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"Mad Love" (2011)
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Madly in love, 9 April 2013

I loved this series right at the beginning. My favorite stars, favorite songs - it was all perfect. I watched every episode with my girl beside me.

This show is fantastic. It's kinda cute too. The couple Ben and Kate are really adorable. The comedy is good too. Larry is a guy who is super-cool and fat too.

I recommend this show to those who like to watch romantic comedy stuff. I wonder why this show has an average rating of 6; it should have been 8 at the least.

Anyway, I'm waiting on an another season to release. I reckon it's not possible. This one season is all we've got, sadly.

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Excellent, 5 August 2012

First of all, if you hate the same old crime TV shows where there's a guy with a girl solving puzzles and the story is far-fetched to 40 minutes of run-time, yes, you'll be disappointed to watch this show and probably rate it 5-6 stars, which is not the case for people like me. I think comedy and crime don't mix; so the TV series like castle and white collar are overrated and I've hardly seen an another episode of those.

What different in this TV show is that it is quite focused on the Professor who needs his mind kept busy with riddles and cases that eventually makes him go more bonkers and makes the show interesting.

The actor is a simple guy, he doesn't have flair and styles like Dr Lightman from Lie to Me or the Sherlock Holmes actor (these two shows are the top rated in my list). What I like about him is his simplicity and crazy behavior in public that most of us can't afford to have.

The FBI agent is a good actor too, but too cute to look like an agent. I enjoy her character as well. The other interesting character is the Professor's assistant who throws mild tantrums too, which is quite fun to watch.

I love this show and everyone else should too. Thanks.

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rolling on the floor, 5 August 2012

me and my buddy have a thing - we laugh at anything anywhere anytime. All we need is a push - a weird expression or a dumb innocent person - and we're off laughing like those clowns in circus. We both ofter gather together at least once in a month to watch comedy movies in theaters or at home. I tell you, people hate us when we're at the theaters because we qiss the audience off with our giggles and comments even at a touching moment in a film.

About this film- it was a blasting start for us- we burst into laughter the moment we saw his face and heard his accent. We laughed at his people, place, accents, etc absolutely everything. We paused the movie and kept rolling on the floor laughing, then we rewind the scene and again laugh till our bellies begged for mercy.

This is one of the best comedy films. I'd give it 20 out of 10 ratings if I owned this website. It took us 3 hours to finish the movie after all those pauses, rewinds and pukes. Oh yeah, we threw the burgers out we ate while watching the movie.

This is a must watch for cool guys like us who make fun of people's accents, behaviors and dumbness.

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decent comedy, 23 December 2011

In the beginning, I had had a mindset of thinking less of these actors being together, I was really doubtful if it could be a good comedy movie. But when I began to watch, it went more and more interesting and at the end of the movie I texted to 9-10 friends of mine and told them to watch the movie.

Once again, Jason Sudeikis did his best. According to me, he doesn't need be the supporting role for the likes of Adam Sandler or Gerard Butler to be successful. He seems well established and we all are expecting more of him in coming years.

Once again Jennifer Aniston looked stunningly hot. The plot was good. Many funny moments in the movie were really hilarious. I am not gonna post spoilers for those who are yet to watch the movie. It's worth watching 3-4 times. :)

Thor (2011)
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i loved the movie, 5 September 2011

I started to watch the movie with a little less expectations, because of the earlier horrible movie called "Almighty Thor".

In fact this movie turned out to be superb. The actors were average, except Tom and Natalie, because they're really good. We all knew the story, but it was worth watching again.

The animation was good, considering the low budget of the movie. But I think the director sucked, because the script was amazing, and he lacked in creativity. I usually rate any movie with 10 stars, but I rate this one 9 only because I think that I could have directed the movie better if I had this amazing script and animators.

Watching this movie was a good experience.

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i loved the movie, 16 August 2011

I expected absolutely nothing out of this movie. It was 2AM, I couldn't sleep so I started watching this movie, hoping it would make me sleep, but things went other way around totally.

The beginning wasn't impressive, I thought the actors are pretty much suckers. But when the story started to take shape, it became interesting.

The plot is good. No one would have imagined that unarmed SWAT guys could have to face a real action at their training camp. The Italian guy was good. And the most impressive role was of Kenny's. He killed all the scenes.

Overall it was a good movie for me. I am a fan of Steve Austin AKA Stone Cold. Director was successful at keeping the physical fights short, because everyone knows that physical action never lasts more than 2 minutes unless it's a superhero.

I'm shocked to see the ratings of this movie. It should have been rated more than 6.5. ANyway nice movie.

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Sean Bean's best work so far, 29 June 2011

Well, I could not watch the series along with my family, but the whole series is just amazing. The setup, the script, the actors were absolutely perfect.

I was a little low-optimistic at the start of the series, but as it went on with the kind of blood, violence and nudity, it kept impressing me.

I'd watched every episode with my favorite snacks and a can of Pepsi. According to me, this series is a must watch for those who love fictional drama.

I was planning on reading the book series but now I'd just wait for the new episodes and seasons for next seven years. Thank you director and producer for making this series. All the best.

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Nice movie after a long time., 27 June 2010

I got the DVD of the movie a few weeks ago but didn't get a chance to see it. Last night, after watching the football match, I didn't feel like sleeping, so I put on the DVD of the movie, thought it would help me sleep sooner.

But as the movie went on, it was more interesting. A time tunnel inside a Hot Tub was a new concept, and I am also in love with Kodiak Valley. So it was fun to watch the movie.

The characters Lou and Jacob were really cute at their places. The end was really unexpected and funny. Lougle was hilarious.

The movie made me laugh after a long time. Thanks to the producer and director.

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Better than the book. It's a must watch for true lovers., 31 May 2009

I had read the book quite a while ago. But it didn't make me cry that much I needed. I was also fantasizing about Gerry to be Ashton Kutcher and Holly being Lindsay Lohan.

When I came to know that Gerrard and Hillary were selected as the main characters, I was happy!! And I also found it a little funny because their nicknames are just as the characters do have.

The first scene of the movie was cool. "We fight we break up, We kiss we make up". I loved the movie right then and there.

The most beautiful part of the movie was there shot on Wicklow National Mountains Park. Their first kiss was amazing. Also the scene when Holly cries in her mom's arms is quite touchy and I was in tears.

After some days I bought the DVD and I swear I've seen the movie more than 10 times. I've cried most of the times while watching.

You might be wondering why a 20 year old hunk is saying all this. But guys, I love to cry! I love to get into deep emotions. And I believe in true love. I haven't kissed any girl yet. I want everything to be perfect.

In short I'm waiting on an Holly to come in my life to make it beautiful. :)

300 (2006)
I watched this movie more than 10 times, 22 May 2009

First time I went to see the movie alone in some good multiplex theater, and it was worth it!! I loved each and every second of this movie. The actions movies with passion and a bit emotion are always successful. I had some great expectations and the director made it worth watching the movie at all. Gerard has been my favorite actor and I found him really cool in his new Avatar in this movie. This is a must watch for all teens and dudes. I really don't have enough words to explain how I feel about this movie. I haven't seen any other film better than this one. Thank you director, thanks a lot. Keep making more movies like this one. I am waiting for the next sequel of this movie. I guess it's gonna be interesting.

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