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Hunted (2017– )
Has Potential, but Disappointing 1st Season
3 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Having read most of the already posted reviews, I agree overall. Here are my suggestions for improvements:

Have fewer fugitive teams so it is less frenetic and so viewers can get more involved with the participants. I really had no personal involvement with any of them.

Tell the viewers more about the rules! I didn't understand why family members and close friends "gave up" information so easily. Do they have to tell the truth? Are they paid? If so, why were just a few paid? Do the fugitives understand the rules? How about volunteer helpers? Do they know that it is a reality game show? If so, can fugitives offer to reimburse them later if they win? It's hard for viewers to buy in, when the rules are so fuzzy.

What about the cameramen? What are there rules? Is there a way for the investigators to track them? That would be a huge cheat.

Give the fugitives a more realistic chance. Letting the pursuers know exactly how they are going to escape was a huge cheat, in my opinion.

Treat it more like the game it is, rather than acting as if these contestants are serial killers or something. Lighten up! Show respect where it is deserved.

I hope this show continues with substantial improvements. I love the premise.
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A Hundred Percent Success
9 August 2014
This movie is filled with the joys and sorrows that accompany a full life. The acting is excellent. I could not fault a single actor. Even those delivering one liners seemed divested in the story. The photography and music are spectacular. A. R. Rahman showed even more depth and diversity than usual in his deep and varied score, and I kept wishing that I could freeze frame some of the amazing shots from the film so that I could take them home to use as inspiration for a painting. Plus, food has never looked more yummy! The story is touching and kept my interest from beginning to end. The messages contained within are subtle but definitely there, and they are positive and uplifting, which is a welcome change in today's challenging world. I fell in love with it all! Kudos! Kudos! Kudos to all!
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Pawnography (2014– )
Sadly, No Sale Here
22 July 2014
I've enjoyed Pawn Stars over the years, though the last two seasons have been less interesting, as the jokes are redundant and it gets tiring watching the same infighting, as humorous as they attempt to make it. The original beauty of the program was to watch what happened between the customers and the staff, not listen to the family and Chumlee constantly berating each other. It isn't funny any more.

So it is, this new show is not funny either. It's a very complicated game, and most of the prizes are so odd that no one would want them any way. But the worst part is that it just isn't interesting. It's like watching a group of bored people playing a game that even they don't like.

How about getting back to basics? Give the old show a much needed new direction. Forget the new show. How about acknowledging the new and healthy weight losses that some cast members are achieving? How about a little background on how they have all gotten to where they are today? How about giving other staff members some exposure. The show needs a deep infusion of new ideas. Obviously, these are great business people who have achieved a lot in their lives. They cannot be as boring as this show makes them appear. Change direction before your audience drops off to much less than these talented people deserve. Please! I actually like these people. I know they deserve better.
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Smash (2012–2013)
A Disappoining Season
22 March 2013
Last season, I would have given this program a much higher rating, but this season just keeps going from bad to worse. My favorite shows are always character driven. I become deeply involved with the characters in the story. I actually care what happens to them.

In this program the only character even worth watching is Ivy. The rest are all written as stereotypes. I say this with the deepest respect for the actors. You're only as good as you're written. I'm so tired of seeing great talent wasted on redundant story lines, predictable outcomes, and bad casting. I don't care about them any more. They have no depth, no ability to draw me in.

The stories are also all over the place. Instead of focusing in and giving us one or two great subplots, we now have at least five subplots going, and none of them are intriguing, much less relevant. It's just sad.

The music and dancing are fun, but that's not enough. Give us real characters to watch. Trust that your audience can deal with real people and real situations. This season the show is lacking in focus, devoid of any depth, and not humorous enough to support the cartoon characters it is giving us.
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Hope Springs (2012)
Gently intense
11 August 2012
This film portrays a couple who find themselves in a situation that may be sadly familiar to many in the audience. It is a quiet film of profound intensity that lets the actors tell a very complex story through subtle gestures, facial expressions, and vocal tonality. It is not a light-hearted romp, as the previews seem to indicate. Rather, it is a complex piece, full of deep pathos and scary possibilities that are bathed in love and humorous reflection.

There is nothing more difficult in life than to allow ourselves to be vulnerable... to lay our soul out for another to see and then to trust that we will be accepted and loved. I felt almost voyeuristic as I watched these characters struggle with their deepest fears and unrealized dreams.

There wasn't the slightest hint of burlesque or caricature in this film. It goes straight to the heart of what makes us human... our abilities to dream of what could be and the courage it takes to realize these dreams. I only wish we had more films like this one to keep us company on our daily journey through the ups and downs of life. By the end of the movie, I felt I had made two or more new friends.
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A Force to be Reckoned With
14 July 2012
This is a film that is more than just a feel-good movie. True, you want to stand up and cheer at every significant turning point, but the bottom line has less to do with winning games and more to do with winning in life. Each of us has challenges on our path, whether it be an environment of mean streets or inner demons that set us on collision courses of personal disaster, and the plain truth is that we would undoubtedly have a better chance of rising above our biggest setbacks, if we could somehow internalize the lessons that Coach Bob Hurley imparts to his teams. God bless him and all those unsung others who give so much of themselves to others. It's not a profession. It's a calling.
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Trust Me (2009)
A Real Disappointment
12 March 2009
I want to like this show! I really do! Great cast, fun premise, and lots of potential, but seriously, what is up with Conner, the character played by Thomas Cavanaugh? He is almost totally unlikeable. I think he is supposed to be quirky and unpredictable, but every time he appears on scene, I find myself cringing. He has absolutely NO good points, no charisma, no character traits that you can really identify with. It's as if the character has no consistency. It is all over the place. There is nothing there to hold onto and to enjoy. I find that I like the other characters and look forward to their ever growing inter-relationships. I especially enjoy Sara, Monica Potter's character. Here's hoping it will get better. Give Thomas Cavanaugh something to work with, please! Give the man a break! He's a great actor!
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Canterbury's Law (2008– )
I like it!
18 March 2008
I disagree with the previous viewer. I actually am enjoying this new show. The dialogue is smart, and the plots so far have been interesting. I also think it is more multi-layered than most shows of this ilk on TV presently. It's a different role for Julianna Margulies, and I love the character she is playing. It's nice to see a strong "over-29" woman, who is complex and able to think on her feet. She (the character) has been through a huge tragedy, and it gives me pause to think how that might affect her. I also enjoy Ben Shankman in his role and hope Aidan Quinn will get a bigger role in future episodes. I just feel like the series needs time for everything to gel. The cast feels a bit rough in the way they interact, but that often gets resolved within the first season. Give it some time and another view or two!
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Missing Song (contains spoilers)
2 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Tune Find and the ABC Music Guide neglected to credit "Lay Down Beside Me" by Jim Kremens as the music playing when Izzie is lying on the bed next to Denny after he has died. That is too bad, as the song added so much to the poignancy of that scene.

This is one of my all time favorite television episodes. Izzy's devastation, and the way each of the other principal characters deals with it says a great deal about the amazing way that Sondra Rhimes keeps us riveted to the show and coming back for more each week. When Alex picked Izzie up and removed her from the bed, I was absolutely drowning in tears. ( It's a good thing that crying raises our immune system.)
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