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NBC News Overnight, 19 June 2009

I work for a Railroad which means that we work day and night. We are on a twenty-four call basis. Sometimes I would get in at 1:00AM Utah time (which is where I live), but most of the time, I would set my alarm to get me up by 12:50AM just so that I could watch NBC News Overnight. It was the most comprehensive, fulfilled news show of it's time. The "good old" prime time news shows of the time could not hold a "frog's fart under water" compared to "Overnight". When it started, it had Lloyd Dobyns and Linda Ellerbee as co-anchors. Lloyd was kind of a "stiffed" face anchor and Linda had this kind of a "sneaky, shifty" smile like she knew something that nobody else knew. The two of them together made the show unique, exciting and well worth watching. I was sorry to see Lloyd leave and was not sure what to expect with Bill Schechner. I was pleased to see that he was a good replacement for Lloyd. He smiled more than Lloyd, but he filled in well. They had segue's such as "on a reel" and "on a roll" that made the news more interesting and informative. It was a news show like no other. I even wrote the producer and told him that "Overnight" kicked Rather, Brokaw, Cronkite,etc. in the "Mudd". I really can't remember who was on the air at the time, but that is the gist of it. Nothing against the anchors on the air now, but Dobyns, Ellerbee and Schechner were the tops. I really wish they were doing a prime time newscast like Overnight now. Even if they went back to 1:00AM, I would set my alarm to watch them again. To quote the "greats", "And that's the way it was." "And So It Goes!"

Just Desserts (2004) (TV)
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Fun Movie, Good Music, 18 February 2004

This is a made for TV movie by Hallmark. Hallmark has always made quality movies that are family orientated. Just Desserts is a boy and girl fall in love while working together movie. Two bakers competeing for a $250,000 prize against a field of professional bakers. It is fun and light hearted. The desserts look great. The movie has a catchy, upbeat little song played during the competition. I assume that it is a made for the movie song by Roger Bellon. To bad that no soundtrack is available. I would really like to get a copy of the song. I don't even know the name of the song, because the credits are squished at the end of the movie to make room for hundreds of promos. Anyway, the cast is great. It is always nice to see Brenda Vaccaro. She is very bubbly and upbeat. Lauren Holly is always a plus and Costas Mandylor rounds out the good guys with a wonderful performance. Professional chef Wolfgang Puck has a guest appearance. The movie is worth watching.

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Unique, 23 March 2003

When Sweden:Heaven or Hell came out in America, I was only 16 years old. America had started the "ratings" game. Sweden was X rated. My mother and sister went out for the evening, so my brother in law suggested that us "men" should go out on the town. We ended up sneaking me into this movie. To say the least, I was quite surprised at what I saw. I think my brother in law was feeling about the same and he was a Marine! I did enjoy it myself. I actually would like to see it again. From what I read in the IMDb, I guess it will never be offered again. Too bad. It has been many, many years. It made me want to go to Sweden. If anybody knows how to get a copy, please respond to this commentary.

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Great Television, 4 January 2003

It is Saturday Jan.4,2003. The Hallmark Channel has picked up the syndication of The Magnificent Seven TV show. I just finished watching the 2 hour pilot show. I still love the show. We watched the show every week when it first aired. We were saddened when it went off the air. Thank you Hallmark channel for running it in syndication. I now can enjoy a wonderfully done, televison remake of a classic movie.

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Great Christmas Movie, 25 December 2002

I have only seen this movie a couple of times. I really enjoyed it. It is a great Christmas movie with a heart warming story. I wish the networks would air this movie again during the holiday season. It seems to have been placed in the "forget the oldies and run only the new" bin.