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Wait for the director's cut!, 8 March 2006

The film Ultraviolet is a great premise and has some props here and there but it's a near complete failure of a film. WHY? Because of the studio that green light this movie. Information has been exposed that writer/director Kurt Wimmer's vision of the film was cut by the studio by over 30 minutes, 30 minutes that are actually very important to the story, characters and action. So wait for this film to come out on DVD, because the shorten 88 minute verison of the film will totally disappoint everyone. Give this film a chance, when the director's cut comes out, I will Milla Jovovich was very sexy and bad ass in this film, hopefully she will continue to do such films.

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Escape From L.A. is non-stop dumb action fun!, 26 October 2005

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Kurt Russell returns as Snake Plissken in this high energy action packed sequel to Escape From NY, while NY was very dark and gritty, LA is just the same however it is more fun due to the fact that it doesn't take itself too serious. The action and the special effects are cheesy but enjoyable and the music is some of Carpenter's best since Halloween. The cast is great and the film's style is very detailed and really looks like a real bleek future. Snake is greatest anti-hero ever and anyone who watches this film will instantley like him and will root for him throughout the film. So do yourself a favor and watch this movie, it's great if you don't take it seriously and the ending is highly original, entertaining, and cool.

Doom (2005)
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Bottom line - This film's point is ass kicking action and fun!, 22 October 2005

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The Doom movie is by far the best video game movie ever made. The feel and the attitude of this movie gives off right away that your in for some serious scares and action. The movie has some cheesy one liners and while the plot is weak and not fully flushed out when the action is set in you don't care. Also the first person view scenes where Karl Urban is seen killing the monsters with a machine gun and a chainsaw, yes a chainsaw will make any fans of pointless action and the games cheer for more. So do yourself a favor and see Doom, turn off your brain, and forget all those serious drama romantic teenage flicks and enjoy some good ol'fashion kicking monster ass action!

The Fog (1980)
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What A Scary Movie Should Be!, 5 August 2005

John Carpenter's The Fog is great little horror film about a small coastal town that has kept a terrible secret for a hundred years and is in for a nasty treat. The film starts out with Carpenter's trademark music, one of his best scores ever I met add. The movie's creepy atmosphere overwhelms the film's small flaws and acting in this film is above par for most horror films. Jaime Lee Curtis's acting ability did improve greatly since Halloween.

The best attribute to this film is it's plot and pacing. The story is very simple and straight forward and it never seems rushed or dragging. The effects in the good but they mostly stand out the best in the ending. If you are looking for a good horror/thriller movie look no farther. The only problem with this movie is that you are leave wanting more, but I feel the director didn't want to overkill anything and you can see why when you see The Fog.

Better then the original and beyond awesome!, 22 March 2004

Dawn Of The Dead is the best zombie movie ever. Forget 28 days later, Resident Evil and the original Dawn Of The Dead this film tops them all. The plot is somewhat similar to the original but it adds many new elements which the original lacked. There are more characters and most of which are very well developed that you grow to like them or hate them. The story is presence and clear, This movie is also extremely fast paced. From start to finish not a boring second exists. The action is raw and excellent, the gore effects are outstanding and realisitc and there are plenty of clever wise cracks and non-cliche' dialogue that mixes in very well. Hopefully their will be a Unrated version in time. Even if you are against remakes of classic films don't be discouraged this film will stand strong for a long long time. Also be on the look out for some characters from the original in cameo roles.

10 out 10

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Don't listen to what others say...., 10 March 2004

Mel Gibson vision of Jesus Christ is flawless. The pacing, the use of color and dialogue are all beautiful well done. After the movie was over I forgot everything said about how negative and awful this film is. It's does not make fun of the Jewish faith at all. That's how it really happened and Mel did the right thing. The violence is very graphic and hard to take but its deeply moving. The flash backs of Jesus with Mary are tear jerking, The scene when they show Jesus as a child and with Mary, I doubt anyone could hold there tears back. This better win at the Academy Awards. It deserves best picture and best director at least! Does this movie have the power to change lives? Maybe. Does have the power to present an very powerful story? Yes. Mel Gibson didn't ruin his career, he just show that he's not afraid of others thoughts or Hollywood.

The Passion Of The Christ...

10 out of 10

Vampires (1998)
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Funny,Bloody,Slick and Cool, 9 March 2004

John Carpenter's Vampires is by far of one the coolest horror/action films ever. A lot of people said it wasn't scary but I don't think Carpenter wanted to make it scary. It was pulp horror western with vampires in it. James Woods as Jack Crow, his character alone is worth the entire film. Daniel Bladwin and Sheryl Lee are also enjoyable in their ways. This is a basic vampire story with Carpenter's style and James Woods performance thrown in making it a classic. Great one-liners, action scenes, humor and of course the music is always great. Avoid the other vampires films for this will top them all.

10 out of 10

"Time to kill some vampires, you with us padre?

They Live (1988)
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They Live, We Sleep, 9 March 2004

After the not so great success of Prince Of Darkness which was a good movie, Carpenter made this film. They Live which is about an loner who discovers these pair of sunglasses that show the world for what it really is. The Beginning starts off very strong and humorous, the middle does slow slightly with a silly sub-plot but does have a very funny and cool 7 minute fight scene between Roddy Piper and Keith David. The ending is short but gives you plenty of room to make up your own thoughts. A very original premise and a very original and fun movie that are underrated and have been copied many times over the years.

10 out of 10

"Hey what's wrong baby?"

The Thing (1982)
The Very Best in Sci-Fi/Horror!, 9 March 2004

This film is by far one of the greatest movies ever made. Every scene adds importantce to the story or characters. Each character is well-developed, acted and realistic. The story is about a group of men in the south pole researching when they come across a life form not from this planet. Soon paranioa and Fear kick in as the thing takes the form of the men. Kurt Russell is by far at his best in this movie. They should of win academy awards for it's effects and musical score. It's so creepy that I get goosebumps every time I hear it. Even people who are'nt fans of John Carpenter or Kurt Russell will love this movie. At the box office ET blew out The Thing and that is why this movie is so underrated just like John Carpenter's career. The ending alone will have you wondering for weeks and again each time you watch it.

10 out of 10

"Nobody trusts anybody, anymore..."

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Will be a cult classic in time, 28 February 2004

Ghosts Of Mars is not John Carpenter's best film however it has to be one of his most visually interesting and action packed. The basic idea is much like Carpenter's earlier film Assault On Pericent 13 however it has some new twists. In the future Mars is a colony and humans are living and mining there. A group of cops are sent out to a mining town to transport a criminal back to the city. The first hour of this movie is all about building the characters and the atmosphere. Most of the characters are not very well developed besides Ice Cube and Jason Statham characters and Nastaha Henstridge is just hot and fun to watch as the leader. After some build up the movie goes from creepy outer space thriller to good old classic hard hitting action with a cool mean heavy metal soundtrack. The last half of this movie never lets up and the ending while isn't original it works very well. If your looking for something deep about space and ghosts look elsewhere, the title is Ghosts Of Mars this movie isn't to be taken seriously. All you need to know is the story takes place on Mars, there are ghosts and plenty of Carpenter action and fun.

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