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This is the top 25 for films with most sold tickets in Denmark since 1976 when Danmark Statistik started counting.
Many films prior to 1976 probably sold as many or more tickets than most on this list.

Just for your reference Denmark had 5 million inhabitants in 1976 and as of 1 January 2014 has 5,6 million inhabitants.
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A list of all of The Austrian Oaks oscar nominated films. I mean it is the season for it... and there are maybe more than people realise.

12 nominations
5 wins
1 Special Achievement Award
a list of 7 characters
A list of the sure to be remembered great characters of cinema. These guys will be remembered for their presence, their lines and the great actors who portrayed them... even if people dont know the film they appeared in.
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The top 50 films I consider the most funny, heartbreaking, sad, well-made, entertaining, suprising, pleasant, postive and beautiful. Basically 50 films I can watch over and over again.
Ordered from low to high.
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A work in progress listing all of Steven Spielberg's former child stars and what is known about them since.

Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Work in Progress!