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the most anti Christian Christmas Episode ever told, 13 August 2016

Apart the rumination of the characters in this series, and the repetitive digestion of the characters already described in details in smallville, and the repetitive weak plot lines of this series, this episode start with the worst insult to Christianity I ever heard. the story starts on Christmas that is pronounced with the evil character Zoom, and then we see the worst description of Christmas as a holiday that we celebrate to remember what happened 2000 years ago when the Romans killed a child, now what ignorant and illiterate person wrote this script. the bible is supposed to be the most sold book in USA so the writer of this awful script must know who really killed Jesus and literally took the blame for it as it is written in the Holy Scripture that this series keep undermining. this series sends a very negative message specially to the remaining Christians in the Holy land, and to how the movies tell their stories and the severely low level of knowledge of history the writers have, unless they are just trying to make propaganda for a false version of the story. the way this episode starts makes me want to simply change the channel or stop watching this series.

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Bloodshed is not enough to get our attention any more, 3 November 2015

seven years ago this show brought the theatrical twists in new original settings, and explored new dimensions in emotions and relationships. the story evolved in the following seasons with new original ideas and new extrapolations of classical myths. of course there would be a regular murder scene every few 10 minutes, with a neck break or a beastly heart ripping off, but the show was relying on the richness and the originality of the ideas. but since the end of the last season and with the beginning of this seventh season it is clear that the recycling process has reached a huge decline, the directors and the writers are now trying to keep their fans' loyalty with just fierce bloody scenes, just patching up some hybrid incoherent ideas, but with clearly no story plot. SO what if Helena died and went off the show, is it that hard to knit a new story and to try to explore other mythological horizons? OK so the regular murder scenes are the spices of this show, but now this show has become a dish of spices without any food for the imagination. it might surprise the writers but not all the viewers look for some erotic crime scene to follow a show, some viewers appreciate the originality that this show contained ... but not any more.

"The O.C." (2003)
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A very Empty Shallow Show, 3 November 2015

Usually IMDb recommends shows based on what you are viewing, few weeks ago I was lured to see this show, so I went and bought the four seasons. the first season is acceptable, but after the last episode of the first season, all the following episodes did not offer any new ideas they were just ruminations of exhausted ideas. the actors have very poor talent and the writers always try to find some fantastic unbelievable unrealistic ideas and try just to paste them together in order to fill a 42 minutes gap. and every now and then they need to kill off somebody in order to keep the plot alive. and the silliest part was the mutilation of Christmas in the title of an episode of every season, I mean in the first season it was nice, it looked like some one was trying to invent something, but in three following seasons it was like "please catch on, please adopt this word" they would better paying off the viewers to get their attention to this silly simplistic un original word play. Just an advice don't waste your money or your time on this empty pasted up performances.

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The symptoms of a dying show, 6 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

During this episode all the good guys suddenly got rich and were able to afford changing their phone plans with at&t and they all got new Samsung android phone, while before all the vampires used iphones. And suddenly the vampire brothers had a growth spurt, and now they are taller than the original vampires and Jeremy. During this episode the good teacher becomes a murderer, giving a great message to the school students. And during the entire episode, the plot of the story undergoes No change, just a dead episode, with a poor script and an empty story. There were very few Latin words during this episode, and a lot of hand piercing with pencils. The only real acting in this episode was during the few seconds when Bonnie was trying to reanimate Jeremy. Lots of signs and symptoms of a show that will be ending soon, or of a plot that will become void.

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Not for children nor adolescents, 5 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even thought the show starts by paying a tribute to the famous Lebanese dish "Hummus" yet in the following minutes the shows unveils its true aim, in dealing with the different aspects of corporate law in US. regarding the background of the stars of the show, you expect a total comedy show, yet it turns out deeper than expected. the show tries to paint a pleasant aspect of the lawyers life and job, but it starts with a dangerous message, the first victim (the one who's car was hit) admit that it was his mistake, his fault, yet since he had the choice of having a lawyer who was able to outwit the jury, he won the case, and the lawyer was depicted as the person who turns a lie into an acceptable and rewarded thing, and in the very beginning of the show Franklin says it clearly "we make the law". No all these concepts can be received with no danger by aware audience, yet if exposed to young minds it will give the wrong esteem to the wrong party, and since the show will have huge chances of being followed by young ones caution should be taken by the parents

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After 10 years they could have done better, 15 May 2011

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Smallville is one of the shows that kept me personally attached to its plot for the past years, and frankly i was expecting something more ... different ... kind of signature to mark this production of superman in the ending of the series. But instead all we got was a cliché scenario that was aimed only to end a series, as if the writers were fed up and just wanted to wrap it up and pull down the curtain, and it turns out that all the aim of the show was to tell us how superman learned to ... fly. After 10 years of great scripts we expect an unforgettable ending yet, after watching this episode, nothing new, nothing different was added to the show, just like any other episode, the most powerful villain is defeated by just a punch that was supposed to be something great because superman was flying now! and the burning planet (with the worst visual effects ever) was so close yet no one was affected by its heat! and superman took his sweet time to go to the airplane's window before taking care of the disaster coming onto the earth globe, I personally would have expected better.

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Very Intense, but with a little mistake, 18 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the most romantic episode, yet it contains a literature mistake, a kind that we are not used to from the script writers. In the end of the episode "The Green Arrow" aka Oliver Queen quote John F Kennedy saying : "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." And builds up the following discussion on this point, while in fact this famous Sentence is well known to be first said by the famous Lebanese writer "Khalil Gibran" (author of "The Prophet") addressed to his Lebanese country men, and JFK was quoting him in an era that was under the influence of Gibran's "Prophet". The remainder of the episode is classical saga, where the villains try to leave the show as heroes, and here Brainiac is classified as a member of the Legion, which is not a classical from the written comics. One thing to mentions is that the episodes seem to be lacking the presence of "Chloe" which indeed made the difference between the classical comics and the series, especially in this episode where the "torch" should have taken a wider space of discussion.

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The Lebanese Hummus Episode, 20 September 2009

One of the best Friends episodes, and in which we find 3 minute that evolve around the famous LEBANESE dish "Hummus" (A LEBANESE dish prepared out of chickpeas and sesame sauce) this is one of the rarest episode of friends where the "advertisement" material is not as obvious as in the episodes where Phoebe sings for Adidas, or when Emily spends a whole episode with toblerone bars, or even when Monica and Phoebe spend a 22 minutes episodes trying to discover the Nestle Tollhouse recipe. Where the writers in such need for money so that they made such obvious ads, that can be considered as undermining to the intelligence of the viewer. Well this episode give a better example than the others.

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Contains terrible historical mistakes, 20 September 2009

This program lacks scientific facts, and rational depth, most of the sentences contain "has been said" phrase, but never says "who said so, and the worst mistake is when one of the interviewed persons signals the fact that the first Christians who were using the fish symbol, did so because of an astrological shift into the species quadrant. Any person who has the minimal historical knowledge knows that the early Christians were persecuted, had NO astrological interests, had not symbols for astrological signs, and used the fish because in Greek the fish called "Ikhtos" constituted an acronym for the phrase "Jesus Christ Son of God". If a mistake as simple as that is committed by a supposed to be "scientist" how can we trust him for the "has been said" parts of the document.

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Worst Episode from Friends, 24 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is episode could be with no doubt the worst episode of friends, very depressive, no smart jokes, and presence of anti Lebanese racist remarks, and the person chosen to play the role of the Lebanese restaurant owner "Taylor Negron" gives a very poor performance, and the most stupid part comes from the script, where it says that a LEBANESE man has an Italian restaurant, while it is widely known that the Lebanese gastronomy is one of the best in the world and the LEBANESE food Chains are the most successful in the USA. The other racist part is the script written for the Mexican staff of the restaurant who are portrayed by the writes as bad vindictive persons. It also contains a very opportunistic values, where Rachel accepts the deviant behavior of her boss, and tries in the end to blackmail her in order to advance in the post, and the episode ends with the death of the both , that is presented as ... a joke.

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