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Almost Perfect, 22 July 2006

What hasn't been said about this movie in the last couple of weeks? Well, I think this is one of the best films I have seen in a very long time and to be honest, you have to watch it on the big screen. The special effects, the acting, the story are all excellent. The Direction is seamless and the CGI's are cleverly done. I'm not going to describe what's in the film, but the overall sensation of watching it is an uplifting one - you want to believe a man can fly and most certainly with the special effects in this film, you take it for granted that he can.

Brandon Routh is an excellent Superman, very reminiscent of Christopher Reeve, Kevin Spacey plays a genuinely unnerving Lex Luthor and Kate Bosworth gives a touching performance as Lois Lane. From the moment the film starts with a very definite nod to Donner's original and the rousing John Williams score, you know you're in for a good time. And boy do you get it! Simply put - go see this film. It's not perfect, it's not the best film of the last decade or any of that nonsense, it's just pure entertainment from start to finish. Thank you, Bryan Singer.

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A great film from a Master Director = not to be missed!, 3 May 2006

A very strong and powerful film dealing with themes that are relevant to all of us. A History of Violence is without a doubt, Cronenberg's most mainstream effort but is still imbued with his stylistic touches and a sense of hyper-realism in a world of fantasy.

The film asks many questions and doesn't give as many answers, so as to make the audience work harder and to let the film linger just that but longer in the memory.

With today's notions of religion, compassion and caring - a film that dissects the very nature of man's wild/animalistic side - the violence and lust of the film, couldn't be better timed.

The violence in this movie is disturbing and the results are always unpleasantly gruesome, but never overstated. If anything, Cronenberg is holding back, deliberately, in certain scenes to maintain the truth of the violence as opposed to glorifying it. Make no mistake - there's plenty of blood in this film, but we are never drenched in it.

The two scenes to me that propel this film into adult-only territory are the sex scenes which are incredibly graphic but again, there for a purpose and cutting in between the violence.

In summary, this is a film you should watch. It's not horrifically violent or pornographic but does for the odd second here and there, flirt with both. For a purpose. "What else can you expect, with a history of violence?"

Better than expected, 23 July 2004

I went into this one feeling reasonably nonplussed, having seen the first one which got rave reviews from everywhere in the UK and yet I thought was good, but not great.

This, however, is not the same as Spiderman 2. Here we have a film that is far more mature than its predecessor, with much more action and a most intriguing storyline. There are no real twists as it's fairly apparent what's going to happen, but the acting was excellent throughout and there was a genuine care and loving attention to detail captured in this film, once again showing just what a great Director Sam Raimi can be and how good the cast and crew are that work with him on this franchise.

Well recommended, in my opinion far superior to the first film and far better paced, one more for the adults perhaps, but still good, clean pop-corn fun for all to enjoy. Hats off as well to 'Doc Ock' who seems a far more realistic and believable villain. In some ways, this film reminded me of Superman 2. When you watch it, you'll know exactly what I mean, but it stands on its own as a genuine crowd-pleaser and certainly deserves the praise and business it's receiving from the Box Office.

If this is the direction the Spiderman franchise is going, then roll on Spiderman 3, I await with much anticipation!

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Enjoyable, but could have been so much more, 16 February 2004

I'd heard alot about this film before I finally had chance to sit down and watch it and to say my expectations were high would be an understatement.

I will say I enjoyed the film - it was well thought out and the SFX were very effective. It just didn't strike me as an 'Evil Dead' for the new generation - I don't mean to sound like a gorehound (though I suppose I am!), but there just simply wasn't enough gore in the film. The basic concept was wonderful and could have lead to much onscreen mayhem and gore, but it did feel rather restrained.

Overall, still enjoyable and as good an effort to get back to the glory days of 70's and early 80's horror as you would have seen in a very long time, but didn't quite hit the mark.

Final Part actually surpasses the previous movies, 2 January 2004

Simply put, this is about as good as it gets on the 'big screen'. Jackson is a true artist and blends a story so rich with characters and action that it's impossible not to get drawn into the film - the acting is excellent throughout and the battle scenes are just unbelievable. The only slight tarnish on this epic masterpiece is the ending which seems to drag a little; you keep expecting it to end and then another thing happens. Other than that, first class film-making.

Some have said this is the best of the three and the film of the year. I don't agree - for my money, this is the film of the decade.

Dark City (1998)
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Excellent - all sci-fi fans should see this film., 17 December 2003

Dark City is all about a man who has incredible powers but doesn't realise it. Everyone is under the control of mysterious 'strangers' who are injecting them with false memories/altering their reality. This one man who spends half the film finding out just who he is and what he can do eventually takes on these strangers and well.. watch the film!

Fantastic sci-fi and as you can see from the description above, it bares more than a passing resemblance to 'The Matrix', but was made before it - therefore as I'm watching this film, I'm beginning to realise that The Wachowskis must have watched it and probably before they started making their film. Not that I'm knocking 'The Matrix', which to me is one of the best sci-fi actioners of all time, but 'Dark City' is equally as entertaining with a very slightly different twist.

This film deserves far more recognition that it has received and is, quite frankly, one of the best sci-fi films I've ever seen. Utterly compelling, interesting and entertaining, if you're a sci-fi fan, you simply have to watch this.

High Seas adventures - terrifically Entertaining!, 8 December 2003

This is one fun movie and well, the typically excellent Johnny Depp is absolutely pitch perfect as 'Jack Sparrow', playing him with just the right sense of 'tongue in cheek' and sincerity rolled into one.

The premise is simple - there's a ship called 'The Black Pearl' which is rumoured to have a ghost crew, led by a captain 'so evil, hell spat him out'. Elizabeth Swann (a duly beautiful Keira Knightley) gets kidnapped by the crew and her childhood friend Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) sets out to save her, with the help of Jack Sparrow, the only pirate who knows how to get to the dreaded 'Black Pearl'.

Cue endless adventures, swordfights, mirth, comic twists and the hunt for buried treasure and you have one of the most solidly entertaining blockbusters of many years. It's aimed at all ages, but with a subtle humour and knowing for the adults.

Terrific fun - worth watching and far more entertaining than it perhaps deserves to be, you'd be a fool to miss this one.

A Hymn to the Determination and Belief of Man, 26 November 2003

A hymn to the determination and belief of man, 'Shawshank Redemption' truly deserves its place as the second best film made in the IMDB poll.

How on Earth we all missed this one when it was at the cinema is truly baffling; but it has now gained the worldwide recognition it so richly deserves.

Robbins is absolutely superb as Andy Dufresne and actually surpasses Freeman's performance (about the only actor to do this) as 'Red'. It's pointless describing the story, suffice to say that it stands head and shoulders above all other movies as a testament to the endurance and power of the human spirit, that almost no matter what situation we find ourselves in, we can endure and prevail.

Incredible, thought-provoking and a cornerstone of modern day storytelling.

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The Greatest Feel-Good Movie of them all!, 26 November 2003

The greatest 'Feel-good' movie ever made and so much more beside. James Stewart gives the performance of his career in Capra's ode to the despair and triumph of humanity.

This film is actually prescribed by Doctors to treat depression in certain areas and with good reason too. Bailey's descent into despair is a perfect analogy of modern depression and well, when he finally triumphs, the rush we as the audience receive is almost too much to take.

I absolutely refuse anyone to sit and watch this without feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the end - not a dry eye in the house.

Don't just think of this as some soppy Christmas movie to flick on TV, treat it as it should be treated, a serious film, with serious and powerful messages. Really a must for everyone.

Awesome and Engrossing, 6 November 2003

Absolutely incredible film; finishes the trilogy off perfectly. The Wachowskis had us all asking so many questions after Reloaded, it was great to see they didn't go for that stupidly lame 'Matrix within a Matrix' idea, which would have felt like one big cheat (otherwise where does it end??).

The film does start off a little slowly, but then picks up pace and keeps going, including a battle scene at Zion that has to be seen to believed and a fight between Neo and Smith which is insane.

I suppose the old adage of 'you can't please all of the people all of the time' is true, but for the reviews that slated it, well we're all entitled to our opinions but I have to disagree - this was a really enjoyable, well-made piece of cinema. It was intelligent, subtle in places and had the right mix of action and drama. One of the classics of Sci-Fi Action no doubt and I'm sure time will prove this to true.

It's simple - go see it, make up your own mind - don't be swayed too much either way, but for my money, it doesn't get much better than this.

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