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Antichrist (2009)
Women as Carriers of Evil, 7 May 2015

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I am not particularly fond of Lars Von Trier. However, I decided to watch this movie and I was pleasantly surprised. I could finish the movie, which is good for starters, and felt genuine interest during the whole movie. While I dislike the prologue and epilogue for their pretentiousness, as they are filmed in a too crisp, neat, calculated and deliberate "Christmas Artsy Advert", there is to admit that the film keeps you seated in the chair with a feeling of overbearing discomfort and sometimes even fear. It is indeed a movie that throws in the mix lots of psychological elements and concepts on purpose, and tries deliberately to confuse you, make you think, and always try to convey an ulterior meaning too high to be fully comprehended. This pretentiousness is what I do not like in the movie. The rest is pretty good, and it does not disappoint. It must be said that this movie is not for those who like movies with a clear end, plot and script. The movie is deliberately obscure, dense, and confusing. There are also high doses of violence and also some hard-core explicit sex, and even scenes of mutilation involving genitalia. So, if you are easily offended, you should not watch it. If you like strange, cult-like European movies, you will enjoy it. It is not a masterpiece as many have said, and it is not rubbish, as others have suggested. The truth is somewhere in between, and my opinion is that this movie is definitely worth watching. I found the movie to be entertaining, and also makes you think about some unpleasant ideas and feelings. It must be said that the photography and music are quite good, and the interpretations of Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsburg are excellent. It must not have been easy for the actors to follow the orders of Von Trier and involve themselves in such a crazy plot. 10 out of 10 for the interpreters. As for the movie, what is it all about??? Willem Dafoe is a nameless therapist with anti-Freudian ideas married to some sort of nameless researcher in religion or anthropology or sociology (Charlotte Gainsburg), and the pair has a child who commits suicide by jumping from a window in a snowy winter night, with the intention to better see how snowflakes fall. While the child commits suicide, the parents are making love mechanically and brutally, and the child sees it. Did he feel unloved??? After the death of the child, the woman has a crisis, and they go to a lost cabin in the woods called "Eden", where a crazy drama with some surreal and supernatural dream-like events happen. Women are basically classified as carriers and transmitters of Evil, and Nature is equated to evil, being women nothing more than beings under the control of nature (Evil, Satan, according to the movie). Lots of ideas and nasty concepts are exposed and thrown to us. It is for you to see if some of it resonates with you or not. The film has indeed a misogynist tone, or at least misanthropic. My recommendation is: watch it by yourself by night, and have an open mind. You may like it or not, but probably it won't leave you indifferent.

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Overrated and Mediocre Film with a decent twist in the end, 9 December 2014

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I have watched tonight this movie. I had good expectations, and i was very disappointed. The movie is full of pseudo hippie, new age stuff, with amateur guys and girls drinking and singing, playing guitars, and dancing naked and having sex in the new age island ruled by a freakish lord played by Cristopher Lee(too urbane to be credible, ridiculous hair). The islanders and their dances and rituals looked like a cheap Sunday pantomime done by amateurs at the local pub. The scene at the school, where the teacher is just teaching black magic as if they were just saying 2+2=4 made me jump from my chair and laugh. So bad¡¡¡¡ The actors are horrendous, including Lee. The plot is bad, and the script is poor. The director executes the movie very badly and poorly. The end is morbid and rather interesting, but it is very far from being the great thing people say. The wicker man is a mediocre movie with some touch of originality and a decent ending. That is why i give it a five. As for the people who give this movie a 10, they must be surely card carrying members of Lord Freakishland Islanders Cult promoting a pagan covert operation to grow apples in the minds of the IMDb readers¡¡¡ (LOL)

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Human Sacrifice and Devil Worship in Coastal Spain, 10 July 2014

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Night of the Seagulls is the last movie of the famous Blind Dead series made by Spanish film director Amando de Ossorio. This is one of the best low-budget horror movies of the seventies. It does contain many mistakes, of course, but that is to be expected in this type of movie. We can not wish here for production values such as in "Gone with the Wind". Amando de Ossorio had enormous difficulty in financing this movie, which was just about to become one of those forgotten movies who could not be finished due to lack of money. Finally, they managed to solve the situation with the help of a friend of Ossorio, J. Bermudez de Castro, an aristocratic Spaniard from an old and wealthy family who possessed a vast culture and particular tastes in literature and cinema. This movie has also some peculiarities that make it an important film, or at least a curiosity. One of them is the fact that Sandra Mozarowsky is one of the actresses. Sandra Mozarowsky is the pretty and young brunette maiden called Lucy. This girl died in mysterious circumstances not even three years after making this movie , being just 19 years old. The strange death of Sandra Mozarowsky conmotioned Spain at the time. This girl used to die in nearly all the movies she appeared in, and her mysterious "suicide" still remains a matter of controversy, as she was rumored to be friendly with high personalities of Spain. The script, photography and story are pretty good. Also, the HP Lovecraft touch goes very well with the story. The Pagan Idol worshiped by the Templars resembles very much the Philistine idol dagon, or the Carthage-Phoenician deity "Moloch". Human sacrifices in coastal states were not unknown in history. The "Dagon" or "Horror of Dunwich" twist sits well with the movie. The scenes where the ritualistic human sacrifices take place, at dawn in abandoned beaches, are beautifully filmed. The scenes of the Idol Sacrifice and worship are very good, and the Blind Dead Knight Templars are convincing and creepy as usual. Very interesting little gem, with the added charm of the presence of the sad and hauntingly beautiful Sandra Mozarowski, a pretty maiden with a tragic destiny.

Excalibur (1981)
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Boring, Slow and Idiotic Depiction of the Arthurian Myths, 26 June 2014

When i was 10 years old and watched this movie the first time, I did like it, but i considered it to be a bit long. The second time i watched this movie, many years later, I had to use my remote control, as the boredom was almost unbearable. A few days ago, i tried to watch the movie again. This time i could not even finish it, shut down the TV, and went to the beer cooler to recover from the very bad impression this movie gave me. It is surprising to see the many positive reviews this movie has. Indeed, the movie is overrated. My opinion is that many people who saw this movie as children, still have good memories about it, and keep reviewing it positively. Also, as the theme of the movie is very appealing and famous (hey, we are talking about the round table, King Arthur, Merlin, blah blah), they just confuse the myth and the movie, and my belief is that they are rating the quality of the Arthurian legend and myth rather than the movie itself. Excalibur is a very slow movie, with shallow characters, very bad actors( have you seen the King Arthur they gave us???) and an even worse direction, plot and script. Also, the movie is too long. I could not recover from the bad impression it gave me the King Arthur Character and the actor who portrayed it. Maybe the actor was a relative of someone in the management of the studio, or there was a mistake, or perhaps the director was drunk and wanted to make fun of the audience. They just depict and portray King Arthur as a person who would not be even fit to take an IQ test to clean toilets¡¡¡¡ Watch it, and unfortunately you will agree with me. That Arthur has no chemistry, intelligence, not to mention charisma¡¡¡ a Big mistake. The movie starts well, but after the clever Arthur gets Excalibur, the movie drifts away and is lost in an endless succession of stupidities. Very bad movie, they couldn't have made it worse if they wanted.

Uncomplicated Movie: Absolutely Great Entertainment, 26 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I felt very nostalgic when i watched again this one many years later. The Beast Master is a great movie, they do not do this again, and they should. Less CGI and more plot and script¡¡¡¡¡ The actors are a bit campy, and for moments even surreal. But they are very likable and go very well with the story. There are beautiful women, evil sorcerers and wizards, demon-like hybrid fighters, ancient warriors, a touch of magic, just enough violence without being too gorish, and a pack of funny animals who are just an integral part of the movie.

This is a movie without pretensions, just pure entertainment. I wish they could make more like this.

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No Comedy and No Vampires: just another American Psycho, 26 June 2014

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Vampire Kiss is actually a pretty good movie. I have read many reviews saying that the movie is a "Dark Comedy", uses black humor, and that it is very funny. I actually did not consider this movie funny, and it would be a great mistake to classify it as a Comedy, or even a black comedy. Vampire Kiss is a drama, a deep drama about a young Jewish executive who goes to live to New York and is defeated by the Big City. The guy can not cope, and he loses it. The originality of the movie is to present this drama to the audience through the mental delusions of a pathetic and sick man who believes he is a vampire. It is actually pretty much the same story as American Psycho: New York and the dramas of the big city seen through the eyes of a sick person. In both cases, the narrator is an exec. In American Psycho is a Financial Exec, and in Vampire Kiss is a publishing exec. Both are successful, can not cope with reality, and tend to invent worlds, not distinguish between the real world and fiction, and hurt people. So, they are just a reflection of the fears, anxieties, loneliness, alienation, hysteria, delusion and psychosis of the people and society. The theme of loneliness and alienation is emphasized very much in the Vampire Kiss. So, congratulations to the movie guys, because they made a pretty original movie, with a good theme, and a good, oppressive atmosphere. The bad points of the movie, and the reason why i only give it a six, is because in my humble opinion, they were not valiant enough to use a less clownish actor, thinking that this movie would be more watchable through some comic relief. I do not like the over the top(as usual) interpretation of Nicholas Cage, a very overrated interpreter. Also, i must say again that the use of absurdity and grotesque(the cockroach eating, the plastic vamp teeth, for example), do not make this a comedy. They make the movie even more frightening, and they make the character played by Cage even more pathetic and disturbing. So, a great movie, but it could have been much better. This is all the way American Psycho with Vampire Teeth. They did not even change the city¡¡¡¡

"Dexter" (2006)
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Dexter, Decafeinatted Portrait-Soap of a Serial Killer, 26 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When they told me that there was a TV serial in which the star was a serial killer, i liked the idea very much. However, I was disappointed. Basically, some producers wanted to make money from the "fascination" that serial killers have in society. However, they wanted the show to be also acceptable for the masses and have higher ratings and more viewers, and also elude criticism. Therefore, they give us a non believable character who kills people according to a moral code.(Yeah, sure, that is what psychopaths do, lol) Anyway, the characters are good, the script is usually engaging, and this is a TV soap that you can watch. They give you the pretext to see all the murders, gore and blood without making the audience feel guilty(that's what many people want but they don't say) However, i find the premise of this show to be totally false and even grotesque. Killers are not glamorous, they do not have a code(if he were a vigilante he would not consider himself a psychopath, and even less a criminal), and all is non believable. However, despite all this, the show is very viewable, and it keeps the interest. They just did not have the balls to make a true show about a true serial killer, for fear of criticism, and because that would not appeal to all sectors of the audience and would make less money. So, they give us an implausible character, Dexter,the cool murderer with a morality code who only kills bad guys, who obviously does not fit the bill of an actual serial killer, and is a glamorous guy who keeps falling in love with beautiful girls and always befriends multiple killers(it is like Melrose Place with a cool murderer that we all can forgive and like, lol)

Do you imagine a 8 season show in the line of Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer?? Probably less glamorous, but far more frightening and realistic. Also, the ending was very bad. The greedy producers did not want to kill Dexter, so they could profit from a possible spin off. However, the finale is the worst i have ever seen in a TV serial. Dexter, implausible as he was, was always a guy who got away with it. The finale should be exactly that: Dexter gets away with it and goes to Argentina with the pretty blonde poisoner and his son. But no, they give us a Catholic Monk ending, Dexter, dressed as a hillbilly lumberjack, in voluntary reclusion and exile in some mountains. Ha, ha, ha. So, Dexter atoning for his sins and Joining a Convent is actually the idea¡¡¡ Pity, very bad finale.

Music Box (1989)
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Why did you do it, Dad???, 19 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When i watched this movie, i did really enjoy the first 90 min. However, after the visit to Hungary and the too neat discovery of the pictures of Mishka Laszlo in the music box, i just could not believe that the movie was going to go in the direction it actually went.

What we actually see is a movie about a daughter who betrays his own father, sends him to prison, compromises the life of her own family, destroys her own reputation and stains the future of her only son. Not at any time the old Nazi Criminal is questioned by her daughter as to his motives, as she never tries to understand what drove the old man to commit those atrocities 40 years ago. The daughter's behavior is unrealistic, and it makes you wonder who is the actual monster.

The movie is an effective courtroom drama, with a good plot, good script, and excellent actors. Jessica Lange plays well the daughter, and Armin Mueller Stahl is excellent, as usual, in his role of ambiguous Nazi criminal.

The pity is that all is too obvious. The old man never stood a chance, as it was her own daughter who tried him and convicted him. Also, there is no explanation or attempt to understand the old man, his convictions, his motivations, his feelings, or the context in which he supposedly committed those atrocities. The movie assumes from the very beginning that the old man is a bad guy, and that's it.

The main question that was in the mind of everybody, and the question that every reputable, sane, caring and loyal daughter would have asked is never answered, and it is a big, big elephant in the room: why did you do it, Dad?? She never asks that. As far as we know, the old Nazi worked 30 years in a Factory, gave a good education to his daughter, and was a good provider. The movie shows very well that the old man indeed took care of his family, and shows great affection and love for her daughter, son and grandson. But the daughter betrays him without even asking the only reasonable question a son or daughter could ask: Why the hell did you do it?? So, the daughter assumes that daddy is a monster after all, does not try to understand his behavior or motives, life or context, and in a very merciless gesture she herself betrays him.

The old man is not to pity, as he was a Nazi criminal. However, it is just unbelievable that a daughter "would do the right thing". Family is family. The courageous end for this movie would have been her daughter asking him for his motives, and either accepting it or not. But the righteous crap end is totally unacceptable and lacks credibility. If not, just think for yourself and ask yourself this question: If you knew that your dad shot some people in "Nam" in some questionable circumstances, would you go to the district attorney or military prosecutor straightaway and try to get your own dad convicted, or would you ask him to explain himself and give him an opportunity?? The movie is rubbish and takes the easy way out. I give it a three only because Jessica Lange and Armin Stahl are great actors.

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A Movie with Many Hidden Points, 14 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can not understand why the critics talk so badly about this movie. Dance of the Vampires is a very good movie. It was probably misunderstood in their US release, because it is a movie with a truly European touch, and might be misunderstood or not appreciated by the average American audience.

Also, it is one of those movies that looks idiotic at a first glance, but it is not, believe me.

Dance of the Vampires has many good points:

1. A film about Vampires directed by a Polish Holocaust Survivor is in itself even ironic. It is even more ironic to see that the evil Vampires are of German Stock, called "von Krolock", and have some plans to dominate the world¡¡¡ 2. The Jewish Vampire is never allowed to rest in the same place as their German Vampire creators, being portrayed as a second rate vampire, unfit to join the ranks of the "pure race" bloodsuckers. Another irony, another parody, Polish sense of humor at its best, very theatrical. 3. The Vampires Ball Scene is absolutely captivating: perhaps it could be even interpreted as a parody of nobility and aristocracy itself. A bunch of dead-like people, actually vampires, perpetuating their old-fashioned traditions, dance in a castle¡¡ All rotten, dead, evil and decadent¡¡ Do you want it more clear? 4. The wintry landscapes, the beautiful snowy castle, the photography is just amazing, breathtaking, impressive. It does add indeed an eerie quality to the movie, some sensation of strangeness¡¡¡ 5. Sharon Tate: oh, yes, she is very beautiful in this movie. Redheads always make excellent vamps¡¡¡ Here, you see an unsatisfied woman. Sarah, the daughter of the Jewish innkeeper who later turns vampire, is never at all in this world. She is discontent with her reality, and actually seems like she does enjoy the fact of having been abducted and seduced by the aristocratic bloodsuckers. She lived before in the oppressed atmosphere of a plebeian inn. But now, she does live in a dream-like castle. The story of Sarah is the story of a damsel in distress who is not actually such, and that actually does not want to be saved¡¡¡¡ Call it black humor, if you want. But it is that way¡¡ It is sad to hear Alfred when he talks to her in the ball, trying to save her, as she clearly does not want that.

A curious mix of parody, ironic-cynical comedy, and actual horror and sadness. Indeed a very good movie, with a very good end. Oh, Sarah, your heart always belonged to darkness¡¡¡¡¡

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The Mason who would be a God, 29 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I always liked this movie. When I watched it as a child, I was so captivated by the movie that when Connery accepts fate in the bridge and starts singing, I could not help it and shouted: Sean, Run, Escape¡¡¡ I almost cried.

It is indeed a very good movie, one of my favorites. They do not really make movies like this anymore. This movie has pure magic for several reasons:

1. It is a movie about unconditional Friendship. 2. It is a movie about the realization of a very old dream: a man who wants to conquer a kingdom. Many tried, most failed. In fact, Peachy and Daniel could have been the perfect mercenaries in the armies of Hernán Cortés, Conqueror of México, or Francisco Pizarro, Conqueror of Peru. Connery and Caine are two thoroughly unscrupulous buddies whose only redeeming qualities are their capacity for dreaming and their loyalty to each other. 3. This movie is indeed high adventure.

The only thing i do not like in this movie, and the reason why i give it a six, it is because the whole freemasonry thing is totally unnecessary, a total sham. So, Alexander the Great was a mason, and a couple of English blokes who are masons too end up being kings of the Masonic Kingdom of Kafiristán. That is just not believable, and destroys the story.

As for the rest, the movie is just great: good script, superb actors in very fitting roles, good directions, good scenery, magic atmosphere, it is pure magic. Pity they blundered it with the stupid masonic twist, which is unnecessary, not realistic, and plain silly, as it borders the ridiculous. Nevertheless, it is a classic, it is good to watch, and it is indeed a very good movie.

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