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The Revolutionary Period from 1789 to 1815 The Monarchy (1789 - 1792) The Republic (1792 - 1795) The Directoire Period (1795 - 1799) Consutale and Empire (1799 - 1815)
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The French Grand Siècle, Versailles et la court de Louis XIV and the exaggeration of the baroque taste between 1625 and 1670.
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From the eartly 1920s to the end of the Great Depression until break out the World War II.
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Films about beauty
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Features the Rococo style from 1730 to 1770. Rococo "usually covers the kind of ornament, style and design associated with Louis XV's reign and the beginning of that of Louis XVI". It includes therefore, all types of art produced around the middle of the 18th century in France. The word Rococo is seen as a combination of the French rocaille, meaning stone, and coquilles, meaning shell, due to reliance on these objects as motifs of decoration.
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From the decline of the italian style to the born of the french style, Spanish costume was really in. The Kingdom of England ruled at the Tudor dynasty (1485-1603). It's height moment was marked by the English renaissance during the Elizabethan Era (1558-1603) also known as the golden age.
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Actresses that makes history.