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I will make sure to update this list periodically as I see more films which I enjoy.
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If you know of any more feel free to comment and I will add them.
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As you can see most of my favorite endings are dark and gloomy although there are some exceptions. I like endings that are either emotionally powerful and/or leave you with a sense of dread, shock, and doom after the film ends.
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The authenticity of some of the cases in these movies are open for interpretation. I strongly encourage you to research the real life stories of these movies because the stories are very interesting and in some cases, more fascinating than the movies themselves.
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Music has a way of contributing to the atmosphere of films and if done right, can make films seem more terrifying than they would be without the music. Here are the films I feel used the musical score the best to contribute to their overall mood and have memorable scores that become ingrained in the viewer's memory days after the film is over.
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These titles do a great job at making the films sound appealing to me.