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Iron Man 2 (2010)
is not even a movie
2 August 2011
I hated ironman 1 despite the good reviews. But this one is even worse, i couldn't even watch it to the end because it had not point.

And is a 2 hours movie! i think is the worst movie i can remember, is incredible this kind of movie even really shouldn't.

i would give it

-10 if i could.

This is not a bad movie, is not even a movie really, just a salad of photo-grams and....enough, bye.

OK i have to write another lines to submit this..?! 10 lines... this sucks as much as the movie
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Babel (I) (2006)
excellent movie, just watch it in parts to avoid boringness
18 May 2011
(keep in mind English is not my language)

A LOT better than i thought it would be. But this movie can be tedious to see it at once. I watched it 30 min here, 20 there, and is a great movie, the performances could't be better, and keep in mind i rant a lot about poor actor's deliveries all the time. But here... There is no over-acting!! just a simple and believable performance from every actor in this movie...and this, i think, is a merit of the director too.

I'm not giving it 10, just because is not a movie you can appreciate if watched without making some breaks in the middle.

But if watched in parts (let's say in a lapse of 4 or 5 hours, then, is a 10.

First time i was moved enough by a movie to the point of writing a review.

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