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Warm!, 2 September 2012

This is a very warm and loving movie, a real feel-good family movie. It's all about the dog Marley and the life he has with John and Jennifer and their children; how he affects them in their everyday life. This movie is of course about the humans, especially John and his pursue of the best job as a journalist. But most of all it is about Marley and all the stuff he does. From puppy to old age. I have never cried so much before in the end of a movie as I did to this movie. My tears soaked the sofa while my cat purred in my lap. This movie really shows how much our pets mean to us, how they get a huge part of our hearts.

Timeline (2003)
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Quite OK!, 23 July 2007

According to history- it may not be totally correct, but it is a good movie. It has both action and drama. I laugh and I cry. When it is over- I want more! I want more drama, more fighting, and I just love watching movies with knights in shining armour...

The sci-fi plot, about travelling through time, is both silly and boring, but combined with the historical facts, action and good acting, this movie reaches a higher level. Like in Terminator, one stops wondering how it would be possible. Instead one feels just as trapped as they do, stuck in the past, wanting to change history.

Butler does it all, I may say. Walker is, like always, not convincing. The rest of the cast is quite OK.

Curse of the Ring (2004) (TV)
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Tragical and beautiful, 29 November 2006

For a person that likes Fantasy books, stories, movies... this is a really great movie.

The young boy Siegfried is a prince, who's parents were murdered. Instead he grows up as the son of a blacksmith, making beautiful swords. The ancient Gods decide that he and the strong and beautiful Queen Brunnhilde is to become lovers. They fall in love and everything seems fine, for a while.

Then Siegfried is off to play a hero, kills the dragon Fafnir and is betrayed by the King Gunther, for whom the killed the dragon. He is to loose the only true love in his life... and this because of the cursed treasure of the Nibelungs...

Very tragical and beautiful story. One might be a bit disturbed by the different accents of the actors, but all together this is a great movie!

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Bondelistic!, 24 November 2006

Even though I miss a few typical "Bondish" stuff in this movie I really like it.

Daniel Craig is an excellent actor and performs very well as James Bond. He has also the most well-build sexy body of all Bond-actors. Judy Dench is fabulous as M. Eva Green is OK and Mads Mikkelsen is creepy as a villain.

But I miss a really good car-chase, and I miss some more fun/strange gadgets.

+ Good action, great acting performance, good music.

- A bit too brutal and bloody.

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It's OK..., 19 May 2006

Actually, despite what other people may think about this movie, I like it!

The storyline is a bit thin, and the vampires aren't that good looking. But when should vampires look good?! The actors performance is... OK. Not good, but not lousy either. And I, as a fan of vampire books etc, I like the unlikely story, Ayliahs acting, and most of all, the feeling when I watch it.

It is not a scary movie. Nor is it a drama... it is just a movie about some insane vampires... killing some people... and a young girl finding pieces of her strange past!

Dot the I (2003)
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Dramatic and beautiful, 13 September 2005

This was a really strange movie. In a way you could predict the story, because of all the clues. But still I was sitting here amazed when the movie ended.

The love story between Carmen and Kit is very beautiful, its a pity it only became a love story because of the evil plot that Barnaby set up for them. And I like to call it evil. As a woman I would be terrified to be fooled like that. To have my entire life broad casted in a movie, filmed behind my back.

Even though the plot line frightens me a bit I love the way Natalia Verbeke and Gael García Bernal uses body language and facial moves to show their feelings. They both fit very well for their characters.

Altogether this was a very good movie and I have to say that I really enjoyed watching it.

Frida (2002)
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Beautiful!, 13 January 2004

This is a beautiful film about the colourful and sad Frida Kahlo. Her tragic story touches everyone. It is dark, it is sad and still so colourful and lively. An accident changes her life for good and she struggles to survive and to love and be loved. The pain in her body never leaves... The film is just as beautiful as Kahlo's paintings. Must be seen...

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Okay..., 21 November 2003

This could be a really good film... but it isn't. The end destroys everything that the film tries to tell.

Slowly the film gets more and more exciting but in the end- it all comes down to the feeling " and they all woke up and it was a dream "... Not so good...

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Dark and beautiful, 12 October 2003

This is a dark but still so beautiful movie. In the darkness and the sorrow lies also the beauty.

The people are torn between fear, hope and sorrow. There is not much they can do to get a better life. Still they try. Lilja's mother leaves her all alone. She loses all stability in her life and has to find a new way to become happy. Her young male friend tries to help her... more than she's aware of. And in the end- he saves her... from her misery...

You just got to see this one... It's deep, very deep...

Hero (2002)
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Lovely!, 9 October 2003

You got to love this one. Its lovely!! The music, the scenery, the photo. the acting. The story is great. You get very emotional when you see this movie. It is very deep. It wants to tell the story about uniting. about love beyond limits and borders. It left me speachless.

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