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Red Tails (2012)
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Awesome Movie, 5 May 2012

Red Tails (2012.

This was one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time.

Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and Academy Award Nominee Terrence Howard lead a powerful ensemble cast in this high-flying epic inspired by the real-life adventures of the first African-American combat unit to serve in World War II. Italy, 1944. As the war takes its toll on Allied forces in Europe, a squadron of black pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen are finally given the chance to prove themselves in the sky...even as they battle discrimination on the ground. Featuring jaw-dropping aerial action and thrilling special effects, Red Tails is a breathtaking tribute to the unsung heroes who rose above extraordinary challenges and ultimately soared into history.

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Very entertaining, 5 April 2012

Great movie! Awesome cast and directing! It is wonderful to see an all black movie without drugs and violence. Keep making more of these types of films. Congrats to Terrell Owens on his movie debut.

Meeting up after the death of a close friend, a motley crew of college friends learns each of them is lined up to inherit a huge sum of money according to the terms of the will. The catch? They must remain in each other's company inside a mansion for the entire weekend. Is the dear departed trying to teach his beneficiaries about friendship...or was his gesture just a strange way of getting everyone's secrets out?

Actors: Stacey Dash, Terrell Owens, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Meagan Good, Essence Atkins, Jason Weaver, Tatyana Ali, Hosea Chanchez, Wesley Jonathan, Persia White

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Good Deeds (2012)
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Everything about this movie was GOOD, 11 March 2012

Everything about this movie was GOOD!

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds Once Again.

Tyler Perry delivers a story that not only focuses on a woman's Cinderella life but also includes a kind hearted man's point of view. Great performances from Tyler Perry, Thandie Newton, Phylicia Rashad and Brian White. And i'm SO glad to see Gabrielle Union on the big screen again! I can't wait to add this movie to my Tyler Perry collection!

Actors: Tyler Perry, Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton, Eddie Cibrian, Brian White, Phylicia Rashad

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More More More Tyler Perry, 12 January 2012

I loved this Movie, just as I love everything Tyler Perry has done. It doesn't bother me to see the negative side of family, I have a family with a lot of drama and negative and violent things happened to at least one of us. It's reality for some people. I think that's what Tyler Perry draws on. With God, we can hold on to the hope and promise of something better. That's why I buy his movies and plays, he is not shy about sharing God's word, even if at it's misquoted by Madea. Tyler Perry produces entertaining morality plays. Why do people get upset that it is NOT high art? Other movies are fluff and fun and don't have a decent message. At least Tyler Perry gives us a nice message with the silliness.

I appreciate the fact that Tyler brings humor into people's lives. I've always seen the ability to make others laugh as one of the most precious gifts a person could have. This world needs more happiness; I know I could use a good laugh daily. Tyler has created a character or two who can be a little over the top -zany - but as a whole I enjoy his work. Laughter is only one thing his films bring to my life. What I like most is the lessons he teaches with his movies. When she's not acting crazy and going off on people, Madea shares words of wisdom that can reach my heart like a good Bible teaching. (Don't ask her about The Bible, though, because she is not very good at interpreting Scripture). And even when Madea doesn't play a part in a movie, somebody is going to say something thought-provoking. I have All of Tyler Perry's plays on DVD. I will continue to support his work.

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Bait (2000)
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Better than most people give it credit for, 12 January 2012

Good...Good Movie.

I am amazed at how this movie has a low average(3 stars?) when there are crappy movies averaging 4 and 1/2 stars and 5 stars on Amazon and IMDb. The fanboy mentality strikes again. When this movie came out just about everyone slammed it. Even my ex-girlfriend said this movie was suspect. Years later I sat down to watch this movie and I found myself enjoying. Even laughing quite a bit. This and The Replacement Killers are the movies that had people labeling the director Antoine Fuqua as the black Michael Bay. I don't see how since most of Fuqua's movies are smarter than anything Michael Bay has came up with.

I Loved this movie, and I think you will too. It had a lot of action in it, and it was humorous. Good story, nice plot. Its Just A Good, Good...Good Movie.

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Getting Played (2006) (TV)
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Everybody Plays Great Movie, 12 January 2012

Actors: Vivica A. Fox, Bill Bellamy, Carmen Electra, Stacey Dash.

Welcome to the new players club where everyone's in on the game! Vivica A. Fox, Carmen Electra, and Stacy Dash star as three smart and sexy friends fed up with being played by the men in their lives. To prove that all men are predictable and easily seduced, this hot trio decides to play by a new set of rules. They enter into a wild contest of seduction to convince one lucky man that he's living a dream... but what the girls don't realize is that their mark is in onto their game and he's got a few plays of his own.

The three ladies were very good with solid performances all around. The story is a bit unbelievable but the director makes it all work. As to exactly what you will see, I'm not going to give that away but this is an entertaining movie with a few surprises. Surprise Vivica takes most of it off and so does Carmen but I really liked the character played by Stacey. Too aggressive can be misinterpreted in a woman and the "B" word often slips out. Obviously this is a love story where true love wins out overall but I'm not happy with the sterotype that all hetero males are ready to jump any attractive woman that comes along but bellamy does a good job playing and getting played to his own harm and near loss of a good thing in Ms Dash. Also cameos by comedians "Earthquake" and Tachina Arnold from the old "Martin" sitcom "Martin Lawrence" were very funny.

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Very funny, and very exciting, 11 January 2012

very funny, and very exciting.

The movie "How to Be a Player is one of the funnies movies I have ever seen. I really enjoyed watching this movie. It was extremely funny. I laughed throughout the entire movie. If you have not seen this movie, you must!

"How To Be a Player" Had me rolling from beginning till the end.. Bernie Mac was Hilarious.. and the story was cute and thorough. Bill Bellamy and Natalie Desselle "his Nosey sister were good as well.

Yes I saw this movie years ago, I just upgraded from VHS to DVD. It's good to have it just brings back memories.

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Great Fun, 11 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Breakin' All The Rules is a mediocre-to-fun movie made more than serviceable by its awesome cast, which include Jamie Foxx, Gabrielle Union, and the gorgeous Morris Chestnut. Jamie Foxx stars as Quincy, who has been unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend at their engagement party. When layoffs loom at his job, his boss asks him to research the science of firing employees--and Quincy discovers that the manner in which he was "fired" by his girlfriend was all wrong. Research leads to Quincy penning a runaway bestseller on how to break-up with your lover--chock full of theories tested out by cousin and best friend, Evan (Morris Chestnut). When Evan suspects that his current girlfriend Nicky (Gabrielle Union)is about to break up with him, he sends his cousin Quincy to plead his case. Mistaken identity ensues.....and the two become romantically involved. What follows is a hilarious tale of romance gone awry.....great fun!!

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Shines with the Brilliant Beauty of Its Namesake, 11 January 2012

Constellation" Shines with the Brilliant Beauty of Its Namesake.

It is interesting to note that the movie CONSTELLATION was first screened in 2005, just after the Academy Award-winning CRASH. And like "Crash," it provides a penetrating look into how race relations have influenced the American character; but un-like "Crash," it gives much more credit to the role that love has played in developing that character. Director-writer Jordan Walker-Pearlman opens his film with a quote from Jeffery Seaver in which the author observes that between love and death, "Love is more powerful and lasts longer." The film "Constellation" attempts to prove that point by tracing the history of an interracial relationship and its painfully mixed impact upon the lives of the couple involved as well as their family and friends.

Set in Huntsville, Alabama, the movie starts around World War II when a very bold young black woman named Carmel Boxer, played with effecting simplicity by Gabrielle Union, and a young white soldier named Bear, played by Daniel Bess, defy social convention and the law by pursuing a secret romance. With her younger brother Helms Boxer acting as their look-out, they enjoy brief times together hidden by the cover of night; until Carmel decides to visit Bear in broad daylight as his platoon is preparing to deploy. That decision proves devastating when her lover is ordered to walk away from her and board his train, leaving Carmel behind in a room where several white men assault her. We do not see an actual gang rape but the implication is clear enough and so is the bitter aftermath. We come to understand that aftermath some 50 years later shortly following Carmel's death as family members and friends--Black and White--gather to mourn her passing as well to make some kind of peace between each other.

Veteran actor Billy Dee Williams plays the now mature Helms who, unable and unwilling to cope with his country's racism, has made a life for himself as an artist in Paris. The price of doing so, however, has been the loss of a viable relationship with either of his daughters, and, two apparently failed marriages. Relationship is a key word for this movie because the "Constellation" referred to by the title more than anything else is a constellation, or grouping, of deeply intimate interactions. Relationships between lovers, between a brother and a sister, between friends, between Blacks and Whites, and between the past and the present. Walker-Pearlman weaves these relationships together and explores their human depths with sheer mastery set to a mesmerizing score of America's classical music forms, including jazz, gospel, American classic, folk, and rap. In his vision of America, specifically the U.S., racial antagonism comprises only a fraction of what has bound Blacks and Whites together. They have also been bound by shared culture, history, tragedies, triumphs, and blood.

Plum acting roles are rare for veteran black male actors but that of Helms Boxer is a perfect fit for Williams, who actually is an accomplished visual artist as well as an actor. He finds himself in good company with a constellation of bona fide stars that include: Lesley Ann Warren, Rae Dawn Chong, Clarence Williams III, Hill Harper, and Zoe Saldana.

Recent high profile interracial marriages might lead some to feel that "Constellation" squeezes a bit too much drama out of the subject. But anyone under that impression might consider that the last laws officially barring interracial marriage in the United States were just taken off the books, in the year 2000, in the very state where this movie is set: Alabama. One of the great triumphs of the film is its ability to acknowledge the agony of past prejudices while celebrating the triumphs of family and love in the here and now.

Good Movie, Good Actors, 5 January 2012

Book of Love: The Definitive Reason Why Men Are Dogs.

Actors: Robin Givens, Anthony 'Treach' Criss, Mari Morrow, Angelle Brooks, Richard T.Jones, Taraji P. Henson.

Book of Love delivers humor along with the mysteries of unrequited love and relationships gone bad. The film's story line focuses on main characters Jay, Will and Ben -- three men living, dating and loving in Los Angeles in the 90's -- who struggle with heartbreak and insecurity as a result of failed relationships. The three characters' stories unfold through sessions with their therapist – sessions that are often as comedic as they are insightful. Book of Love features an all-star ensemble cast including Robin Givens (Head of State and Boomerang), Richard T. Jones (The Wood and Twisted), Salli Richardson Whitfield (Antwone Fisher and Biker Boyz), Mari Morrow (National Security and How To Be A Player), and Loretta Devine (Crash and Women Thou Art Loosed).

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