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Very fast-paced., 25 January 2004

Freddy vs Jason was pretty good. Me and my dad rented it the weekend it was out, and it seemed like the second it began, it was over. As usual, they didn't die. Honestly, that never-dieing thing with Freddy, Jason, and Michael is getting kinda old. Freddy vs Jason was by far the best movie I've seen that features Freddy and Jason, with the exception of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street. In Jason goes to Hell,at the end, you see Freddy reaching out of Hell and pulling Jason's mask into Hell, so that might explain a few things. I liked the effects, especially the bed scene with Trey, the porch scene with Blake and his Dad, and Kia flying into the tree. This feature has a lot of colorful characters like Lori(the hero), Will(her long lost boyfriend), Kia(the foul-mouthed yet loyal best friend), Freeburg the (pot-head), and Linderman(the nerd). So if you are ready to see the fight that millions of people have been debating for almost a decade, rent this. 8/10 stars. Rated R for violence, language, sex and drugs.

Lives up to the first movie's expectations admirably., 1 January 2004

I am a huge Matrix fan, and I got what I expected out of this one. The effects are better, the dialogue is just about as good as the first one, and there are great new characters like Link and the twins. I got the DVD of this for Christmas. I didn't get to see this in the theater, and having owned the first one for a few years, it was great to see Trinity, Neo, and Morpheus again, and I'm ready for Revolutions.


Rated R for Violence and a scene of sexuality.

Caddyshack (1980)
Funny, but not hilarious., 1 January 2004

This 1980's flick was one of the many good movies where Harold Ramis and Chevy Chase joined forces. It is pretty funny and a good DVD (20th anniversary). I've seen this many times over the years on TV and rental, but I closed the deal and bought the DVD. Caddyshack has some bodily functions and is a comedy that reminds me of other 80's comedies. It is just more fun to watch then it is funny, like to watch the gopher outwit Bill Murray.


Rated R for language, some nudity, and crude humor.

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Pretty impressive., 29 November 2003

Pretty good movie. I have this taped off TMC, and the book is great. At the Trinity all-boys Catholic high school, there is a secret society of Seniors called the Vigils that like to hand out special assignments to the other students. The Vigils and the power-hungry Brother Leon are what make Trinity a rotten school. When the annual chocolate sale approaches, everyone participates, except Freshman Jerry Renault. This kind of sparks a conflict everyday when Brother Leon will call the names to see how many boxes each kid has sold, and Jerry always says no. He stands up to Brother Leon, Archie, and the school bully, Emile Janza. I was neither impressed or disappointed by the ending, which was very different from the books. *********out of**********.

Rated R for Violence and Language.

Braveheart (1995)
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Earth shattering!!!!!!!, 22 August 2003

There is about a trillion positive things to say about this movie! Braveheart falls in , in my opinion, with Air Force One, Gladiator, and The Patriot. Mel Gibson is on both sides of the camera and excellent on both sides!!!! Braveheart is so good, and leaves a strong message to me at the very end. This movie deserves 10 stars out of 10. The blood and fighting in this was more than acceptable. So, if you are in the mood for a good war/romance film, rent this.

Favorite quote:FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rated R for graphic fighting.

This movie contains the double "C": Comedic Crudeness!!!!!!!, 16 August 2003

This movie was pretty funny! Jim Carrey has done it again!!! "Me, Myself, and Irene" was unusual, but great, even though it was kind of nasty at times. I thought Charlie was funny, but Hank was what made everything funnier!!!!! The scene where Charlie and Hank are fighting is extremely funny. See this !!!!!!!!

Rated R for language, violence, crude humor, and some sexual content.

Gladiator (2000)
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An awesome film with excellent effects., 12 August 2003

Gladiator reminded me very much of The Patriot. Both men were respected because they were heroes, both are threatened by the enemy, both lose their families to the enemy(although in The Patriot, the man's wife was already dead), and both seek revenge for what has happened to their families. Gladiator, to me is one of those movies that leaves you thinking for several minutes after the ending. Gladiator is very well acted, very well directed, and has very good special effects.

Rated R for strong fighting, and gore.

One of the best films of friendship ever..., 12 August 2003

Stand by Me is an awesome flick that shows four boy's friendship and strength to never give up as they take a hike down the train tracks to find the body of a dead kid. Gordy(Wil Wheaton), Chris(River Phoenix), Teddy(Corey Feldman), and Vern(Jerry O'Connel) want to be heroes in the eyes of their hometown, but will the town's gang of hoods get their first?

Stand by Me is a great movie with awesome songs, and even though it has loads of swearing in it, it is a movie families should see.

Rated R for Language.

The Blob (1988)
Very good, but typical 80's Horror film., 11 August 2003

The Blob is one of those 80's movies that is half Science fiction, and half Horror. This is not scary at all, but that does not make it disappointing. This is about a teenage rebel and a cheerleader that stumble upon a pink slime from another planet. This very good, and I do not know why it got an R rating. This movie has traits from other 80's Horror movies that involves teens trying to stop a killer, and the adults will not beleive them,(The Lost Boys, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween.)

Rated R for Violence and Language.

So Cool!!!!!!, 11 August 2003

I saw this last week with a best friend, and I loved it! I knew this would be good, but it was awesome, a movie that will blow you away. I cannot think of words to match my enthusiasm for this film. It is about a ship of pirates that captures a young woman thinking she is the ancestor of a fellow pirate whose blood can break the Curse of the Black Pearl. But she isn't and the real person embarks on a journey with the slippery Captain Jack Sparrow to rescue her. This movie is Disney's first PG-13 film, which I don't think it deserves, if they had a PG-10, I think that would have worked. Anyway, see this wonderful movie.

Rated PG-13 for Violence.

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