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The most popular, profitable and critically acclaimed actresses of the decade.
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and Like the title says I'm just listing the most disturbing movies I've ever seen, not of all time or anything like that, just the ones that I've seen. Maybe there's a movie here that you don't find disturbing and that's cool, but it's my opinion.
I know some people reading this will wonder if I am recommending some of this movies or if I'm not. All of the movies on the list are watch at your own risk, but I guess if you see any compliments to the movie on the comments than yeah it's probably a recommendation, if on the other hand I make a negative comment about the film, I'm probably not recommending that film.
Honorable Mention: The Guinea Pig films
The reason I didn't put this movies on the list is because first I haven't seen all of them, only three (Flower of Flesh and Blood, Mermaid in a Manhole and Android of Notre Dame) and before watching them I watched the making of documentary they made and that kinda took me out of the movies.
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I know I'm a year late, but better late than ever. This is my list of the worst films of 2012.
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Not only some of the best actresses of this decade, but also some of the most profitable actresses of their time.
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These are my favorite scary movies in no particular order. I haven't seen every horror film ever made. There's some that I want to see, but for some reason or another haven't been able to yet. So the list might expand later on. Remember this list is my favorite scary movies not the best scary movies ever made. It's just my personal opinion of some of the horror movies I love. Some of them are flawed, but I still like them. Some might seem cliche, but I still like them, too.
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These are the movies I am most looking forward to watching in 2014 and 2015.
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In my opinion the worst movies of 2010.
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In my opinion the worst remakes of all time.
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The movies I am most looking forward to watching this new year!
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The worst movies of 2011 in my opinion.
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The movies I am most looking forward to seeing this year. Some I have already seen, others I haven't.
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While making My Favorite Scary Movies' list I noticed a lot of Giallos and since I couldn't put them all in that list I decided to make one for Giallos exclusively. Again I haven't seen all of them...yet. The ones listed here are just the ones I've seen.