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Sam & Janet (2002)
dreadfully dull
28 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The three plus point rating here seems pretty generous. This movie is straight off the shelf boy meets girl for the first hour. Finally then the viewer has some inkling of some kind of conflict. Even then, until the last fifteen minutes or so it's plain dull. The last fifteen minutes are vaguely interesting because of a slight surprise/plot twist- but there is nothing here to recommend this waste of time.

I made it through the whole thing so I could save you from this movie without having to admit that I gave up on it but wrote a review anyway. The competent acting is the only thing that saves it from being a one out of ten rating. Marianne
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Three middles
8 July 2003
The movie is essentially three partial stories. Three middles. The endings were conspicuously absent. Also, while it's written by a woman I kept getting the impression that it was written by a man. So often it seems to be a mans idea of what women are like. Perhaps one story or another could have been fleshed out and would have made a better movie.
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probably not for everyone but for some, great.
6 July 2003
This movie needs to be watched with the idea of taking each scene alone and all by itself. Don't worry about the overall plot and you won't mind that it's so odd. Like so many Woody Allen movies it needs to be viewed twice before you decide about it. Personally I hated it on first viewing now it's one of my favorite "Woody's". It's worth a try. Make that two tries.
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