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Little Ashes ... one of my favourite films of the year, 12 May 2009

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I am writing this comment to declare my love for the film Little Ashes. I watched it for the first time last night, expecting it to be a rambling journey through the themes of art and lust. However i was pleasantly surprised to enjoy an excellent film. Personally i enjoy any historically based film but this is pure genius. The exciting tantalising life of Dali is explored perfectly in this film. The confusion and repressed love felt for Frederico struck a cord in my mind and i longed for them to couple together. Any film that inspires emotion in the viewer deserves the best comments any person could make. Everything about it made me smile. The delightful humour delivered with precision by the very talented and humble Robert Pattinson made me laugh out loud. The tragic ending to Frederico Garcia Lorca made me cry and the pure anger and frustration felt by Louis made me wish for their to be a happy ending. After watching this film i unbenowst to myself spend five minutes contemplating of the struggle that must have been felt by Salvador Dali at the time. The costume for the film also inspired me a lot. I aim in life to design and make costume for TV and film and this film spurred me on more. I wanted to be in the film whilst watching it, dancing in the bars and strolling along the beach, creating life from my very steps. The accents have been criticised heavily but i believe if it were not for this you would not understand the depth of emotion felt by the actors. A director is there to make every actor pronounce each word with precision and some have chastised these actors for doing this. It was the directors wish and it made the film more real. A technique i found extremely successful was the use of over head dialect from the letter reading between Salvador and Frederico, the English translation of the poetry express the frustration in the poems themselves and therefore adds to the realism of the film. One thing that frustrated me was the comments by American teens yearning to see this film simply for Robert Pattinson being in it. I myself am a British teen and this was part of the reason for me watching it i admit, but the story line enticed me more. I believe any role played by Robert Pattinson is there to be praised and his own reflection of character portrayed in the film make it ever more believable. Overall i believe this film is a beautiful piece revealing the frustration and depth of emotion normally hidden by people. Commendations to the director and actors for their brilliant portrayals. 10 out of 10, i loved it.