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From I Love Lucy to The Golden Girls, from The View to The Talk, from Friends to Hot in Cleveland, from Tina Fey to Betty White, from Sofia Vergara to Doris Roberts, from Ellen DeGeneres to Lucille Ball! Here are the Top 170 Funniest Celebrity Women on Television. IMHO! In Alphabetical Order!
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From Cameron Diaz to Jim Carrey, From Richard Gere to Scarlett Johansson, From Jamie Lee Curtis to Bruce Willis. Here are the Top 100 Actors and Actresses who are Over Due for at least ONE, SINGLE Oscar Nomination. They all have at least one performance they were snubbed for a nomination. I hope and pray that at least 10 of these very talented people get at least one nomination in their career. *In Alphabetical Order!!*
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From Leonardo DiCaprio to Michelle Pfeiffer, From Sigourney Weaver to Ralph Fiennes, From Ryan Gosling to Glenn Close. Here's the List of Actors and Actresses who have been Nominated for an Oscar, but are WAAAAY Over Due for an actual Win!! Hopefully at least 10 of these Actors and Actresses win in the future. It would be AMAZING If everyone on this list wins! But probably will never happen. *In Order of How Many Nominations They Have!!*
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When you hear these voices, you know exactly who the actor or actress is! Enjoy! (No Specific Order) Please comment if you want me to add more :)
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