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Cobb (1994)
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I watched spellbound, with mouth agape, at the first 10 minutes of this film!, 10 September 2005

Terrific Movie! Surely Tommy Lee Jones best ever performance.

It must have taken me an hour before I was no longer shocked at the comments and actions of Jones' portrayal, of Ty Cobb's life story.

Could all this stuff be true? I wouldn't know, but it sure made for a great flick! Cobb gives the word "Irreverence" a new meaning! Assuming his exploits were real, he was odious, yet so bizarre, disrespectful, unique, uninhibited, humorous, and talented, I couldn't help but be drawn to him. He'd be fun to go out drinking with, but I'd keep a close eye on him, and be ready vamoose at the drop of hat! "Cobb" is an extremely entertaining film.

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I thought I'd seen it all; but I really hadn't seen a thing, until I saw, "Million Dollar Baby"!, 8 April 2005

I thought I'd seen it all; but I really hadn't seen a thing, until I saw, "Million Dollar Baby"!

When you enter the theatre, check your heart at the door, or suffer the consequences. You've been warned!

Ex-boxer, trainer, Frankie Dunn is a callous and hardened, victim of life's pitfalls, of which he's stepped into more than his share.   Personal or professional success, is apparently not in the cards for him; and he can live with that.

His past trials are clearly etched on his craggy humorless face. He has been disappointed too many times; and has slammed the door shut on new hopes. A life spent living on the downside, will do that to you.

And then Maggie Fitzgerald walks into his gym, and through her dogged persistence, and irrepressible enthusiasm, finds the last remaining ember of life in Frankie's soul, and little by little, fans it into an inferno.

When she finally melts through his protective layers, and gets him to agree to train her, the smile on her kisser, opened up a faucet in me, and I had joyful tears running down my face, like I've never had, in a theatre before. The lady moves me!...

The talented Morgan Freeman, must be mentioned, for his role as Eddie "Scrap Iron" Dupris, another washed up, has been boxer, who narrates the story in retrospect. His role was relatively minor in comparison to the two main characters; but his off camera narration of the story, contributed an insider's view of events, that added greatly to the movie's overall effect on the audience.

I was never a huge Clint Eastwood or Hilary Swank fan. Her, I had seen, but can't recall the performance, and Clint had always left me less than impressed, in the past. However from the very beginning of this movie, I saw only Frankie and Maggie, the characters they so expertly brought to life.

What type of film is this? Is it a sports movie? Not really. Is it a Chick Flick? Well I'm not a chick, and it blew me away! No, I feel it's a Love Story with a boxing backdrop.

It's also an example of, there being no resistance for persistence. It's about determination, trust, unwavering loyalty, how the highest of highs, can become the lowest of lows, in the blink of an eye; and of an unfair, unthinkable occurrence, that will rip your heart out!

The writing, photography and directing were also perfect, which was necessary for this film to be a "Perfect Ten."

Maggie had been through absolute Hell, for her years, but her spirit remained as fresh as that of a newborn baby.

Frankie is a grizzled veteran, listlessly going through the motions of being alive. They are separated by several decades in age, but truly soul mates; and they find an unlikely love.

I was never quite sure, of the nature of their love; but was in no doubt of it's great depth! Was it the love of a surrogate father and daughter, or was it simply a man and a woman, finding everything they needed in each other; and putting aside any age difference, deciding that any two people alive at the same time, are candidates for loving? This was not clear to me, and I got the impression that Maggie and Frankie, were equally unsure themselves.

Regardless of the style of love it was, I have never witnessed a love, as deep and powerful as their's. I was all but trembling, at the ending scenes of this movie. It shook me to my core! I wanted so badly to reach out to the screen, and cradle her face in my hands.

Maggie Fitzgerald is the epitome of all that is good in humanity. I've often seen characters "written" to be greater, but never have I seen one become so real!

When Maggie smiles her face lights up like a Christmas tree; and combined with the fire in her intense dark brown eyes, is completely irresistible!

Million Dollar Baby portrays the bittersweetness of life, possibly better, than any film that has ever been made!

I can't speak for others, but for myself, Million Dollar Baby ripped me to pieces, and left me stunned and spent! Never, in my lengthy history of cinema viewing, was I so moved, by the plight of a pair of characters!

Oh my God, what a MASTERPIECE!

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"Back to the 5 & Dime," BLOWS.. ME.. AWAY!!!, 31 March 2005

This movie "spoke" to me. Every song, every scene and every line, had relevance for me.

The topics covered in "5 & Dime," are varied, and some are gut-wrenching! All of the character's dialogue, wonderfully written, and impeccably performed, by the great cast. Every character had an interesting story to tell.

The first time I saw it, I believe crazy Mona, and gender bender Joanne, stood out the most. Repeated viewings revealed more and more, each time I saw it.

The store keeper Juanita, who lied to herself, - loudmouth airhead Stella, - mousy Edna Louise, - sexy Sissy, and the very tragic Joe; were all just marvelous characters, and perfectly portrayed by the actors.

If you find one or two characters in a movie, intriguing, you've done well. This one is loaded with them!

After several viewings, I have come to the conclusion that Cher is actually the one that carries this movie. She's the spark plug.

Cher as Sissy, flaunting her big bazooms, and trying to laugh, while tears are welling up in her eyes, performs a masterful piece of acting. It looked real! That is just one of many examples, of her talent.

She didn't stand out much in my first viewing, but she is truly a fine actress, and I believe this is her best work.

I don't know who to credit for the manner in which the "flashbacks" were performed, but they were unique and extremely enjoyable to me.

I cannot praise this film enough, but it's not for everyone. I believe it did poorly at the box office, not really a surprise, with no car chases, nudity or even profanity in it.

Years ago, I raved about the movie to a friend of mine. The next time I saw him, he smiled and said, "You got me good!" He thought I had tricked him. He rented the movie and turned it off half way through! haha Oh well...

Casablanca (1942)
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Casablaca Tortures Me..., 8 March 2005

And now for a minority opinion. Today, Casablanca rates a 8.5 overall. The love affair of Rick and Ilsa is definitely a 10, but the remainder of the film is only a 7. (I cannot and do not comment on it's quality in 1942.)

I will begin with the acting of Humphrey Bogart, which most viewers have raved about. I thought he was adequate with most of his lines, which were generally short. In his longer farewell speech to Ilsa at the airport, I found him quite unconvincing. I see him as stiffly reciting memorized dialogue, in a monotone. Later in his career, he was far better. "African Queen" comes to mind.

The majority of this movie, both in quality and effect, is nothing that hasn't been equaled and even exceeded many times. I refer to the humor, the intrigue, the danger (eww scary!), the tightly cropped sets (ever see an airport that was only 50 ft wide before?), etc, etc.

The soft strains of violins in the background playing the theme song throughout, is a wonderful accompaniment to the sad love affair of Rick and Ilsa. This affair is where the movie comes to life and shines brightly! I'll leave the description of Bogey's allure to the women, and get on with what makes this movie worth watching for me.

The soft focused close up of Ingrid Bergman's angelic countenance, mocked by her devilishly full lips, after she has just whispered to Rick that she still loves him, is permanently etched in my memory!! (Can you tell I like her?)

That's the high point! It's all downhill from there.

I can relate to losing the one chance at a perfect love. To cause it by your own free will, is utter insanity. Did Rick not feel a duty to himself and Ilsa? Was their happiness a less worthy cause, than their minimal contribution to winning World War II?

There are no winners here, not even Victor. He won the companionship of a woman, that he knows is in love with another man.

The ending of Casablanca tortures me every time I see it! Paradoxically, it forces me to continue watching it.

I do like the movie, I just can't put it on a pedestal.

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The Crown Jewel of the Trilogy. Godfather III : Most Underrated Film Ever. ., 6 March 2005

Godfather I & II, were mere "Shoot-em-ups" by comparison.

If you loved "Scarface" and "Casino," this masterpiece is not for you.

For those that appreciate the depths of emotion, that real life will sooner or later send your way, you will not easily find another film that better displays the bitter harvest, of a life spent in a quest for power, at any cost.

Every aspect of this movie rates a ten! Well, I could have done with a couple less assassinations, I guess.

The music was beautiful. From the Italian opera house to Al Martino.

Sofia Coppola is one I might pass on the street without noticing, but here I found her absolutely irresistible, when she molded pasta with Andy Garcia! Who knew common flour could be such a turn-on!

The film has too many high points to mention. Joey Zaza getting' his in the street! The poisoned cannoli. Michael's sister Connie, devoid of the last shred of human tenderness. And best of all, Michael's predestined legacy of anguish.

The film is evidently not for the masses, given their criticisms, but put that aside and let this movie speak for itself. A portion of you will be thrilled with it!

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A Haunting and Captivating Film..., 20 February 2005

"David & Lisa" is a quite out of the ordinary movie. The style borders on a documentary. Once begun, it commanded my full attention throughout. Keir Dullea and Janet Margolin played their title roles to perfection! The black and white cinematography amplified the character's sad plight, of being outside of reality and looking in.

If there is a message in the film, it would be that non-threatening trust may be the only key to certain locks.

In a personal observation, from a male's viewpoint, Janet Margolin's natural beauty and manner had me falling in love, yet once again...

Excellent entertainment, accurate or not.