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Madagascar, 6 May 2009

This movie really will give you a good laugh. It is about a new adventure of the four friends: Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo. On the trip back to New York, they had an air crash and came to Africa instead. There, they found their roots and also came across some difficulties. In this movie, there are many supporting roles. And among them, the four little penguins played an important part and even covered the other main roles for their genius and humor. From the very beginning, the four penguins spoofed the DreamWorks icon. As for their popularity, the DreamWorks even planned to make a film about the Madagascar Penguins. I'm really looking forward to it. In this movie, the film makers pictured us an amazing Africa with wild animals and beautiful landscapes. The visual effects are pretty good and impressing. And I like the theme song "Move It", really making me full of energy and feel the desire of dancing with the characters. The last scene when Marty said that "Love has no boundary", I can't agree more. And I think that this does not only apply to love between lovers but also apply to love between friends and family. All in all, this is quite a funny movie and worth watching.

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Something about G's performance. Love between B and C, 6 May 2009

To tell the truth, I like that evil Georgina. Fortunately,she came back at last! I saw the scene that she talked with Blair for almost four times. The cool tone,the evil look,both make me feel that the next episode will be much exciting. She is one of the shining points in this whole series,and I can't wait to see how she deal with that dame poppy! As to Chuck and Blair,Chuck's love for B is so great and heartbreaking. Anyway,I do hope that they could admit their mutual love and get together!!! Although Nate is handsome,i still think that he doesn't match well with Blair,compared with Chuck.As for Dan,he is so annoying!!!In season one ,he changed Serena.And the love between them are romantic.However,for me,every good impression about him seems to have changed in season two.He betrayed Serena,and made love with that teacher without shame.What's more, in this episode,he told Lily Serena's plan which leads to Serena's arrest ,to some extent.He is such a mean boy!!!