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Another sweet IMAX film, 8 March 2006

Short documentary, and just good enough to keep the attention of young viewers... great action sequences and as mentioned, the animation from live footage is nearly indistinguishable... the NASA experience shared here both in actual footage and staff interviews makes for great enjoyment for any space buff... well worth seeing as an IMAX candidate! I suppose the only drawback is no green men or any Hollywood fantasies here, you have to actually use your mind to imagine the possibilities of what's out there, given the tidbits of evidence about water and rock material collected from the mission... should be enough for any mortal man, but don't go in expecting to see Tom Cruise battle any aliens. :)

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Entertaining, given the right setting to enjoy., 15 August 2004

Foreign film... meaning get used to reading English subtitles if your Mandarin is not up to par.

Otherwise, going into this without expecting any car chases, guns or aliens, it was a nice (albeit quirky) story of a father and his daughters set in Taiwan. Not just a good glimpse of father/daughter relationship-based situations, but also of life in Taiwan (schools, commuting, and of course food).

Each of the daughters has their own unique situations with men/relationships and somehow someway they are all interwoven within their family situation. Humorous at times and touching in others.

A decent rental.

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Good clean fun!, 18 December 2002

Nice mix of sports and culture in this very watchable movie. Much better if you have an interest in Japan and its people. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but this movie had enough of everything to make it worth watching. Selleck does a nice job in this role as did the Japanese cast. 8 out of 10.