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Such a beautiful film., 10 June 2012

I'm not too sure why I decided to watch this film, but I am so happy that I did! This film is so emotional and meaningful; it's just so beautiful! It's not a big blockbuster smash hitting film, so if that's what you are looking for then you will be disappointed! However, if you want to see a really stunning film with such an amazing storyline, then I recommend you watch 33 postcards.

Guy Pearce plays an excellent role in this film and carries his character through perfect.

The meaning behind this film is what I liked so much about it. It just makes me think about life and how amazing it is. For a film to get so much of an emotional response out of me is great. This film needs to be watched and given the credit it deserves.

I give 10/10 on the vote for 33 postcards, mainly because of the beauty. The work and emotion that has gone into this film as well as the emotion that has came out makes it such a worthy film of ten stars.

Wow, please give this film a chance, you won't regret it. I promise.

Chatroom (2010)
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Average, but meaning is deep., 25 March 2012

This film was not what I expected at all when I started watching it. It is such a strange kind of film in my opinion. I don't think it was done to it's best ability. I think it could have been progressed much more and made into such a better film overall. The idea of it was great, and the story to it is so deep and meaningful. However, I just think that something more should have been done to justify the story.

The acting was good from the majority of the cast, and they really helped to bring what little we knew of the characters to life. The problem I had was that I did want to find out more about particular characters which never happened even though I kept waiting.

It did affect me in the way that I believe it was meant to, and for that I give the makers credit. The build up throughout the film did keep me watching even when at times it was a bit slow with nothing happening.

If you want a fast paced, action packed and full on film then this is not for you at all. If you are willing to watch a very slow paced film with such a deep meaning behind it then this film is for you.

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Enjoyable, 25 March 2012

So I watched this film after finding it by browsing around on IMDb. I'm really glad I decided to watch it! I wouldn't say it's the best film in the world, but I certainly enjoyed it. It is a typical teen/young adult film and therefore is aimed at this audience. I would recommend people to watch it but only those who enjoy these films that are aimed at this particular audience. If you are looking for a full, action packed supernatural film then you would be disappointed as you only get a bit of it. Yes, it is supernatural but there is not much action which I personally think would have made it a much better film.

It obviously wasn't a huge blockbuster film (as many of the films I watch tend not to be), and therefore those looking for big Hollywood top rated films should stay away from The Covenant film.

My main disappointment with this film was the ending. The ending is left on a cliffhanger and there should be a second film to follow I think. However, there is no second film so we never get to have the story finished which I would have liked to have seen.

One thing for the girls – the guys in this film are seriously HOT.

So, watch the trailer and if you think it looks like you could enjoy it then go for it!

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What I expected and more ..., 23 March 2012

From the moment I read the books, and then found out there was going to be a film I have been excited to see The Hunger Games. The wait was worth it, and I cannot express how much this film moved me.

I was always expecting it to be good, because of the books. However, it was better than I expected! The characters were portrayed excellently especially Katniss. The settings were perfect and exactly how I had imagined when reading the books.

There were a few let downs but very minor ones at that; a few changes to how things should have happened and a few things missed out that I thought should have been in there. However, it is only meant to be a film based on the book - they can't get it one hundred percent the same as the book and therefore I don't really complain about these minor faults.

I would say to everyone - GO AND WATCH THE HUNGER GAMES. Whether you heard the whole 'Team Gale, Team Peeta' thing about this film - ignore that. This movie is about so much more than a romantic relationship between two characters. It is such a moving film and those people who bring it down to that 'team' argument are not giving it any justice and making it sound like a stupid meaningless film like 'Twilight'.

So, don't be put off by thinking it's about the whole 'team Gale or Peeta' ... I promise you it is not and that you will most likely thoroughly enjoy this film (unless you wanted the team love thing).

Overall, outstanding film.

Taken (2008/I)
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Wow., 4 February 2012

I can't believe it took me so long to watch this film! It had never caught my eye until a friend gave me it to watch. I am so happy they did, as this is now one of my favourite films. The acting from Liam Neeson is perfect. He plays his part so well, and makes this film what it is.

The action scenes throughout are great and not too fake or 'cheesy' as I sometimes find with some films. The storyline is also very good and is very moving.

One of the main things I loved about Taken, is the fact that it doesn't take too long to get into it. The beginning is good and kept me interested unlike some films which just take too long to get into, with a very boring start.

I am so happy I finally watched this film, and would recommend anyone thinking of, to do so as soon as possible. Definitely worth it!

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Not as bad as made out to be, 4 February 2012

After my friend lending me this film to watch, I have to admit that the main reason I happily put it on was because of Matt Lanter. I love this guy.

Anyway, aside from Matt Lanter playing the lead role in this film, I personally thought it was quite a good film. I did thoroughly enjoy it from beginning to end.

OK, maybe if you are all into computers then it might annoy you - I don't think the makers looked into all the technical sides for this film. However, if you are just watching this film for the sole purpose of entertainment then you may enjoy it.

I haven't seen the original so don't have anything to compare this one too. I just don't think that this film deserves all the bad reviews, as it isn't a horrible film. The acting from Matt Lanter is brilliant (not because I have any bias toward him). I genuinely believe he played an excellent role, and without him this film could have been quite bad. Also, the small on screen time that Gary Reineke had (Dr. Falken), I loved. He also did some very excellent acting.

Overall, this film may not be as technical as people may want, or as 'good as the original' but it is a decent film and much better than the other reviews give it credit.

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Special, 13 December 2011

Such a special, moving film. This really hit my heart. The acting is is really good, especially from the two children. The little girl is adorable and makes the film as spectacular as it is. There is more to this film than Christmas and getting presents. It really shows how much people should appreciate what they have in life; and this is what makes the film so special. It is really worth watching, simply for the storyline. So beautiful, and well played out. The portrayal of Santa is a little different in this film, and I have to say - I like it. It is more of a real life portrayal than in the other films. If you watch this film, I will guarantee it will touch your heart!

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Surprisingly great!, 13 December 2011

This film was great. It's a Christmas film with romance and humour and a completely different storyline - for once. A lot of films these days are basically the same old, same old but this was nice and fresh.

I actually started watching it thinking it was going to be pretty bad, but I am really glad I watched it! The acting was good too, especially the Grandma.

The only criticism I would have is that they should have included the Grandma throughout a lot more because her character was great!! Aside from that, I don't really think there is anything else to complain about. Yes, it's not a big time movie .. it was made for TV and therefore lacks the 'shine' of a big time cinema hit. That's what I think makes it more enjoyable! Go watch it - hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

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Christmas for children, 13 December 2011

So this film is not the best film in the world. So what! It's meant to be a Christmas film, aimed at kids for them to enjoy .. and it is. Yes, it could have been made so much better, but it's good enough for the children.

I do think that parents will enjoy it watching it with their children. However, if you don't have children to watch it with then you are probably best finding another to watch. I watched it without children, and I enjoyed it but I can see why others wouldn't. It put me in the Christmas mood and that is all I care about!

It is probably one of those films where you either love it, or hate it. Definitely put it on for you children! If you are willing to give it a go, then I would recommend you do.

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Touching to the heart, 11 December 2011

Wow. That is one word I would use to describe this film. It is so touching, and meaningful. There is so much more to the story and it can touch the heart of any. I think most people would cry when watching this film, even men. It's obviously not the happy Christmas film that most people sit down to watch. Instead, it is a sad Christmas film, but still such a joy to watch. I think those who can relate to it will find it even more moving than others. I really would advise people to watch this film; it will give you a new perspective and outlook on life. This film should have much more publicity because it has such a good lesson for us to all learn - to appreciate life and everyone we love.

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