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List of films, which were filmed in Budapest in the streets, not in studios.
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These are the films I watched lot of times, because they are so good, so lovely, or so funny and unique they never go boring.

There are more good animations, but what is good for first, maybe boring for 2nd time. so those aren't in this list.
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Excluding comedies and Black Swan, Shutter Island and Let me in, which are not classic horror movies in my opinion. Now let's see my selection of 20 really horrific horror movies!
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My selection of the great comedies of all time before 2012. List doesn't include animations, only the classic way of comedy!

Let's see the 20 best movies we saw thousand times and from which we know and use the most quotations!
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This is a selection of movies you can rewacht millions of times.

Once you start to watch one of these from any point, you just can't leave. These movies have an excellent sript, good acting and effects that still rockin'!