sure Elvis was so convincing as a doctor but I thought it does give a glimpse of a more mature acting Elvis that may have developed if he continued with movies.