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RocknRolla (2008)
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I bet he'll never make better movie than the Snatch, 19 April 2009

I have watched about ten of movies of this kind, among them The two smoking barrels, The snatch, The mean machine, Burn after reading, and can't remember more... The main feature is dynamic plot with original humor (british alike). Most of the movies listed above are directed by Ritchie implying that he is the master of this genre. In my experience rarely the second sequel is better than the first, and the third is always the worst (it's not easy to be original any more)... Back then in 1990s, I was delighted by Two smoking barrels, and after, The SNATCH is one of the 5 best movies I have ever watched. What to say about Rocknrolla? Well, it depends on the approach and expectations of a potential viewers before the move starts. I expected too much, and was disappointed. Movie is not bad, but nothing special, it is dynamic, all right, but didn't leave me with smile on my face, I don't remember that I have laughed more than 3 times. Obviously, I set to high criteria before watching it... ps. Don't read comments with revealed plot! Otherwise, there's no point watching this Ratings: The Snatch 10, Two smoking barrels 8, Mean machine 8, Burn after reading 8, and ROCKENROLLA 6

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Challenge in the sense of watching it till the end, 19 April 2009

Out of tons of the movies of the same thematic, this one is the far worst I have ever seen. Very bad acting, sound synchronization is also disastrous (I was expecting to see the microphone at some stage, but I couldn't, so that's plus). Conversation is worst then in the majority of adult movies, same accounts for the script globally. Humour is copy/paste from different movies, so it's not worth commenting any more... My recommendation is: JUST SKIP THIS, don't waste your time Rating: Sinjce 0 is not allowed ps. I finished it after 3 days (my friend recommend it to watch it, and I don't understand if he was joking, or he was in the weird mood)