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Public Enemies... eh, 5 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Simply put, well acted, but poor editing. Fight scenes were WAY too long and they seemed to just go on and on and on and on... you get it now.

The film editor could have cut out most of the abusive scene with Dillinger's girlfriend getting slapped around by the fat Fed. Also, they could have completely left out the sequence where she lies to the fat Fed to make him chase his tail... completely unnecessary for the story.

The whole character of Giovanni Ribisi was unneeded and having them there took away from the movie and made it about 30 mins too long.

They set up the final killing scene in what seemed to be actual time... come on guys, you had superb talent and a decent script. This could have been an Oscar contender if edited correctly. As it is, it was the most boring shoot 'em up I've seen in many, many years! Wait for the DVD!

Up (2009)
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Up and away!, 30 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My wife and I didn't know if we were going to see this Pixar/Disney film because it just didn't look all that interesting to me in the movie trailer... I was wrong! The movie is darker than any other Pixar movie and it has a more adult theme... keep that in mind if you are planning on bringing your children! The villain is VERY bad and the way they ended his character in the movie was not appropriate for children under 10! In fact, my wife and I were wondering why they didn't portray his character having an epiphany and turning back to good.

All in all a very good movie, never drags and the story is quite sweet... but don't forget it is dark and mean at times and that could make it difficult for small children!

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Great animation and talent... poor story plain and simple, 1 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My wife wanted to see this movie and I came along quietly, but kicking and screaming on the inside. At first, I was very impressed with the animation and the three dimensional look of the characters... then, the story started to unfold and my fascination turned to boredom.

At one point my wife turned and asked if I was ready to leave. Since we had already given this movie an hour, I decided I would sit through the ending.

The story was too slow moving and dark for some children and it bordered on violent at the climatic part with the cat getting loose to wreak havoc on the rats.

My 5 out of 10 is for the animation and voice talents... wait for this movie when it hits the discount movie theaters, or just rent it out on DVD. Hoping for much more, but getting what I kind of expected... blah!

Valkyrie (2008)
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They Came So Close..., 28 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being a history buff and reading about Valkyrie and the Colonel that was played by Tom Cruise so brilliantly, I was hoping for the best, but expecting much less... I was wrong!

Even from the start when Kenneth Branaugh's character tried to sneak in a bomb in the cognac bottle on Hitler's plane which actually happened, I knew the producers had done their homework.

Everything about Cruise's character was accurate down to the missing right hand and missing fingers. Eerily similar physically was Cruise to his character down to the hairstyle... very well played indeed! I don't know how movie goers will react to a psychological thriller set 64 years ago, but people should see this movie and see where the world was back then and how far we've come overall.

Those few men and women put it all on the line for their country and paid for it with their lives. In actuality, over 200 were executed for that assassination attempt!

Well made and well acted... I hope the Academy voters don't overlook this work; it would be a travesty if they did!

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What movie was all of the people giving 10's watching?, 2 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read and waited and listened to friends I trusted to see this movie. I read just about every 'good' comment on the IMDb thread and I've always enjoyed Ben Stiller movies. So, when I finally was able to get the time to see the movie, it had made it to the $1.50 theater.

I'm glad I couldn't find the time until then because this was the worst piece of junk I've seen in years! Holy moly... what movie was everyone else seeing? Tom Cruise, who was unrecognizable, only cursed and generally made an ass out of himself. Matthew, I'm the most annoying movie start ever, McConnehay just was himself... annoying! Robert Downer Jr was the only remotely entertaining part in the movie. Ben Stiller really let me down with the first 'real' scene when the director gets blown up and Stiller puts his head on the end of his rifle barrel.

I never laughed, only an occasional chuckle, and it'll be a long time before I trust this board or any of my friend's recommendations for movies again!

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Much Funnier than I expected!, 4 October 2008

Being a child of the late 70's and early 80's, I was well aware of David Zucker films and his humor! I didn't know how he would display that while razzing "America's most infamous film-maker!", but he did... well, I might add!

No need to share every scene, but Zucker makes America the good guy and the terrorists; extreme left Hollywood types, College professors and the ACLU the bad guys!

His message is very simple; Sometimes we are forced into a fight for justifiable reasons! He uses a fall on the floor over-the-top scene with David Allan Grier and Gary Coleman to drive home the point!

If you are an extremely left-leaning individual, you will not like this movie. But, if you are middle/left, or all the way to the right, you will laugh and get the humor!

The humor is very Zuckeresque, so, don't be surprised. If you lean way left, don't waste your money; go for dinner and an anti-war rally instead!

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Indiana Jones meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind..., 24 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, well, well... I waited almost 20 years, as most of you have, to see the fourth, and hopefully last, installment of this once proud and great movie experience! I knew something must have been up when Sean Connery wouldn't even sign on to do a one day cameo and Steven Spielberg offered to fly to his home to do the shoot... Mr. Connery had enough sense to stay out after his one turn as Indy's father!

This was a weak, and strange way to have Indy go... I'll not bore you with all of the details, but suffice it to say that Spielberg just can't let go of his alien thing and I just can't figure out why!

Harrison Ford is great and Cate Blanchett is unrecognizable as the femme fatal. Karen Allen returning was a cool full circle moment and only a blind man from the Swiss Alps couldn't see the way Spielberg was going with the Shia LeBouf character being Indy's long lost son... Henry Jones III... I have a feeling Mr. Spielberg might be planning on the series going on with Shia as the new lead.

The movie never drags, but the story is weird and just not worth seeing at full price. Wait and see it once it comes out on DVD... you'll be glad you did!

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It is faithful one hundred percent!, 15 March 2008

Dr. Seuss would be so proud! Hollywood finally got it right! Horton the kind elephant who is voiced by Jim Carrey is a wonderful adaptation of Dr Seuss' character about the lovable elephant.

I was getting worried that Hollywood would never be able to get the children's books by Dr. Seuss right... they almost got it with "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", but failed miserably with "The Cat in the Hat". They went back to what works... animation! Every voice that was cast was perfect... no misses here! Perfect family film! No innuendo about bathroom jokes, or wink and a nod sexual references... just plain fun and cute! Go and enjoy!

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Not sure what movie everyone else was seeing here!, 13 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alright, so, I waited until AFTER the Oscars to see this movie. I am a fan of every actor in this movie from previous work excluding the psycho killer played by Javier Bardem. I've just never heard of him before this. I'll never forget him now!

The actors deliver in spades and the creepiness of Bardem's maniacal killer is impressive. We rented this movie out for a dollar and I was pleased it was available. Especially since I only wasted a buck!

The killer gets started early with the strangling of a deputy sheriff which is a scene we've all seen on the previews. At this moment, I lost my wife, she got up and left to play on the computer!

The movie was strange and scary throughout the first half. Josh Brolin is smart and wily as the poor man that happened on a scene where he found 2 million dollars. His character knew he was in trouble from the start he proved his smarts by out thinking everyone following him. That's what made his demise so strange... his character seemed to have known what was going to happen next until that moment. Not consistent at all.

Anyhow, Tommy Lee Jones, Barry Corbin, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson and Javier Bardem put in good minimalist performances but the ending of the movie is weak. I needed to watch the bonus sections of the DVD to somewhat understand the sheriff and his motivation.

I'm losing faith in Hollywood's ability to really make a good movie... the writers seem to have decided that they want endings where the movie goer can infer his own... that is not why I spend my money, I'm looking for escapism and some fulfillment. Don't expect that with this movie!

So, maybe I'm too obtuse to fully grasp what in the heck the Coen brothers were trying to say here... with Hollywood's propensity to copy what works (again, in their eyes), then expect more unfilled endings to movies in the immediate future!

With ticket prices down, you'd think Hollywood would get the message and start catering to the masses and not their pretentious and narcissistic ways! Completely disappointed here... the cinematography and acting highs was overshadowed by such a weak ending... I wish I could give this movie a "0"!

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Indiana Jones - lite, but fun nonetheless!, 30 December 2007

This would normally be a popcorn-summer-type movie and it would make good money in normal summers... remember that the fourth installment of Indiana Jones will be out next summer and it would bury this cotton candy movie making if it went head to head. I don't blame the producers releasing it now at all!

This is a very decent part two in the series where Nick Cage so desperately needs another movie hit. You can tell that every actor in the movie was having a blast on their new 'treasure' hunt. I'll not spoil any part of the movie for those who are considering going (I'm sure other's have in their critiques), but I will say they did have a huge hint that there will be third National Treasure that will need to be found!

You'll enjoy this movie and it's over the top plot line and cardboard bad guy (played by the awesome Ed Harris), but don't expect Shakespeare... just buy the popcorn on the way in and don't be late because you'll not want to miss a new Disney cartoon at the beginning to warm you up!

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