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I'm addicted!, 15 April 2009

This is a GREAT show - finally strong, independent, successful women on TV. We can all learn from watching Nico and Co, who in the show does with the usual problems successful women have to deal with, such as jealousy of their partners or macho-colleagues. My favourite character on this show is Nico, she has so much class and is very forceful. I really enjoyed watching Sex in the City and I also like Desperate Housewives from time to time. But my favourite characters of these shows are definitely the strong women who don't scream "Save me, Prince, save me!" But I also like the glamour-factor, which Desperate Housewives lacks completely and in Sex and the City Miranda wasn't very glamorous and Samantha.. well, was unique, but no one I would see as a role model in certain ways. Lipstick Jungle has both: Glamour and strong women with role model ability!

I'm totally addicted to this show! I also absolutely adore the jewellery they're wearing.