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Aftermath (VII) (2015)
Wrong movie, wrong time, wrong everything.
31 August 2014
Calling this movie depressing would be uplifting it. Through some mix up at Netflix we ended up receiving this sad and miserable movie that was nothing at all what we ordered and expected. I love post-apocalyptic movies so I gave it a shot. Just about when I thought it could not get any worse, it did. The AFTERMATH we were waiting for is no longer available through Netflix which is too bad since I was looking forward to it. I'm sure the script was probably much better than the execution. Interesting production values was just about all it had for me, if that much. This might be one of those movie that the sequel turns out to be way better than the original. That's my opinion and your mileage may vary.
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Thou Shalt Not Kill (I) (2014)
2 Titles, One Indie to Watch
27 June 2014
Whether under LA GUAPA or THOU SHALLT NOT KILL titles this true Indie gives you complex characters and a payoff ending. Made for probably less than the line item for donuts in SALT this movie has just about everything, if it lacked anything is was heavy and over used stereotypes. What it lacked in budget was offset with a big dose of heart. Maybe Writer-Director Kenneth Castillo created a new sub-genre Family Drama Crime Thriller. Director Kenneth Castillo took a page from film noir and made it his own. One huge difference that separates this from the pack is his approach to the leading character La Guapa (Grace Serrano). Castillo was not afraid to let La Guapa have all the complexities of a real woman and a mother and not the usual bastardized role of the 'Macho Woman' where the hit-man would have been a woman in name only. One questioned clearly answered is what a mother will do for her child. Grace Serrano's performance as La Guapa is stellar, Anthony L. Fernandez as Cesar Figueroa brings it as the gangster with certain vulnerabilities that makes you almost forget he's an malevolent criminal bent on having his way at any cost. Performances of Al Coronel as Det. Pensiero and of his partner Det. Vasquez (Ivan Basso) are so true that you could swear they are right out the LAPD's Rampart Division. Maia Kahlo as Celia handled some heavy scenes as a seasoned professional, this young lady shows a lot of potential if she' continues with her acting career. Cindy Vela brings a whole new dynamics and nails the supporting role of Gabby Pensiero. Other good performances by Giovanni Bejarano as Chato and Rodney Thurman as Benny round out a very good cast. Loved it warts and all so I gave it 10 Stars for Excellence not Perfection.
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Tightly written, brilliant performances and well executed.
4 May 2014
AS HIGH AS THE SKY is just that. Tightly written, brilliant performances and well executed. A woman's well-organized and regimented life is shattered when her carefree and happy go lucky sister and her daughters drop in unexpectedly. Here's a family drama that dares to give us some of the universal complexities of real life in an unapologetic way that is clear and realistic. Nikki Braendlin writing gave us a brief and endearing peek behind the curtain of a person afflicted with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Caroline Forgarty shed her usual comedic actor persona and took on the dramatic role of Margaret with a no holds barred and head on performance. Bonnie McNeil nails it as Josephine, the not so neat as a pin sister. Laurel Porter's performance as Hannah, the precocious daughter of Josephine is priceless. Well worth seeing it, I bought the DVD as a gift to my wife and I am happy to have seen it.
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A charming movie for grown-ups
4 August 2013
If you are looking for a charming movie for grownups, DIE FRISEUSE (The Hairdresser) is well watching. Netflix has it and I don't know who else but it is worth looking for it. It touches just about every aspect of human life and whoever says Germans do not have a sense of humor hasn't seen this movie. Doris Dörrie took Laila Stieler's script, cast Gabriela Maria Schmeide as Kathi and created a wonderful film worth seeing more than once. These filmmakers were not afraid to deal with love, sexuality, bigotry, discrimination and racism in a real and compelling way. I was rooting for Kathi to succeed and the more she fell or was pushed down the more I rooted for her as she got up to go at it again. Might be too deep for the shallowness of some audiences but for me it was also a slap in the face to Hollywood conventions as if Doris Dorrie was trying to tell them, "This is how you make a movie". I love films that have a universal theme of humanity and that are told through a realistic dead pan sort of humor. This movie is set in Germany but it deals with the same issues most face every day, whether you're in Rome, East Los Angeles, Taipei, or London. It might help if you know a little bit of the culture and history of Germany before and after the Berlin wall fell to catch some of the subtle nuances sprinkler throughout but it is not necessary to enjoy this gem.
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The Wolverine (2013)
Best Wolverine to date
24 July 2013
Saw The Wolverine. Masterfully choreographed action and best train fight scene ever. The best Wolverine yet and Hugh Jackman delivers. Thoughtfully paced with a perfect blend of action and story. You don't need to know anything about the previous movies since this one can stand alone. The story may get in the way at times for those who only enjoy mindless action. I will go see it again without the 3D effect to see if that made any difference. The only drawback for me was the glare from theater stair's runner lights on my 3D glasses but that had nothing to do with the movie. They threw in a nice little surprise for the true fans just after the end credits started to roll.
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Pass the Mic! (2003 Video)
A piece of history and a business lesson
1 May 2013
First of all I am not a big fan of Hip Hop, I don't care if it's Latino, Persian or what have you but I am a big fan of history and this doc painstakingly addresses the ups and down of the music business. You may have all the talent in the world but if you don't have the rudiments of business down pat you may be in for a big surprise when you find yourself on the street with zero in your pocket. This doc does an excellent job giving you the good, the bad and the ugly of the business. These young voices yell loud and clear what can happen if you don't play attention. It was great to see the Latin Hip-Hop underground and see firsthand how it all evolved. This is a must see for all interested in pursuing the music business. Raw, unapologetic and still having a bit of charming naiveté as the artists talk about their highs and lows. Respected by their peers and dismissed by the labels until the record companies found a way to exploit their talents. If you're into Latin Hip Hop or just dreaming about the music business then I suggest you take a look at this documentary it will do you a world of good. There is a lot more to the biz that just Pass The Mic!
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Low Budget meets Brilliant Writing = A Real Gem
10 December 2012
Never mind the title, here's your chance to be a fly on the wall to see Melissa (Sarah Hall), Anna (Katy Stoll) and Todd (Mark R. Gerson) go on an all-night screwball escapade trying to help Melissa fulfill a nutty and sometimes aching quest. This brilliantly written movie seemed to throw away all the Hollywood conventions and became a must see for independent cinema lovers, warts and all. Whether it's a tragedy hidden in a romantic comedy or a romantic comedy hidden in a tragedy or maybe it a sub-genre of a dark comedy I don't know and I don't care. It worked. It was great to see that even on a very limited budget the producers and director took the time to assemble a phenomenal cast and to get as much production value as possible. The sound track was perfect for the ages of the three pals cruising around trying to accomplish their crazy mission. I didn't care for the music but that's what twenty-something young adults would probably have on the radio and what would be playing at the clubs they visited. Jamie Neese did a great job directing Amy Heidish wonderful screenplay.
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Let Go (I) (2011)
great performances by Ed Asner and Kevin Hart
29 October 2012
I think the reason this gem did not get the proper release is that it was marketed to a hip Kevin Hart audience and not the Ed Asner audience. Here you have something closer to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with brilliant performances but the marketing people missed the mark. Kevin Hart's tragic character Kris performance was spot on, it had its comic moments but you felt the character's fallen from grace humiliation. So if you went in thinking you were going to get a laugh a minute from this comic genius you were disappointed. Only Ed Asner could have pulled off Artie, the nasty crotchety old buzzard career criminal and still be so endearing. Director Brian Jett got Oscar worthy performances out of these two and others in the cast. As an audience, do we have the time to sit and appreciate the complexities of Walter, played brilliantly by David Denman? He had to play straight man to a cast of faulted characters while dealing with his own short comings. Who did not fall in love with Darla? Gillian Jacobs was, well, beautiful as ever and you sensed her conniving character becoming real and not just putting on an act just to get what she wanted.

I know that with people in the cast like Ed Asner, Kevin Hart, Dov Davidoff, Garrett Morris, Jack Carter, Rance Howard you'd expect a laugh a minute but instead you end up watching a sweet moving movie about people in situations that you have to laugh to keep from crying. This was a tragic comedy doing a high wire act between tragedy and comedy. Brian Jett did a great job with 4 strong characters, each with their own character arc, their own issues and their own way to resolving them. This is a comedy but not for the MTV crowd.
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Can anybody tell me why this gem did not get theatrical release?
21 May 2012
Had to see it one more time. Here's a lesson for young producers, writers and directors everywhere, a movie with Oscar nomination quality performances by Eamonn Walker and Nona Gaye, a heartfelt story masterfully directed by Ben Ramsey . This is not your typical martial arts action movie, it is really closer to 'Kill Bill' . Can anybody tell me why this gem did not get theatrical release? That was not a rhetorical question. Most of the actors fully occupied their characters. The protagonist might have been a one note superhero whose only Kryptonite was high moral and ethical values but it was flawlessly portrayed by Michael Jai White. The antagonist's complex character, played point on by Eamonn Walker is something we normally do not associate within this genre. Although there is violence, it worked because it was an integral part of the story.
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Delivered (I) (2011)
Get the popcorn, Saturday Night Drive-In movies are back.
14 October 2011
DELIVERED delivers the goods sum it all up.

This gem is a real heartfelt Indie crime thriller that did not let the modest budget get in the way of a great story. You can tell this movie was well planned and perfectly executed.

Michael Madison flawless direction takes you from one scene of the tightly written screenplay by Brandon Manbeck seamlessly to the next scene pulling crisp and dead on performances by an amazing cast. There were some scenes that made you think twice but they were well planted for a purpose to be revealed later.

I found this movie to be as enjoyable as many of my favorite films growing up and I have no problem recommending it to anyone.

Shane (Michael Madison) is a wounded veteran comes home to find his parent's home has been foreclosed and his widowed mother (Alana Stewart) close to being evicted.

Modest and unassuming with the endearing charm of a lost puppy Shane learns and grows quickly. Starts off wearing his father's hand me downs for job interviews and you can see and feel this character growing and gaining confidence as the story progresses. Promising to get his mother's home back he reluctantly takes a job as an armed courier for a shady private delivery service. Everything is going great until one delivery does not go as planned and there are some dire consequences.

We understand Shane's coolness as he does not go to pieces when thing go awry but one can't help feeling that under that calm exterior is a Jack Nicholson or Joe Pesci ready to explode any minute.

Shane's mother portrayed by Alana Stewart was reminiscent of Melissa Leo's Oscar winning role in THE FIGHTER. This tough, determined, and proud widow will not let the misfortunes life threw at her keep her down. She did her best to keep her son from knowing what she was going through. She went to work as a janitor keeping her head high by wearing her uniform with dignity and her make-up impeccable.

Jeanette Steiner is charming and surprisingly multi-dimensional as Cindy the woman in peril.

Toshi Toda's deliciously over the top performance as the gangster Katsuro was phenomenal as well as Tadamori Yagi as his coke head son.

Chic Daniels, Kenny Lombino, Brian McGuire, Yoshi Ando, Jesse Weinberg, Koji Wada round out the first-rate supporting cast.

Cinematographer Ricky Fosheim did a terrific capturing the spirit through excellent images, Production Designer Jennifer Nelson along with Wardrobe and Make-up by Tiffany Anguiano and Nancy Fregoso kept it real. I generally find movies where the leading actor is also the director as sappy, egotistical, and self-indulgent with the "Look at me, I am a big star now" kind of thing. Michael Madison would have none of that here. His laser like focus on the characters and story was clear from the beginning.

So many elements of DELIVERED reminded me of the fun drive-in movies of American International Pictures and Hammer Films with a little Robert Mitchum in YAKUZA (sans giri), Peter Falk in the 1962 THE PRICE OF THE TOMATOES, and Jim Brown in the SPLIT thrown in for good measure. While it would be easy to reference DRIVE, VANISHING POINT, or TRUE ROMANCE, even TO LIVE ND DIE IN LA, I think that the feel is closer to the 1955 THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS with John Ireland.

Here you have a well-crafted true to the bone Indie with an excellent story.

Linda Nelson and Michael Madison team made a small budget independent film with a heart of a lion.

Might be hard to find but it is well worth the search.
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