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Expectations, 3 January 2009

It seems that most of the negative comments on this board were expecting something different from the film. It is not a typical war movie; the war is the background for the story. There are some moments in the war scenes toward the beginning that could have been done better, and perhaps the Ally "bad guy" could have been less cliché, but other than that, I thought the movie was perfect.

It focuses on the soldiers, the people of the town they get stranded in, and a small boy who has never seen black people before. The movie has great moments of both humor and drama, something I look for in films (if you prefer movies, especially war movies, to be completely serious and devoid of any humor, keep looking). There is also not a whole lot of action, something that is probably a turn-off for many war film fans.

The meat of the film, however, is something that most of the reviewers overlook. The title of the movie is "Miracle at St. Anna". Yet, at St. Anna, hundreds of people were slaughtered. Where is the miracle? Does one life being saved make a miracle? Where is God in all of this?

The film also keeps you guessing as to what is going to happen next. Most war films are at least somewhat obvious in where they are going; this one isn't.

If you're looking for a war film, this isn't for you. If you're looking for a film with a great story, solid characters and more thought put into it than the average movie, this might be what you're looking for.

Hero (2002)
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The Usual Suspects meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon... yet not nearly as good as either, 21 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Excellent visuals. Brilliant cinematography. Superb directing. Wonderful fight scenes.

And yet the movie still sucked. Well, okay, it didn't suck, but it wasn't that good, either. It was... middle-of-the-road. Of course, if you like a movie only for its action and visuals, then you'll probably love Hero. Otherwise you might want to stay away from it.

THE STORY (poss. spoilers; I mean, not really 'cause you can see it coming anyway, but oh well) <----> Centering in flashbacks around a great warrior known as Nameless who comes to the Emperor of China, it tells the tale of Nameless and his exploits with three deadly assassins after the Emperor. If you've seen the Usual Suspects, you know what happens; if you haven't, then you should go see that instead.

I gave it 5/10 because it's not really anything special, but it isn't horrible, either. Just lame.

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9/11: A Romance, 22 August 2004

Okay, so just a quick rant here, but imagine if 50, 60, 70 years from now filmmakers make a movie about 9/11; except, instead of it being about 9/11, it's a dumb soppy romance that has nothing to do with 9/11 itself. Wouldn't you be just a little p***ed off? I know I would be. Taking a horrible tragedy and turning it into an insanely stupid movie with a lame romance story would be terrible.

Now imagine that that tragedy actually took place 50, 60, 70 years ago, and that the insanely stupid movie was released today. As a matter of fact, make it be Pearl Harbor. Oh, wait, THEY ALREADY DID THAT. Talk about totally disgracing and disregarding a horrible tragedy. Good job, guys; now let's watch you make fun of disabled people.

Anyway, that's just my little rant. Now back to the movie...

It was sh!t. The romance was stupid, the acting subpar, and the writing was like jamming a screwdriver into your brain through your ears. The only decent thing about it was the special effects, but since many other movies have just as good if not better effects, that's probably not a good reason to see it.

I don't recommend this film at all.

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Funny, But Not THAT Funny, 22 August 2004

So the ever-predictable plot (which doesn't matter in a comedy anyway) is about this down-on-his-luck guy who has a run-in with trouble on a plane and has to attend anger management classes with a crazy psycho guy who happens to be stealing his girlfriend from him. Much hilarity ensues. Well, SOME hilarity ensues.

What really makes this movie work is Jack Nicholson. He's a great actor, and this role is just perfect for him. If only the movie were funnier... doesn't matter, I guess. It's still fairly funny. If you wanna' see a non-thinker fluff comedy, I recommend this, if only for "the Jack"'s performance.

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Um... Okay, So It's Cliche, But More Like Almost Bearable, 21 August 2004

Wow, what a lame movie. Chris Farley does his standard crazy white fat guy routine, and Matthew Perry does fine, but the movie just isn't funny no matter how you look at it.

The story is about two guys who want to beat Lewis and Clark to the west coast, I think. I'm not sure; but in a comedy, the plot doesn't really matter, now does it? There's some problems along the way, resulting in what I think the writer thought were hilarious moments. By the way, in case you hadn't noticed, they weren't. The movie just isn't funny. Seriously.

Go rent something else, like Airplane! or Eurotrip. This was just a waste of a videocassette.

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Surprisingly, Not As Bad As You Might Think, 21 August 2004

Personally, I found this to be fairly funny, quite cool in how it dealt with movies and movie stars, and all in all, well worth the money I paid to see it.

The story is about two movie stars: the guy, played by John Cusack, is desperately in love with the girl, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. She, however, doesn't want anything to do with him. Then there's the sweet sister of the girl movie star. This is Julia Roberts, and she happens to be in love with John Cusack.

The really fun part of the film, however, is Christopher Walken, who happens to make every role memorable. If you're in the mood for a good rom-com, this would be a choice I'd recommend.

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I Love Lamp, 21 August 2004

Will Ferrell is a comedic actor who not everyone enjoys. And when I say not everyone, I mean I don't enjoy him either.

That said, I did like the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skits. Doesn't matter. Ron Burgundy is typical Ferrell humor; if you like it, then you'll like this movie--otherwise, steer clear of it.

To me it's like a SNL skit drawn out way too far. Ron is an anchorman who has some problems with the new reporter at the station, a woman. Then some stuff happens, there's some other crap that happens, and generally a whole bunch of lame jokes bombard the theatre-goer.

I only recommend to fans of Ferrell.

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The Hair... DAMN THE HAIR!!!, 20 August 2004

Ace Ventura returns for more...

After a serious animal-rescue accident parodying a little movie called Cliffhanger, Ace resigns himself to a monestary at the top of a loooooooong set of stairs. The kidnapping of a bat, however, forces him out of retirement, along with his pet monkey Spike and a slinky.

Personally, I like it better than the original, but at the same time it's still a kiddie comedy. Nothing too special about it, and once again, Jim Carrey pulls the weight of the movie, although the supporting cast is a bit better.

Not recommended for anyone in the mood for a good laugh.

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No, Kathy, No!!!, 20 August 2004

Kathy Bates nude... uuuhhhh....

Anyway, Jack Nicholson stars as a guy by the name of--that's right--Schmidt. He's down on his luck, seeing as how his wife, who he didn't really appreciate in the first place, just died. So he goes on a road trip to stop his daughter from marrying the wrong man. He soon discovers himself and that he can't always control everything.

Great acting, great characters, but a fairly plain plotline. Which it's meant to be. I suggest seeing it if you're in the mood for a good character study, or if you're a Nicholson or Bates fan.

But man, why did she have to go nude? Just a little rant here, but from what I understand, she did it to sort of say that hey, other people than "beautifuls" can do nude scenes. But the problem is... THERE'S A REASON only "beautifuls" do nude scenes... anyway. It's still a good movie, just... eww....

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Wow, If Only We Could Vote For Harrison Ford...., 20 August 2004

A good action flick. Worth seeing if you're in the mood. That's my take on it, anyway.

So the plot is that a bunch of terrorist baddies take over Air Force One in order to get their ransom: the release of their evil general leader from prison. However, who could save the poor people trapped on the plane? Who, pray tell, who?

Well, it turns out that the president himself is the one who gets the chance to rescue everyone else. It's sort of lame in how that happens because you already know what's going on and they drag it out like you don't know, but never mind about that. It's a good action flick and I've always been a big Harrison Ford fan. You'll enjoy it if you're into actioners, Ford, Gary Oldman, or politics. Well, maybe not the last one... still, a good film.

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