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A 2nd chance for all the B-movie actors and actresses, 11 May 2009

I have never ever in my life seen such a ridiculous movie. What a waste of money and my time..but than again, The movie could not have cost more than a couple of hundred bucks.. I hope the real Dracula will not see this,

I'd think he would settle it his way with the director of this crap. And isn't that the bad guy dojo master from the Karate Kid. Does this guy still walks the earth, what a surprise

Making real movies is still an artform that not so many people know to do in a way that one really is grabbed out of ones life and thrown right into the story..

So, if you have bought this movie..i'm terribly sorry for you. If you have downloaded this movie (like me) than Shift+Delete this one immediately!

Peace. Zenboogie