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I liked The Krabby Kronicle better, 5 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm giving this episode 7 because it's the median between 5.5 and 8.8. Boating Buddies was just alright, so that's the 5.5. The Krabby Kronicle I thought was really good, I'm giving that an 8.8. *SPOILERS AHEAD* Boating Buddies is about Squidward having to go to boating school with SpongeBob, and The Krabby Kronicle is about Mr. Krabs writing news papers that ruin everybody's lives. At the end of The Krabby Kronicle, everyone finds out that the news papers are all lies and that Mr. Krabs was overworking SpongeBob. *END OF SPOILERS* So Boating Buddies wasn't great, but The Krabby Kronicle was very interesting. A similar plot to The Krabby Kronicle was done in an episode of Victorious called Robarazzi.

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While Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful wasn't great, it least it wasn't as bad as A Pal for Gary, 5 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Pal for Gary is just horrendous! It's about SpongeBob gets Gary a pet to play with him when SpongeBob's at work, but it's not a pet! It's a monster! It was even about to eat Gary and SpongeBob STILL blames Gary! That's what TV Tropes calls Ungrateful Bastard! Seriously, it was trying to eat Gary, then SpongeBob comes in and it almost eats SB, and Gary STILL saves him! But does SpongeBob care? NOOOO! Oh no! Like I said it's what TV Tropes calls Ungrateful Bastard! It's such a stupid and cruel episode and I'm GLAD it has 4/10 thanks to 49 other users! I wish it was 1.6 like Ratatoing! Yes it's as bad as Ratatoing! AND it's worse than Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale! Which says a lot because Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale is not only one of the most hated animated films of all time, but one of the most hated FILMS of all time! No one likes it and it has 1.9/10 from 80 IMDb users! As for the other episode Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, it gets a 4.5 from me. It was almost a 6 or a 7 but I hated the part when Squidward was eating garbage and the part when the cop officer ate the gum that was stepped on! So I give that one a 4.5 but A Pal for Gary doesn't even get zero! It gets -97! Yes it's THAT bad. I wouldn't even be surprised if The Legend of the Titanic is better and it's rated 1.3! Same for Son of The Lion King and that's rated 1.1! And then about five days ago my friend OldNickolodeon34 send me a message at regrading some awful piece of crap show I've never heard of called Greeny Phatom, I read what I can only assume was his review of it here at IMDb since it's the only review, and I rated it 1 just based on what he said about it alone! And it went down from 2.8 to 2.5. Out of six votes, one of them was a 10 for that awful show! That's just more proof that some people on this site might rate ANYTHING a 10 no matter how bad it is! What is wrong with those morons! If you've read my other reviews you'll see I get really mad when people rate shows like Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners 10! But then I see some people think shows like Liv and Maddie are just as bad, I even saw one user called TheSacredPleco rate Liv and Maddie AND Breadwinners with 1, really? I mean how can it POSSIBLY be as bad as Breadwinners? Unless it was like Sam & Cat which it's NOT! Yeah, you can probably tell my blood pressure is really high right now. OK, I think I've said enough but yeah my final score for this episode is 1/10 because I can't rate it separately and because A Pal for Gary was so horrendous that even if the other episode was 10/10 A Pal for Gary STILL gets -97 so that averages out to about a 1/10 at best.

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For some reason IMDb did not accept my first review., 26 June 2014

I don't understand why. But maybe it was they thought it was too long? Well in the previous review I mentioned I agree completely with the other three hated it reviews. While I don't think this show is quite as bad as Shake it Up or Dog with a Blog it's still awful. It's at least better than the horrible shows Nick has been giving us since 2008 but it's still awful. And it's boring. And I mentioned last time I hate how this is rated higher than Gordy even though Gordy is so much better! If it were up to me the rating for this show would switch with Gordy's. Because come on people. Gordy was adorable and heartwarming. I mentioned last time if you think Gordy sounded dark well many of Disney's movies have dark parts. I named a few examples but does IMDb think I went on a tangent or something? I don't know, I'm trying to make sure they accept it this time. Long story short I hate this is rated higher than Gordy or Teletubbies and I already reviewed both explaining why both deserve higher. And Liv and Maddie has the same as Rabbids Invasion at I don't know why. I'd be like if they rated SpongeBob the same as Breadwinners. But then again SpongeBob has awful episodes too but I think I went on a tangent about that too. I give this show a three because it's not as bad as Shake it Up or Dog with a Blog or any show on my list Worst new Nick shows since 2008. OK, this about it for me this time I don't want this review rejected. But to conclude I agree this is not a good show and I even didn't like the commercials for it. Whereas when I saw the commercials for Liv and Maddie I saw potential. So yeah I give this show a 2.75/10 and Liv and Maddie 9.75/10 because Liv and Maddie is so much better! And so's Teletubbies which I rate 8.75. That wraps this up please accept this IMDb this time!

Such a sweet show, 25 June 2014

I could not agree more with TheLittleSongBird, this show does not deserve any of the hate it typically gets. It's a sweet show about friendship and kindness. While the theme song may be repetitive, it's also upbeat and happy. This show gives lots of positive messages to children about being a good friend and sticking together no matter what. The Teletubbies are just like Liv and Maddie, while they may be different, they all love each other. Just like in Liv and Maddie, they made an art project in 2nd grade entitled "Sisters by chance, friends by choice". The Teletubbies are the same way. They're siblings by chance and friends by choice. Po is the cutest of the Teletubbies. She's awesome. Laa-Laa is awesome also. In this show, no one is ever sad or angry. There are no antagonists, just a peaceful meadow with peaceful flowers and plants. And cute little bunny rabbits. It reminds me of Bambi. I cannot understand why people hate shows like this and Liv and Maddie, but love awful shows like South Park and Family Guy. I mean, even Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale has better animation than South Park. And it's a direct-to-DVD movie! This show and Liv and Maddie both have lots of positive messages and great things going for them. This show should not be in The worst of the worst by Regtagular-businessman. You what shows SHOULD be on that list? Marvin Marvin, Sanjay and Craig, AwesomenessTV, Fanboy and Chum Chum, The Mighty B!, How to Rock, Wendell & Vinnie, The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Big Time Rush, Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, and new episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants such as The Splinter and A Pal for Gary. Not to mention I DESPISE The Battle of Bikini Bottom. That episode was no better than the average episode of Sanjay and Craig! Adding insult to injury, is the fact that there are not one but TWO shameless rip-offs of this excellent show, both of which have higher ratings from IMDb users. I'm talking about Rabbids Invasion, which has 6.1, and The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, which has 7.6. Yet this wonderful show has 3.2. The only logical explanation for this show receiving 3.2 stars is if it's out of four, NOT ten. This show AT LEAST deserves 7.6 from IMDb. It's The Oogieloves if anything that needs to be down. And did I mention Liv and Maddie is rated the same as Rabbids Invasion at Yes, both shows have 5.5, and even worse, this show has 3.8. The only way this show can receive 3.8 is if it's out of five. NOT ten. And if anyone wants to know another underrated show besides this one, it's Liv and Maddie. And there's the movie Gordy, which may have a slightly dark plot but is also wonderful overall. So if you want a GOOD show the whole family can enjoy, watch this show or Liv and Maddie, or Good Luck Charlie or Victorious. Skip the current crap on Nick, ignore Dog with a Blog, watch this or Liv and Maddie or the movie Gordy. I hope people will find this review useful.

UPDATE ON JULY 8: I just heard they're making more episodes after all these years! Hallelujah! Also, Rabbids Invasion went down to a 5.3 at So at least it's dropping. If only we could get this show and especially Liv and Maddie up...

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I cannot understand why people hate this adorable show., 25 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am appalled that people can find a show like this to be "The Worst of the Worse", "Disney's Weak Link", or have "Horrible Over-Acting from lead". I do not feel the acting on this show is bad at all. I've seen people at say the acting is complete crap but I don't agree. I feel Dove Cameron does an excellent job distinguishing Liv from Maddie to the point that you don't even notice it's the same person playing both roles. People also say they hate the catchphrases on this show like they hate Maddie's "Bam! What?!" but I think it's cute. I realized Liv actually has three and I like all of them: Dazzleberry, yaysies, and bling-a-ding-ding. I also like how even though they're polar opposites with completely different interests, they're "Sisters by chance, friends by choice". It makes it a lot like The Fox and the Hound (which is the best movie ever!) As for it being the weak link, I could not agree less with that either. This is the best show Disney Channel has given us since Good Luck Charlie, and the best show currently on air. I find this show to have more heart, humor, and entertainment value in just one episode alone than the Mickey Mouse Cartoons have in all episodes combined. To Deanna Tresmith, I do not think Liv is a stuck-up brat. And the episode you are talking about, Shoe-A-Rooney, did not have a moral about trying to change someone. Liv was just trying to make Maddie try something new and it got out of hand. Liv even had to destroy the pumps just to get Maddie back to normal. It reminded me of the episode of SpongeBob, "Just One Bite", in which Squidward tries a Krabby Patty and pretends to hate it, but the truth is he loves them. Maddie was the same way about her perfect pumps. She claimed to hate them, and even went as far as pretending to be sick just so she could hide her love for them. But the shoes completely took over Maddie's personality. She even thought she was a shoe-loving sparkly girl. It's like the shoes hypnotized her into thinking she's just like Liv. But I loved the episode because it just goes to show that while you may not want to try something new, you may end up loving it anyway. Just like the SpongeBob episode Just One Bite. Another thing I like about this show is there have been two references to Charlotte's Web (my second favorite movie, and that's referring to the original but I love both versions and even the sequel). The first was in Steal-A-Rooney, where Parker mentioned he used to have a hamster named Templeton (obviously a reference to Templeton the Rat from the classic book and the movies). And in Move-A-Rooney Karen mentions that Liv freaked out after being read the first three pages of the classic book (it's her loss, it's an excellent novel and movies). Then they referenced another one of my favorite Disney movies in the episode Moms-A-Rooney. Maddie says at one point in the episode to Karen and Liv "You keep this dream alive!". It's a reference to the song Once Upon a Time in New York City from Oliver & Company (my favorite song of all time and my favorite Disney soundtrack). In the song, sung by Huey Lewis, it says "Keep your dream alive, dreamin' is still how the strong survive." And in Howl-A-Rooney, it reminded me of The Jungle Book with it having a girl raised by wolves. I cannot understand why this show is hated so much from It has a 5.5/10 rating there just like Rabbids Invasion. This show is so much better than that crap. I'd be like if they rated SpongeBob the same as Breadwinners. But even with SpongeBob that would be KIND OF justified, because of the new episodes. This show however is solid all the way.

Rating: 9.75/10 A nearly flawless show.

UPDATE ON JULY 8: I was checking for new reviews and just saw the review "Disney's Weak Link" is no longer on here. I wonder why? Even though I disagree with it, they still have a right to their opinion. I mean that's the whole point of this site, right? Also, Rabbids Invasion is down to 5.3 at But this show still needs to go up. WAY up. I remember at first Rabbids was rated 1.7 while this show was rated EIGHT point seven. That's the way it SHOULD be. Rabbids Invasion is stupid! And boring, and plot less, and pointless, and has NOTHING on this show.

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1 star is NOT too harsh, it's generous! This should be called AwfulnessTV!, 30 May 2014

This is yet another example of how SOME PEOPLE on this site apparently like ANY TV SHOW. Or even LOVE IT. How can you like this garbage? It is a catastrophe of a show. The only other review on here claims that 1 star is too harsh. If ANYTHING 1 star is too generous! And Nick just recently renewed this trash AND Breadwinners. Yet it looks like Sam & Cat is about to get the boot, despite it being the only show currently on Nick that people actually like. It took me FOREVER to finally wake up and realize how bad Sam & Cat really is, however, I still rated the pilot 6/10 stars, #TheBritBrats 5/10 stars, and #BlueDogSoda 4/10 stars. The others I rated 1/10 stars. Sam & Cat is STILL better than the other awful shows currently on Nick, even if that's not saying much. Why can't Nick have just ONE GOOD SHOW. Just ONE GOOD SHOW is all I ask for. Is that too much to ask for? I mean say what you want to about most of the other shows currently on Disney Channel, but I for one LOVE Liv and Maddie. What I think sucks is most of the ratings for Liv and Maddie are the same or similar to Sam & Cat, yet the show is SUPERIOR to Sam & Cat. I mean, it's not mean-spirited, it's not sending out the wrong messages to kids, and it's not crude or cruel. Unlike Sanjay and Craig, for example, which is both crude AND cruel. Or Breadwinners, which is also crude (and stupid, extremely stupid), or Rabbids Invasion, which may not be cruel or crude but is DEFINITELY stupid, and boring. Honestly, I should have reviewed this show MONTHS ago, but maybe if I had, they would have deleted it because one of those people who love ALL these horrible and retarded shows filing an abuse report, for AN OPINION! I mean this is America, it's a free country! Lately I've had to redo my reviews for The Thundermans AND The Haunted Hathaways, because of these people who are sensitive to opinions. At this point I'm CONVINCED there's people who'll like or love ANY show, I mean even Marvin Marvin has 160 votes 10 and Breadwinners has 45, and Sanjay and Craig has 126, and this show has 11. The thing I hate THE MOST is HOW CAN MORE PEOPLE LIKE MARVIN MARVIN THAN GORDY! Gordy only has 97 votes 10, and it has more votes than Marvin Marvin! Come ON IMDb! Give Gordy at least SOME love! I'm still working on getting Gordy up to AT LEAST 7.1! Not to mention I have GOT to get The Ooogieloves down, because it's still at 7.6! I wish it was ONE point six. Then it'd be the second lowest rated in IMDb's Bottom 100! (The first is some Bollywood movie I've never heard of called Gunday, which was rated 1.5/10). In fact even if Oogieloves was rated one point SEVEN or even one point EIGHT I'd still be #2 in the Bottom 100.

UPDATE ON MAY 31: Oh my God! The new season of Breadwinners is EVEN WORSE than the first! Nick is truly dead now. Also, I checked the other ratings of the first person to comment on this show, and found he/she gave Toy Story 3 A FOUR OUT OF TEN! Yet this trash gets 8?! I wish this had lower than 4.2. I love how gives it 1.0! If only IMDb rated these shows that low...

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My third review, 29 March 2014

My first two times reviewing this terrible show were deleted. And do you know why? Because clearly SOMEONE who's a fan of this show can't take the cold, hard truth. This happened with two other users. Morgan Cue actually gave the show a 2 which of course is generous in my opinion but STILL got her (or his) review removed. To be fair I did ask in mine why do you morons like this show but Morgan Cue did not so you can't even handle the cold, hard truth even when they're generous too?

As for the other review I looked through and found this comment featured on the front page which is not featured AT ALL on the current page. It was written by jpc08109 on August 17, 2013 with the summary "Abslutely Horrible". Here's what it said: "What kind of writers did they get to work on this car crash, cringe worthy would be a good phrase to fit this show how does Nick go from a half descent show like ICarly or Victorious to this, is it to throw in the token motherless black family? and what is with that kid wearing the bow ties and that girl with the non-prescription glasses and the a-typical nerdy kids and the as usual too hot for her age teenage girl, I like nickelodeon but the shows nowadays stink with the exception of sponegebomb but I didn't like this show it just annoyed me and I don't get annoyed easily it just seemed like a show to let people know that white people and black people can live together I just think it is silly"

Now what exactly was wrong with that review? Yes it did misspell Absolutely and had lots of run-on sentences, but still. IT'S JUST AN OPINION. One that I agree with. And I noticed ALL the "best" reviews are the ones saying stuff like "Fantastic Show Nick needed" or "Very Good", yet the TRUTHFUL reviews are like mine get rated with like 1 out of 3 or 5 out of 14. Or 7 out of 18 or 6 out of 20. And to SanteeFats, I'm A HE. Since when is Mitchell a girl's name? Maybe not everyone who likes this show is moron, maybe they just can't tell the difference between a good show and a bad one. I am ASHAMED this could be considered as good as Good Luck Charlie or Liv and Maddie by some users. If you ask me that's like comparing SpongeBob or Regular Show to Breadwinners. I totally agree with Silke Hahn that "This show is a waste of time" meaning if it weren't for me his comment vote would have been 0 of 2. And when turnupthemusiclouder said "I agree with you on so many levels Morgan!!!" I know he was referring to Morgan Cue whose HONEST OPINION got unrighteously deleted. And I checked jpc08109 and found he currently does not have one single review. Which most likely means this was the only show he bothered to review but like I said it got unrighteously removed. Unless he wrote other reviews that got deleted but the does not have his page archived at all so I could only check the current live version. I'm going to wrap this up before I exceed the 1,000 word limit but let me just say, I am NOT happy this, The Thundermans, and Sanjay and Craig were renewed. Nick should have canceled these shows like Marvin Marvin!

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I don't care what MJJMoonwalker and Startlet Award think, this show sucks, 29 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My first review for this terrible show was deleted. And do you know why? Because clearly SOMEONE who's a fan of this show can't take the cold, hard truth. I mentioned in my last review that this show deserves zero, yet Startlet Award apparently doesn't believe ANY shows out there deserve zero. There are thousands of shows out there. How is it possible not to think ANY shows deserve zero? I mean, what about Marvin Marvin, The Mighty B!, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Fred: The Show, Sanjay and Craig, or Toddlers and Tiaras? Do those shows deserve a 9 too? Are you sure you wouldn't give ANY of these shows a 0 or even 1? For some reason only Toddlers and Tiaras made Rectangular businessman's list of The worst of the worst, even though he gave The Mighty B! a 1/10 rating and review calling it a very bad cartoon which it is. He doesn't even HAVE to see Marvin Marvin, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Fred: The Show to know they all have "worst of the worst" written ALL OVER THEM. I even realized I had not voted on the about 25 titles on that list, but I should have even though I've never seen any of them. I don't have to. They SCREAM worst of the worst, at the top of their lungs! And so does this show, The Haunted Hathaways, The Oogieloves, and Rabbids Invasion. And I know a lot of people hate Sam & Cat but it's the only show Nick has left that's worth watching. The fact that MJJMoonwalker could think this show, The Haunted Hathaways, AND Sanjay and Craig are all excellent shows yet he apparently hates Dan Schneider's show HAS TO MEAN there's something wrong with him/her. I mean, yes, I realize Rectangular businessman had almost all Dan Schneider shows on the worst of the worst (the only exception being Zoey 101, which he apparently has not seen), but what makes you think this show and The Haunted Hathaways are any better? Rectangular businessman mentioned in his review of iCarly "This shows is not only stupid and unfunny, but also incredible annoying as well, filled with inappropriate humor and unlikeable characters. All the characters of this show are annoying and irritating, and all behave like morons. The worst part of it is that none of them is funny or interesting at, all, their idiocy is only annoying and repetitive.

Nickelodeon is getting worse and worse with the years, with horrible shows as "Drake & Josh", "The Naked Brothers Band" and this. "ICarly" must be one of the worst programs ever made." and gave it a 0/10. Don't you think that could also summarize this show AND The Haunted Hathaways? The characters on BOTH of these shows behave like morons, which is part of why I felt like the people praising these shows are either morons without good taste or paid by Nickelodeon itself to rate these shows 10 and say they're excellent or fantastic etc. If MJJMoonwalker hadn't criticized Marvin Marvin, I would have thought the same about him/her. However I STILL question MJJMoonwalker's sanity, since like I said even if he/she was right about Dan Schneider shows being crap I STILL don't think this show or The Haunted Hathaways are any better. Even SanteeFats, who took offense to my morons comment on The Haunted Hathaways, admitted this show's not that good. And he/she seems like someone who's easy to impress.

UPDATE ON APRIL 2: I saw MJJMoonwalker's review for Sam & Cat. So I was right that he hates it. But seriously, what makes this show or The Haunted Hathaways any better? Even if he was right about Sam & Cat sucking, this show is still worse and it would still mean Nick has NO good shows left. He claimed that "The only people who defend or "love" this show are Dan Schneiders group of lackeys/fan who kiss his ass and are biased to only his work of shows because he's so damn perfect. Screw this garbage show." Well ain't that the most hypocritical thing to say? Because frankly you're doing the same exact thing for this show and The Haunted Hathaways. Being one of Nick's lackeys who "kiss their ass" and are biased to their new shows because they're so perfect. These shows ARE ANYTHING but perfect. Perfect failures. Perfect examples of the fact that some people will love ANY show on a kids' network. Sam & Cat is the only show left that doesn't make me want to tear my hair out. And like it or not Sam & Cat WILL be rewewed, just like this show, The Haunted Hathaways, Rabbids Invasion, Sanjay and Craig, and possibly Breadwinners. Because Nick is CLEARLY getting desperate with the lack of shows they currently have. However, I STILL don't see the point of renewing shows that nobody likes. At least Sam & Cat and to a lesser extent Rabbids Invasion are getting good ratings from fans. Also, to MJJMoonwalker, are you ever going to review Rabbids Invasion or Breadwinners? They're bad too but not as bad as this show, The Haunted Hathaways, or ESPECIALLY Sanjay and Craig. Sanjay and Craig IS NOT a throwback to good shows. It's a terrible show that should have been given the boot before the end of the first season. I mean how is a show based on butts, barfing, flatulence, and snot a throwback to good shows? Seriously that's one of the most stupid and wrong statements I've ever heard in my life.

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Here we go again, 27 February 2014

Yet another stinker episode of yet another stinker show. The first episode has Buhdeuce eating "stank bread" and it gives him bad breath. The other episode has their pet frog Jelly (what kind of name is that for a frog? And it's supposed to be a dog, just like how on SpongeBob snails are cats, worms are dogs, scallops are birds, and jellyfish are bees. So what kind of name is that for a frog OR a dog?) eating a beehive (since when do frogs OR dogs eat beehives or honey?) and it flatulates out the bees. Then, after that, the frog started CHASING the bees like it was actually going to eat them AGAIN. Like, come on, you just flatulated out the bees and now you're going to eat them AGAIN? That's pointless. And disgusting. In a pointless way.

This show and all the other new Nick shows except Sam & Cat should be dropped in a trench in the ocean and never shown to human beings ever again! I know I've said that before, on other new Nick shows, but let's face it. All these shows suck. They're all awful and need to die. The only good show on now is Sam & Cat. But the others are all awful. In fact, I was generous by giving Rabbids Invasion a 5. I only did that because there were no other 5s, and the show's pilot was OK. But the other episodes suck. And, I still had to give the pilot a 1 to prevent it from getting a high rating. It had 8.6 before I voted at 1. Now it has 7.3.

This episode gets a 1 because I can't rate it 0. The pilot gets a double 0. Yes, the pilot was that bad.

UPDATE ON MARCH 9: I changed my rating for Rabbids Invasion from 5 to 1. Why? Because this show is getting worse and worse. Not only that, but the rating is still 6.1 when it should be 2.1. Also, there were originally no 5s but now there's one from a male aged 45+ (I'm 19).

A reply to BobMcDuDu's review about Breadwinners, 25 February 2014

NOTE: This is not an actual review of SpongeBob SquarePants. I have rated it 10/10 for the old episodes only. We all know by now the show's new episodes have been sucking since after the movie came out. Although some new episodes can be good (like the recent special "SpongeBob vs. the Goo"). But anyway, BobMcDuDu said Jessie is Disney Channel's only hope, but what about Liv and Maddie? I like that show a lot. If you ask me it's the best show on Disney Channel now. Actually I don't like Jessie that much. And I agree about Dog with a Blog being terrible (I reviewed it), however it does look like Ferris Bueller's Day Off compared to Breadwinners and to Sanjay and Craig. A.N.T. Farm I like, but don't love. Austin & Ally is getting worse just like Jessie. Most of the Disney shows get too crude except Good Luck Charlie and Liv and Maddie. If you're wondering why I didn't post this response in my Breadwinners review, it's because I already exceeded the 1,000 word limit in that review. Plus I wanted to add to the users who love old SpongeBob and hate new SpongeBob. One last note: I am on a quest to try and change some ratings for certain Disney movies and for The Oogieloves. As we all know The Oogieloves currently had an 8/10 average rating from over 12,000 users, however I just looked it up and found out it's now 7.7 from 13,028 users. Out of these votes, there are currently 11,756 10s and only 859 1s. If I could get a spambot like the one they used to get the rating so high in the first place, I could get the rating down to 5.5. We just need 11,756 1s. Also there are 225 9s and only 58 2s, I need to even out that too. And 29 8s and 28 1s, 24 7s and 17 4s, although the 6s and 5s match. 16 for both. Another rating I want to change is Gordy. It has a 3.6 from 1,013 users. I want to get it up to AT LEAST 7.1, but really it should be 8.3. For the rest of the ratings I want to change visit

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