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A wake up call for professional sports, 7 February 2003

This movie was terrific. I dunno how people could pan it, as it was a well done movie. Based on the underdog taglines like it's predecessors of ROCKY, RUDY, and Mystery, Alaska it proves that anyone can have a shot if they had the desire. But the movie is more than that. The biggest point of it, was to shed light on the greed of professional players. To often, they forget where they come from and only desire the material things. This movie was a wake up call to all professional sports, as it shows that there are people out there that would play for nothing because they (Quote Jimmy McGinty) "Have heart, and the love of the game to just play." A great movie for anyone that loves triumph. 10 out of 10

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Real close to home, 25 December 2002

This movie really hit the spot. I at first only liked it due to the teenage stereotypes, but then other things started to appeal to me. There are some places where parents really live through their kids, and sports are more than fun and games. And this is quite true. Jon Voight personified the "frustrated Jock" aspect of a coach, and I can say that because I have been coached by one. On the whole, this was a very well conceived movie with a nice tag line. I recommend it to anyone who thinks sports is all that matters. 10 out of 10.

Rocky (1976)
Truly "Million to one shot", 19 December 2002

This film, as well as it's four sequels really gave me hope. I have always strived against the odds, and ROCKY was one of my sources of motivation. Anyone can really connect with the underdog, as we all have been one in our life at some point. This film is a must see for anyone that enjoys a story of triumph. 10 out of 10.

Second String (2002) (TV)
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The Bills won! (Sorta), 19 December 2002

Being a Bills fan, I originally found it annoying that they made a movie about the Bills and the losing of four superbowls. But once I began to watch, I felt really connected. It was actually nice to see the "Bills" win the superbowl, and I must say, that for a TV movie it was actually very well done. Gil Bellows as the QB, and Jon Voight as the old-school Coach did a very fine job. 8 out of 10