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Fight Club (1999)
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Provoking script, Provoking Characters,Provoking final, 14 June 2010

this movie is one time phenomena, one time classic that will be remembered it is one the best movies Hollywood ever made, the best movie of Pitt and Norton, one the greatest book adaptations ever, jumped itself... it provokes, it asks, it makes sense!!! it shows us how pathetic our lives are, how afraid we are to live, not just exist in this world... it's beautiful, dynamic , demonstrative , deep , prestigious and excellent... near to perfect and final... it's one movie that will make you think in a very dark way but you have to watch it It's a MUST SEE movie, should see it at least once before you die... And I still don't understand how movies like Titanic get 11 Oscars and movies like this - none 10 out of 10 Live Classic!

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Daring!!!, 6 April 2010

Before I saw this movie I've read a lot reviews about it! everyone was saying that movie final was really great! while watching movie I imagined many finals of the movie... but that was something! and I finally understand why this movie is called Remember Me! because while watching it you think movie is about one thing but for sure it's about different and when I understood what this movie was about I was really shocked! So let's rate the movie: 1. acting: emilie de ravin great as always, Chris Cooper good too and it was really easy role for Pierce Brosnan of course. Robert Patinson did a good job but he's far from being A or B class actor :)) so I would give acting 8/10 2. storyline: it's interesting refreshing, in moments dramatic so I would give it 9/10 3. final: No Comment! 10/10 So the movie in final is a solid 9/10

District 9 (2009)
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Good To Watch, but nothing more, 28 February 2010

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This is one of the most overrated movie... I saw trailer found it interesting and watched it... while watching it's good, in the end of the movie you're waiting for answers, but there's nothing like answers in the end of the movie... I had so many questions left 1. why did aliens come to the earth? 2. why did they leave their own planet 3. WTF was when their ship started moving and everyone just watched... 4. why did this guy turn into alien (there should be answer... was it petrol or something more) 5. where did this alien go? if everyone already left their planet and if not then there should be answers for questions 1 and 2 somehow everyone loved this movie and it's in TOP 250 movies on IMDb... and it got 4 Oscar nominations I Just Don't understand how... it's not a must see or a very clever movie... it's watchable and you can enjoy watching it... but nothing more


"Lost" (2004)
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The Best Show Ever, 5 November 2009

Well, I Watched all 5 seasons now and I can say it's the best TV Series I Have Ever Seen... It's getting better every season... like the 5th season was best! and there is only 1 season left and I Can't wait until February... it has almost 40 Emmy nominations as you can see, and it has a really good cast and a very unpredictable plot! when 5th season and I Was In Shock, because I could't imagine end like this, it was something... so if you don't know watch this show or not then don't think twice it is the best show you can ever see! so it will get you involved and you will want to watch next episode! you will become lostoholic like I'm :)) series get 10 out 10 because it's real masterpiece! I Hope they won't ruin it with last season!

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This Series Has Outdone Itself, 26 October 2009

Started weak, real weak. It was cheesy messed up series with messed up plot and characters! what happened after that? somewhere near episode 3-4 it started to come to what can be described as a normal , watchable series it had it's good points and bad points like ant other show has! it continued for I don't know episode 12-13 and then it started with every single episode, making enormous steps, great improvements!!! it started to rock a little with every episode! and last 4-5 episodes where just great , like 10/10 they improved so much they had nothing to do with those cheesy episodes! and I really started to like and love this series! and first season finale , it was something incredible unpredictability, awesomeness, great action , humor, interesting characters and nothing like Twilight or sparkling vampires...

it has a lot of blood and death in it!!!! so if series started with 6/10 it's first season ended with 9.5/10 go on in that direction!!!