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Goon (2011)
Has a certain something., 22 September 2014

I'd really give this a 6.5 but no half stars allowed. If you're hoping for Seann William Scott to be Steve Stiffler playing hockey then you might be disappointed. Scott's character is an unintelligent, dull but a well meaning and loyal guy. While a lot of this movie is a comedy Scott plays the character straight. There is no "wink" to the audience at all. There is a sweetness to him that makes you pull for him. Liev Schreiber is the "bad guy" who is never really that, in fact you can kind if like him too if he wasn't punching people all the time. Almost wish he had more screen time. It's not quite Slap Shot but still worth a look.

Bad Words (2013)
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Sad that some people don't get it., 21 March 2014

This is indeed racist and it's also misogynistic. Does this mean that a movie with those qualities can't be funny? The movie knows it's racist and (wow this word is overused lately) misogynistic . It's also extremely funny. If you know you can't see past certain things like that then I suggest you don't watch this movie. It's mean and and very crude and hilarious.

I was actually ashamed that I laughed at some of the jokes as I consider myself to be a good person but they are so shamelessly delivered by Bateman I just couldn't help myself. Young Rohan Chand was very likable and held his own with Bateman who knows first hand about what it takes to be a child actor. Turn off your media forced judgment and just enjoy the movie. Even assholes can be funny.

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Not a bad show, 24 February 2007

I remember this one. I think it came on as a summer replacement show but was only on for a short time. It was ABC's attempt at capitalizing on the success of All In The Family. It went for the crude realism that shows were going for at that time.

A good example of that would be the opening credits which had Castellano walking the dirty sidewalks of NYC. Doing this he steps in something (perhaps dog waste} and then using the curb to scrape it off. Now that's realism! You would never have seen something like that back in the 50's or 60's

I think the Dom Deluise vehicle "Lotsa Luck" was a better attempt at the All In The Family type show but all in all this wasn't too bad.

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What a great idea!, 15 October 2006

Hey, Lets say we have a roving band of dangerous nomads roaming the desert, brutally murdering people, stealing all of their possessions and leaving their young son to fend for himself in a cruel world. Perfect recipe for a Christmas Special. This one didn't stay as a network staple very long as it was not the happy nice nice special that Rudolph and Charlie Brown were .

To Be honest I have liked this since I was a kid. It wasn't as good as the other Rankin/Bass specials but it was the only one of them that really has anything to do with the Jesus. Lot of emotion at the end. You end up glad that you watched it.

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So Bad That It's Funny, 2 March 2006

They were trying to be bad or silly

and they achieved it. It is intentionally funny and at times unintentionally funny. Bader is pretty good (Not as good as Rex character

from Napoleon Dynamite) and The guy that played Croker is really funny once you get past the annoying shouting he does at all times. Give it a chance. It seems bad at first but there dead pan delivery gets to be pretty funny after a while. Like other comments here have mentioned that it does seem somewhat like an Ed Wood movie but this was was funny on purpose.

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Not much of a movie but..., 18 February 2004

plenty of eye candy. Very Weak story but Getting to look at Ally Eastwood, Kim Williams and others i.e. Rachel Hunter and a few others is interesting for a few minutes. Turn the sound down though because the dialog stinks.

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Very funny movie that gets a bad rap!, 13 February 2004

For a movie that gets no respect there sure are a lot of memorable quotes listed for this gem. Imagine a movie where Joe Piscopo is actually funny! Maureen Stapleton is a scene stealer. The Moroni character is an absolute scream. Watch for Alan "The Skipper" Hale jr. as a police Sgt.

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The last reviewer has it wrong., 4 July 2003

Certainly the story has quite an American slant but it does not depict all the Americans as being good and the english evil. Some British officers clearly have trouble following the orders to burn homes and kill innocents. Benjamin Martin is based on Francis Marion and is depicted as the immoral and ruthless soldier That Marion was. He savagely kills the english soldiers as do many of his recruits. Tavington is based on the British Col. Banastre Tarleton who was by all accounts a a ruthless butcher himself who was known to kill surrendering soldiers. The film does take many libertys with facts but if Americans make a film about the American Revolution I would say that is is okay if we portray the British as the bad guys because quite frankly...they were.

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Funny but annoying, 31 May 2003

Sure it has some funny parts and also is cute at times but I can't understand why no one in Leo's (Richard Dreyfuss')family couldn't understand why Bob was annoying Leo. I guess you just gotta go with suspension of disbelief and enjoy the funny parts.

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As Funny as you can get., 31 May 2003

This is one of my favorites. Every Character is absolutely hilarious. The Baby Bear being huge while the father is half his size is pure genius. Every time (and I am not promoting child abuse here) he Papa bear whacks Junyer I laugh out loud. Bea Benaderet is great as the ma bear. Stan Freberg was just as funny as Junyer.

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