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Shade (2003)
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Not the best Con Movie, but good, 20 May 2009

So you want to be a grifter? This movie will make you think twice. You might even want to avoid Las Vegas altogether for a year or two.

I saw "The Sting" as a young man. That is still the standard for this genre as far as I'm concerned. This movie, while not matching up, does a pretty good job at keeping you entertained. It has a very good cast. Hal Holbrook even makes a cameo appearance.

All in all, nicely acted and scripted. Too many scenarios are totally unbelievable, however. Why would anyone sit down at a table with these guys? Is there anyone on earth you can trust? Is there an honest cop in town? Will I still have my kidneys tomorrow?

Other reviewers have commented on the card tricks. Yes, they're fascinating. But with video editing what it is these days, they don't add much.

If you like roller coasters, this movie has enough twists to make your head spin. For those looking for realism and believability, you may be disappointed.

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James Bond meets Charlie's Angels with Boobage, 20 May 2009

I usually fast-forward through movies like this. I must admit, this one slowed me down. It had a script, a budget, and even a good soundtrack ! My primary motive for tuning in was to catch a glimpse of Nikki Ziering's fun-bags. They're coyly available in the opening scene, never to be seen again. But that's O.K. The movie was fun.

A bevy of lovelies help our hero save the country from the bad guys. Clive Robertson does an admirable job playing the ultra-cool Damon Archer, who moonlights as an "uberBond" when the CIA needs him. His cover is owner of a nude dance troupe at the Riviera. Nice.

The lovelies are extremely adept at using their charms as distractions, hacking into computers, and anything else their job requires. Very likable. They're also not modest. Nice.

Lots of the characters and themes are familiar. Stereotypes are not too outlandish. The happy-go-lucky Mexican drug dealer could have been modified a bit, however.

My compliments to director Chris Langman for not overdoing the nudity, which is always a temptation. Well, maybe there could have been a little more. The movie moves along nicely though, and doesn't get boring. It's not for deep thinkers. It does suffice as a guilty pleasure and entertaining movie.

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Loved Kaylani , Hated the Movie, 21 April 2009

Despite a brilliant performance by the beautiful and talented Kaylani Lei, this film was a real bore. Kaylani should be given a shot at mainstream films. Her facial expressions. verbal delivery, and body language are convincing. I'm talking about the "regular" part of the movie, not the tedious simulated sex scenes, of which (and it's hard to believe I'm saying this) there actually were too many ! The plot wasn't too far out of whack, with a few interesting twists. The jealousy and secrecy aspects were totally unbelievable, however, considering the supposed closeness and liberation of the 3 girlfriends. The ubiquitous sex simulations were boring after the first few, but I never got tired of looking at Kaylani's exquisite face. The fact that this girl can actually act was an unexpected plus.